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Here’s Why Eating Shrooms Is Good For You!

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If you think about the word shroom, you tend to think of the portabella and small round mushrooms or the psychedelic kind. The former is excellent for topping off a dish, whether gourmet paninis, pizza, chicken marsala, or soup. But the latter is suitable for aiding medication-resistant lethargic depression and manic-depressive episodes. Unfortunately, many of you are unfamiliar with wild mushrooms and their potential applications because they’re not discussed regularly in holistic treatment and supplementation. The reason is that there are only a limited number of companies that harvest mushrooms to assist with a variety of health issues. One of those is Medicinal Foods LLC. 

Recently, different wild-grown mushrooms have alleviated the severity of various medical conditions. Quite frankly, this is a blessing that people have the option to use medicinal foods as a natural replacement for pharmaceuticals, especially since consumers are at less risk for undesirable side effects.

Rather than being stuck in old methods to restore your health and wellness, you now have the opportunity to consider alternative solutions. The following list will break down the major functions that each strain of mushroom provides so you can select which one targets your specific needs.

Chaga Mushrooms

The Chaga mushrooms are also known as the “King of Medicinal Mushrooms” due to their many benefits. These shrooms are generally found on yellow and white birch trees in countries like Siberia, Alaska, and Canada. Containing the compound betulin, Chaga helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity. In addition, they boost immune system function using their antioxidant properties, which combat free radicals, prevent cellular damage and genetic mutations. Also, this herb acts as an antiviral and antibacterial, often promoting recovery from the cold and flu. Lastly, using melanin, Chaga fights against tumors and radiation.

Reishi Mushrooms

When it comes to the Reishi mushroom they are one of the most studied herbs. Originally a traditional Chinese mushroom, it also contains adaptogenic properties. Upon initial inspection, Reishi is approximately a single layer that’s one inch thick, but it looks like it’s covered in shellac. According to ancient cultures, Reishi mushrooms are adaptogenic herbs that aid in stress relief and irritability. They also manage glucose levels while boosting immune function, gut and liver health. Furthermore, Reishi is great for managing healthy liver function and curing bacteriosis. Moreover, it can nourish all three traditional Chinese Medicine Treasures of the body, known as Jing, Shen, and Chi.


According to the history of Cordyceps, this herb is the ultimate supplement for bringing back the vitality of the immune system. However, that is not its only job. In fact, it is a performance enhancer that has been traditionally used for adrenal, kidney, lung, and sexual tonics. The best thing about cordyceps is that it allows the body to strengthen its oxygen supply, thereby allowing the person consuming it to breathe significantly better. Mostly, this herb is known for building additional energy through Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

Lion’s Mane

Like the other herbs above, lion’s mane plays a critical role in immune function. But on the other hand, it helps manage cognitive function, anxiety, depression, and heart health but also fights inflammation and oxidation. As a result, it can protect against Dementia and nervous system injuries. Similarly, Lion’s Mane can improve mood, focus, and concentration to eliminate brain fog. Additionally, these herbs are critical for protecting against ulcers in the digestive tract.

More importantly, Lion’s Mane plays a crucial role in defending the body against cancer. Researchers have found that these mushroom extracts fight against cancer cells in the liver, colon, and gastric tract using an animal model study.

If you want to take advantage of these highly rated herbs, you should invest in products formulated by Medicinal Foods LLC. Some of their most popular items include Micro Shroom, Coffee Break, and Dentite Cavity Healing Tooth Armor.

Medicinal Foods LLC.

Sky Kubby founded Medicinal Foods to formulate a treatment for his chronic asthma. But, deep down, he knew that he could find the solutions in nature. So, he explored the benefits of mushrooms by relying on Ayurveda and Chinese wisdom to start his journey toward healing. Eventually, he found the right herb balance based on his investigations, which resulted in significantly better breathing. Unlike many other companies, Medicinal Foods has a unique purpose; to provide healing through the use of ancient mushrooms.

Micro Shroom

  • Water-soluble

  • Promotes energy, immunity, brain and gut health

  • Uses hot H20 that’s extracted and micronized for maximum absorption and bioavailability.

  • Instantly dissolves in drink due to its small, near nano-particles

  • High quality, potent, great taste, and smell

  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic substrate that’s unsweetened and caffeine-free

Coffee Break

  • Caffeine-free coffee flavored powder

  • Provides energy without the side effects of caffeine

  • Natural energy derived from maca root, won't cause jitters, adrenal fatigue, and stiffness

  • Has a rich, bold flavor

  • Made from gluten-free barley and rye extracts

  • Elevated with Chaga mushroom, Reishi, and Maca Root

  • High in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for each serving


Dentite Cavity Healing Tooth Armor


  • Supports cavity healing, rebuilds tooth enamel, and reduces sensitivity with the active ingredient Nano-hydroxyapatite

  • Used theobromine that’s extracted from cacao and expands protective appetite crystals in tooth enamel by four times

  • Targets bad bacteria while maintaining healthy flora with nanosilver

  • You no longer have to go to the dentist for frequent fillings or drilling

The Shocking Value of Mushrooms Revealed!

Why revert to old methods when new ones are more promising and effective? Exactly. In 2022, we are finally making headway when it comes to finding more appropriate resolutions for chronic health concerns. The best part is that we need to embrace this newfound progress by remaining educated about what’s out there. If you want to change your lifestyle, mushrooms are now becoming more prevalent in the world of supplements.

If you’re looking for simple solutions to boosting your immune system, managing your energy, brain, gut, and tooth health, exotic mushrooms are available through Medicinal Foods LLC. Instead of worrying about trying ineffective treatments that could potentially leave you with no improvement in your symptoms, you can try their herbs. In addition, they possess all of the powers that regular medicine does without all the harmful medications. Finally, you don’t have to worry about living without natural solutions. If you’re interested in these alternative super shrooms, check out their products Micro ShroomCoffee Break, and Dentite Cavity Healing Tooth Armor. Should you like to explore the other popular products, they also offer Lion’s Mane Powder, Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, and Cacao Elixer.


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