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To Avoid Mosquitoes: Get Smart!

Be happy! Achieving Work-Life Balance in a Success-Driven World!

In today’s society, there is more stress on people to succeed and do more with less. Everyone is hustling for that golden ring opportunity.

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Morning sun

Eat healthy look great

Eat healthy look great. Most of us know that fresh salad, berries, and slowing down when eating are better for us than wolfing down energy bars and sweets. But how to make that leap from our current habits to healthier ones?

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Stretching is cool

Just relax

When you feel stressed, overwhelmed and tired, your body is telling you that it needs brake. Perhaps the cup relaxing tea is what you need.

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6 tips how to stick to your resolution

6 tips how to stick to your resolution

Can’t motivate yourself to stick to your resolution? The problem may not be with you, but your choice of goals.

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Preventing flu on cruise ship

A few ways to improve your heart health

Heart health is of major importance for our physical well being, in fact, heart disease is the greater risk to us then some types of cancers.

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5 foods that fight high cholesterol

5 foods that fight high cholesterol

It's easy to eat your way to an alarmingly high cholesterol level. How? Here are 5 of those foods recommended by Harvard Medical School

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Wellness while you work

Wellness while you work

Today’s average full time employee will put in well over 2000 hours annually at their jobs. Below is a list of some simple, yet effect ways to ease those tiring and stressful days we all encounter at work.

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Grapefruit Juice and Some Drugs Don't Mix

Refrigerator Thermometers: Cold Facts about Food Safety

Chilling stored foods to proper temperatures is one of the best ways to slow the growth of dangerous bacteria.

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Happy 4th of July!

Are you smart enough?

You Know You’re Smart, But What About Your Emotional Intelligence?

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Imperfect mom

Research on Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women. Women often experience heart disease differently than men.

Understand the Sex Differences >>

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