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Are You Sick Of Unpleasant Protein Supplements?

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The benefit of protein supplements is that they help add extra macros to your diet, especially if you have little time to cook. They are also great for helping you gain back energy when your body is running low. So, you can get that boost that you’ve needed to finish the workday. More importantly, they fill in gaps in your nutrition, promote muscle growth, and prevent food cravings. If you struggle to gain weight, protein-filled snacks can increase your caloric intake to put on some pounds. Despite these favorable results, there are several issues that you need to look out for when determining the right supplement for you.

However, there are several risks or concerns involved when adding new forms of protein into your regime:

  • Disgusting Taste
    When it comes to protein snacks, one problem is their flavor and texture. Often, you find that some bars are bland and difficult to chew. Should you decide to purchase a shake, they tend to have a lingering chalky aftertaste. For many of you, this makes it
    purchasing these items undesirable. For example, several brands of protein cookies are rock hard and have an odd flavor. What you end up buying tastes nothing like an actual cookie.

  • Too Much Sugar
    Some brands gear protein supplements toward promoting a bulking diet. However, that is not the goal for every consumer. When it comes to selecting the right product for your needs, you must take the time to look at the label. If the sugar content is too high, you may exceed your sugar limit for the day and subsequently gain weight.  Even if a package says no added sugar, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t glucose already in it. For those individuals who have diabetes or unpredictable sugar fluctuations, please be careful which ones you select. Unfortunately, sometimes the labels can be misleading. Therefore, it’s necessary to take the time to look at the snacks before eating them.

  • High Caloric Turnover Upon Consumption
    Upon adding protein shakes for meal supplementation, you may end up with 1,200 calories for one drink if you add milk to the mix. In effect, you run the risk of going way over your intended caloric intake for the day.

  • Daily Fiber Intake
    Some supplements contain a lot of fiber, so you may have digestive issues if you’re already eating a lot of fiber through other sources. For instance, you can have nausea, gastrointestinal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea. You may not realize that this is a problem when you’re not paying attention to it. Making this mistake causes your stomach to be sick. The recommended amount of fiber is 28 grams for each average adult, but this differs for each individual. Some of you may have regular bowel movements with just 15 grams, making 28 grams too much. The best thing to do is listen to your body. Changing the average fiber intake may affect your body’s homeostasis and gut health. Your gut health should be a priority because it is vital to maintaining a strong immune system.

  • Artificial Additives
    Along with keeping track of the sugar and fiber content, you should also watch out for items with artificial flavors or additives. Some unhealthy additives include gluten, dairy, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), soy, and corn syrup. Of course, the former depends on your specific dietary needs. But the latter is generally not good for your health since soy and corn syrup contain a lot of sugar.  Companies typically add those substances to make the snacks taste more appealing, leading your brain to become addicted to sugar. When working to lose weight, becoming addicted to sugary snacks will only make your life more challenging.

If you’ve been searching for a protein supplement that fulfills all your needs and is ideal for your body during training, check out Yon Performance Products.  Yon Performance formulated their tasty treats to address your nutrition before, during, and after exercise.

Yon Performance Products

Founded by Jamey Yon, a 22-time Ironman finisher and 2-time World Champion, the goal of Yon Performance Products is to fill a large void in the market. His Yon Bon bites are organic and easy to eat and satisfy nutritional needs. With the development of his company, he also sought to educate consumers on the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle by focusing on proper nutrition. One of the significant problems in the market of protein supplements is that most products have artificial flavors and preservatives. They created Yon Bons using natural food ingredients, are allergen-friendly, and free of gluten, nuts, dairy, and soy. All of these elements promote a healthy digestive system. Finally, they generated Yon Bons to maximize the body’s recovery and boost energy by utilizing the proper macronutrient balance—50% carbohydrates, 25% protein, and 25% healthy fat. Their formula prevents drastic dips and spikes in blood sugar while enhancing the body’s ability to recover from stress.

Yon Performance’s two best-selling items are Berry Fast and Chocolate Express-O due to their great taste and ability to jumpstart physical endurance during training.

Berry Fast

  • Boosts energy

  • Only 180 calories per serving

  • Berry-flavored bites that contain 12 grams of protein per serving (3 bites)

  • Contains coconut and egg whites, organic maple syrup, acai berry, organic cacao nibs, sunflower seeds, raw honey

  • Is most effective when you eat about 2 to 3 bites pre-workout, 1 bite during your workout, and 2 to 3 after

  • Allergen-friendly

  • Gluten-free, Organic, Non-GMO


Chocolate Express-O

  • Chocolate flavored and boosts endurance

  • Is made with 12 grams of protein per serving (3 bites)

  • Also contains similar ingredients as berry bites, except for Expresso powder

  • Organic, free of Gluten, and Non-GMO

Enjoy a Tasty & Healthy Protein Snack!

Instead of worrying about wasting your money on protein powders that are ineffective and disgusting, there’s finally a solution—Yon Performance Products. You no longer have to deal with the problems associated with most creations, like too much sugar, fiber, and fattening ingredients. Finding supplements shouldn’t be this hard because you should be able to trust that companies formulate their products responsibly. Because Yon Bons are carefully made snacks like Berry Fast and Chocolate Express-O, you can trust that your health and wellness will stay intact. If you remain aware of the potential risks, you can prevent yourself from spending hundreds of dollars on protein powders that don’t work. Just remember, you have the power to decide what’s best for your body. You no longer have to invest blindly in drinks, snacks, and shakes that will only detract from your goals.

* In partnership with our friends at Yon Performance Products* Photo courtesy of Yon Performance Products
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    Jameyyon said: Fri, 10 Jun 2022 11:47:59 +0200
    There are also two other flavors Ginger Snappy (Original) and Apple Fly…Yum!! They are quite good!! I personally eat them before and during my workouts, triathlons, and marathons or as a meal replacement!!
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