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Enhancing and Empowering Your Beauty

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There is a popular phrase that states “beauty is only skin deep”, and that is true, inner beauty is the most beautiful there is. And yet, we all want to make the most of our bodies and feel confident in our skin. During our youth, many of us take great skin for granted, it is only when we begin to age and notice the tell-tale signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines that we begin trying to pull back the years as it were.



Well, we cannot pull back the years as such, but we can utilize what we have available to preserve our looks, skin, and body. It is never too late to take action upon your health and beauty.


Collagen production

 As you age, the collagen in your skin is produced at a slower rate: it's estimated that your body loses at least 1 percent of its collagen every year. This contributes to the look of aging skin - think sagging, dryness, fine line and wrinkles. Factors accelerating collagen decline include excessive sun exposure, cigarette smoke, alcohol, stress, poor nutrition, and lock od sleep. 


Beauty Sleep

 Sleep is incredibly important, not just for the health benefits of adequate rest, but also for the beauty benefits. Whilst we sleep, our body remains hard at work resting, regenerating, and restoring. From all aspects, physical, mental and emotional- sleep is its reward!


You should aim for a consistent routine for sleep. Erratic sleeping times, uncomfortable beds, and/or an overload of stress can all highly impact the quality and quantity of your sleep and thereby how you look and feel.



Did You know that the skin is a sensory organ and it will respond to how you feel?


Here are some tips to help you make the most of your sleep! 


Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep- consistently. If you find that 8 hours through the night is not feasible for you, then you should try to include some quality nap time during the day. Don’t deny your body the rest it needs!

  • Room temperature can highly affect sleep. Your body temperature will naturally decrease to initiate sleep, ideally, a temperature approximately of 60-70 degrees (F) helps to facilitate optimal sleep.

  • Some sleep positions are noted to be better for you; however, you cannot force yourself to sleep a certain way! Find a sleep position that you find comfortable and encourages a better night’s sleep for you.

  • Establish a “sleep hygiene” routine. This may mean taking a warm bath before bed to relax, avoiding tobacco and alcohol a few hours before bedtime, turning off electrical gadgets an hour or so before sleep, or avoiding any caffeine (including regular tea) before you sleep.


It’s important to note that a lack of sleep deeply impacts your skin. A lack of sleep means that the body remains in a state of stress, and stress is a culprit in collagen break down. Collagen greatly contributes to the elasticity, structure, and appearance of your skin. And it’s not all about sleep! Good nutrition and exercise are also vital for supporting great, glowing skin.


In recent years, Blumbody company has achieved great results in helping women improve their skin. It is the largest organ in your body and expert help is often needed to protect it! Here we find out how they have helped women regain happier looking skin!


Blumbody is a small family business run by women for women. The founders, Veronica Sticlaru and her mother Martha discovered the benefits of the medical silicone after treating a scar according to the doctor's recommendation.


For Blumbody there is no aspect of their products that they have not been creatively involved with, and this is something that they are understandably proud of. The founders take part in everything from product development, personally testing the products, naming them and even get involved in the packaging design. It took a dozen prototypes and 18 months of testing to find the perfect balance between the shape and size of the Chest Smoothing Pads. This was their first product, and an instant hit.


The Décolleté Area

“Nowadays, due to pollution, intense sun and stress factors, your skin has much to endure. One of the first places women show their age is their “décolleté”, or their upper chest, neck, cleavage, and shoulder areas. These areas are known to be thinner, have less elastic skin tissue and lack of oil glands. As women, we always focus on skincare products and solutions for the face and maybe the neck but we almost completely ignore the décolleté area. The chest skin is much more exposed than other body parts and that’s why it must be protected. Sun damage, city pollution, side sleeping or natural aging leave marks on your cleavage area and contribute to the formation of wrinkles”- Blumbody


For instance, while you're sleeping, the body's hydration rebalances. Skin can recover its natural moisture while excess water is processed for removal. A lack of sleep results in poor water balance, this leads to dryness and more visible wrinkles. When going to bed, you can apply a Blumbody Silicone Décolleté Pad that will hydrate the skin naturally.

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Blumbody Silicone Pads

The décolleté skin is very delicate and is subject to dehydration and dryness. Blumbody silicone pads aim to smooth & eliminate tough-to-treat chest wrinkles caused by sun damage, general aging or sleeping on your side.

A smoothing pad is a silicone pad that you use on your skin on your chest area to reduce cleavage wrinkles. The best results are obtained while wearing the smoothing pad during the night.

  • The pad stretches the skin and keeps it firm while you sleep. The silicone pad prevents the wrinkles from forming and improves the smoothness of the existing ones.

  • The pad improves the irregular collagen structure and also creates an increased blood flow which results in an improved skin tone.

  • The skin will look smoother and hydrated. (But even wearing the pad just one hour per day will improve your skin appearance!)

  • If you have deep wrinkles or creases it may take more time to smooth them out. The appearance of wrinkles may re-occur by the end of the day.


Everyone’s skin is different. Your skin is as unique as you are as a person! Results may vary; however, generally, you should start seeing results after just one use. For the best results, you should wear the Blumbody smoothing pad during the night while you sleep. Blumbody’s recommendation is to test them for one month every night to see lasting results.


Daily Skin Care and Blumbody Facial Smoothing Patches

Developing a great skincare routine daily has the best benefits. Many factors affect the look and feel of your skin. Smoking, harmful UV rays from too much sun and diminishing levels of fat, collagen, and natural oils can all dry out your skin and leave it highly prone to wrinkles, sagging, and deep lines and crevices. Even repetitive facial expressions can leave lasting lines and grooves on your face!

“Each time you use a facial muscle, a groove forms beneath the surface of the skin. And as skin ages, it loses its flexibility and is no longer able to spring back in place. These grooves then become permanent features on your face”
- Blumbody





The Facial Smoothing Patches are a filler alternative. Used daily or nightly, they train the underlying facial muscles to regain the strength and tone they have lost by keeping the skin stretched and firm. 

  • Transparent and virtually invisible, they are hypo-allergenic patches made of medical tape. 

  • Blumbody has developed a series of 6 types of patches that will cover every type of wrinkle that forms on the face: forehead lines, furrow lines, crow’s feet lines, smile lines, and perioral lines.

  • The triangle patch has multiple uses and can be placed on any type of wrinkle


Get it here now!



How quickly will you see results?

Blumbody recommends wearing the Face Smoothing Patches every night to prevent sleep wrinkles and to smooth already existing ones. The best part is they work together with creams and serums, sealing the active ingredients inside the skin.


Note! Even though you will see results right after the first uses, they are temporary and the wrinkles will reappear by the end of the day, or in just a couple of hours. However, with consistent use (over 3 - 4 months), the fine lines will start to fade away. Blumbody doesn’t sell the Facial Smoothing Patches as a magical product that will erase the wrinkles overnight. The Blumbody patches are the exact opposite of fillers and injections. It takes time to regain the skin’s tone, but this is done in a safe and natural way.

At Blumbody, they believe that beauty comes from within. They celebrate diversity and individuality and their products are designed to let women's inner beauty shine through. Their fantastic customer service will let you know you are part of their ever-growing family.

Blumbody is more than a cosmetics company. We know from experience that beauty is personal. Every woman has her own story that shapes her. Everything we do is in the service of women and their empowerment because something beautiful happens when you start to love yourself: you receive more! Love and respect every inch of that body!”- Blumbody



* In partnership with our friends at  Blumbody  Photo courtesy of Blumbody. 

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