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Linda stared out at the setting sun. The last rays of light were falling on her day, which could only be described as – “frustrating.” She pondered over the events of the previous twelve hours and wasn’t pleased.

Sitting on her back porch, she sipped on herbal tea and wondered what could be done. She knew her situation was a dangerous trajectory. And she had very few thoughts on where to go from here.

It started when she awoke. Linda got up and moved around, getting ready for the day. She could not, for the life of her, remember what day it was. She forced herself to stay away from her phone and thought hard about it.

She drank a cup of coffee, thinking the answer would come to her as her brain “woke” up. It didn’t.

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Finally, she checked her phone and realized it was Sunday. Noticing the time, she hurried to get ready for church. After a quick shower and putting on her Sunday best, she walked out to her vehicle.

Linda quickly realized that she didn’t have her keys.

She stood beside her car door, took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. Linda thought deeply about her keys, trying to retrace what she had done with them. They were not in her purse, and she had no recollection of what she had done with them yesterday.

The wind blew her neatly brushed hair out of place as she stood outside and thought. She let out a long sigh and returned inside. There she began looking under the sofa cushions, the laundry basket, anywhere she could think of.

Finally, she found her keys on the nightstand next to her bed, “I probably looked right at them when I woke up,” she said to herself.

From there, her day seemed to go by in a series of minor setbacks. She left a sandwich in her toaster oven for too long - burning it. And she stared at a crossword puzzle for far longer than usual, and without filling in any of the words.

This sort of day was not typical. However, she had experienced them in the past. And now, as the sky darkened on this day, sitting on her porch, she resolved to do something about it. She finished her now cold tea and went inside.

There she powered up her computer and started some research. Eventually, she landed on a site that allowed her to take a Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination (SAGE). Sadly, the results were not a surprise. It showed that she could be in the early stages of cognitive decline.

She printed the report to take to her doctor and began researching ways to curb this decline. Linda soon became aware of the importance Omega-3s could play in slowing and even reversing her cognitive decline.

However, Linda is a vegetarian, and fish oil would not fit into her diet. Surprisingly, fish oil was not the only place to find the Omega-3s she needed. And she found a company making a high-quality, vegan-friendly alternative to fish oil.

Cognitive decline and Omega-3s

Starting with no decline, cognitive decline increases in severity in this progression:

Subjective cognitive decline: Some of your thinking abilities have begun to decline, but not enough to interfere with day-to-day function.

Mild cognitive impairment: This is more similar to what Linda is experiencing. There is a decline in your ability to reason, remember, use language, make judgments, and perceive the world around you accurately.

Dementia: You will have trouble with your daily activities at this stage. This can include driving, paying bills, keeping your home in order (cleaning and repairs), and caring for your body and health.

It’s true that as we age, the mind doesn’t seem as sharp as it once was. As we hit middle age, where is the instant recall of our youth? And where is the quick wit we once had?

The fatty acids that comprise Omega-3 have been proven critical for normal brain function and development throughout all stages of life. These fatty acids are found throughout our brain cell membranes, it preserves cell health and enhances communication between the brain cells.

One thing that has been shown through research is that older adults with lower levels of Omega-3s have been associated with smaller brain sizes. Which is a sign of accelerated brain aging. So, as we age, maintaining proper levels of Omega-3s is vital to brain health.

There are now several studies that point to Omega-3s improving those with mild cognitive impairments and age-related decline. There’s a chance it could turn back the hands on the clock of your mind.

However, studies have also shown that it can be too late if you wait too long to supplement Omega-3s in your diet.

Once the stage of dementia is hit, Omega-3s seem to have no effect on cognitive decline. It’s best to start a supplement regimen early and stick with it.


If you don’t like fish, how can you get enough Omega-3s?

While fish oil is the primary source of Omega-3 supplements, it’s not the only source. An often-cited problem with fish oil supplements is the “fish burps” that it seems to produce. Giving you a lasting fishy flavor after taking them.

And another problem is the source. Many people do not want to ingest animal products such as vegans. Or they limit their intake to only certain animal products, such as cheese and milk. There are some non-animal sources of Omega-3s. And clary sage seed oil is a highly recommended non-animal source of this vital nutrient.


Clary sage seed oil and its benefits.

This flowering plant is native to the Mediterranean region. For as long as recorded history, it has been used to make an eye salve and is loaded with other health benefits. Among those health benefits is that in the seeds found one of the highest concentrations of omega-3s found in nature.

Clary Sage seed oil is also the most concentrated source of phytosterols, a molecule that lowers LDL (bad cholesterol). It also contains CoQ10, a potent intracellular antioxidant essential to cardiac muscle, the brain, and the immune system.

What’s fascinating about Clary Sage is the Alpha Linolenic Acid found in the seeds. This is the essential plant-origin Omega-3. This super plant checks all the boxes someone like Linda is looking for, no animal products, and it’s loaded with omega-3s. Plus, the added benefit of antioxidant power.

As you search the internet and look for companies that provide pure, cold-pressed clary sage seed oil, you will find one company standing head and shoulders above the rest. They are dedicated to only providing the cleanest, most natural oil available.

Naturesage Omega-3 capsules

Backed by twenty years of research, this clary sage seed oil is the purest possible, so you get the maximum benefit. No more fishy aftertaste or “fish burps.” Just clean oil from the best possible non-animal source.

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Wellness Magazine Master Club

Made with a chemical-free cold-pressed process, this oil is 100% pure and guaranteed never to contain:

  • Preservatives or additives

  • Ethyl Ester

  • Heavy metals

  • Pesticides

  • Dioxins PCB’s

  • GMO’s

  • Gluten

Along with the purity of this superb oil, it is plant-based, vegan-friendly, and Kosher.

With a perfect balance of omega 3, 6, and 9, it is rich in natural antioxidants and vitamin E.

Listen to what this customer had to say about their experience:

Amazing vegan omega – I am all for supplements, especially Omega 3’s. After taking other vegan Omega 3’s in the past, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin, cognitive function, and overall well being after taking Naturesage. The clary sage seed is cold pressed, so you know you’re getting a pure and quality product. Naturesage has been a game changer, and as someone who loves herbs and quality supplements, this product is definitely a staple in my supplement regime.  -  Larissa Olczak

It’s hard to argue with a genuine testimonial like that, and it’s hard to add anything else to it.

With Naturesage’s commitment to quality, purity, and overall health, you can rest assured that you are getting only the finest product for your money.

This is THE way to get your much-needed omega-3 if you are vegan or have an aversion to fish. Or if you are concerned about the sustainability of your omega-3 source. Naturesage Clary Sage seed oil is sustainably grown and harvested. You only get the omega-3 and other benefits from this remarkable plant that nature intended.

And if the above testimonial was not enough to convince you about the benefits of this oil, here is a lovely review from Hannah.

I decided to take Naturesage Omega 3 because I wanted to start investing in my health and overall wellness. When I received my Naturesage capsules, I was pleased because the packaging was high quality and thoughtful. It was all recycled and recyclable, and the capsules were in a glass bottle, overall, looked very fresh! I noticed that after taking the Omega 3 for a few weeks, I had less experiences of anxiety, and it felt great to have a routine with taking the capsules. Pleased with the product and a good investment for your health.

This happens when a company only allows the highest quality products to ship from their facility. Consistent quality and a commitment to helping others improve their quality of life make Naturesage an intelligent choice as an Omega-3 supplement.

So, if you want to protect your mental faculties and get plenty of this vital nutrient without the fish – turn to Naturesage, and discover the power of clary sage seed oil for yourself.


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