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5 Reasons To Go On A Plant-Based Diet!

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Are you considering turning toward a more plant-based or natural way of living? If so, read on! 

There are many more of us opting for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle to create enhanced wellbeing based on natural principles. Alongside this, plant-based treatments, supplements, and remedies are becoming far more mainstream, and with good reason! 

If you are still weighing up the pros and cons of a more plant-based lifestyle, it may be helpful to consider these 5 reasons to go plant-based! 

  1. In terms of a plant-based diet, your health could improve dramatically. Plant-based/natural foods are high in fiber; this helps your digestive function and can have positive effects on heart health, disease prevention, levels of cholesterol, gut health, brain function, and hormonal balance overall. Bear in mind that some red meat takes around 36 hours for your body to digest! 

  2. Reducing inflammation. Inflammation in the body has been linked to numerous conditions and diseases. By following a more natural diet and way of life, you will inadvertently be reducing inflammation that can occur within the body. Foods that are heavily processed, high in fat, salt, and sugar can place a strain on the body and its fundamental function. 

  3. Your carbon footprint! We only have one world and we need to be mindful of how we treat it. A plant-based way of life can help to reduce your carbon footprint so you do your bit (however small it may seem to you!) for the planet. 

  4. A more youthful appearance and better skin. It stands to reason that if you look after your body and feed it well, you will notice the effects through your skin and complexion. Toxins that build up in the liver can cause all types of skin conditions and breakouts. The better your body becomes at clearing toxins out, the more adept it becomes and this impacts your physical wellbeing as well as your physical appearance. 

  5. Some research and studies suggest that people who follow a plant-based diet may need less medication to treat a chronic condition. They may also have lower rates of heart disease. A plant-based diet (or one that certainly includes a higher amount of natural foods) is encouraged for those who may have issues with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes. 

There are likely to be many more solid reasons for including more natural foods into your diet or focusing on a wholly plant-based lifestyle. The choice is always yours and any small changes you make add up down the line. Health is not something to take for granted. 

And Body Kitchen understands this wholeheartedly, this is why they built their business around creating supplements that are effective, transparent, and of course, natural or plant-based. 

“At Body Kitchen, we are the first line of edible wellness, formulated by nutritional experts and cellular biologists. We keep it simple. We don’t expect you to become a nutritional expert, or read clinical studies to identify the most potent ingredients – you can leave that to us!”- Body Kitchen

Here are two of Body Kitchen’s supplements that can help you toward a healthier way of living: Mega NAC + Quercetin and Vitamin D and K2


This supplement is a clinically effective dose! It delivers 600 mg of high-quality N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), the precursor to L-glutathione, at the daily dose shown to work in clinical studies.

Why do you need this? Here are some benefits!

  • Offers a Powerful detox: Traps and flushes out harmful toxins and impurities from the body and supports the liver’s natural cleansing process. 

  • Helps you to Breathe easier: Promotes optimal lung and respiratory function while supporting a healthy response to inflammation. 

  • It is a Free radical neutralizer: A potent combination of NAC to boost production of the body’s “master antioxidant”, plus an added 600 mg of the flavonoid Quercetin to fight cell oxidation and support a healthy immune system. 

  • It helps to Increases nutrient absorption: Features our patented form of Black Pepper Extract, clinically shown to increase nutrient absorption and bioavailability by at least 30%. 

And of course, it is Vegan and Gluten-Free, and proudly made in the USA by Body Kitchen! 




Vitamin D and K play important roles when it comes to bone strength and keeping a healthy heart. From supporting calcium construction to removing levels of inactive osteocalcin, Body Kitchen uses clean and specialized forms of these important vitamins.

Why take Vitamin D and K2 together? 

The combination of both Vitamin D and K2 - supports each other to help metabolize calcium more effectively in the body. Together, they activate proteins and ensure the calcium in your body goes where it is needed- in this case, the bones. They also work to avoid nasty deposits that can clog up your arteries and create issues with your heart health. 

Body Kitchen uses a patented organic synthesis of flower extract that leads to the best available form of Vitamin K – K2 MK7. This form of Vitamin K has been clinically proven to remain biologically active in the body longer and allows for better bodily distribution. 

This supplement:  

  • Enhances bone strength and Improves the distribution of Calcium in the body

  • Supports your cardiovascular health

  • Helps reduce MGP levels (MGP- Matrix GLA Protein, is a protein that acts as an inhibitor of vascular mineralization). It is Vitamin-K dependent. 

  • Activates Osteocalcin Proteins

  • Provides Vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7

  • Offers High Potency 5,000 IU Vitamin D & 180 mcg K2

Body Kitchen’s Vitamin D and K2 is Plant-based sourced, Non-GMO, high absorption and, of course, also proudly made in the USA by Body Kitchen!


“Your health supplements should be as clean and natural as the food on your plate. This philosophy exists within every Body Kitchen product, from sourcing the best quality ingredients to preserving the highest nutritional potency. We maintain transparency at every step, between our farms to your pantry; it’s the Body Kitchen way!”- Body Kitchen


* In partnership with our friends at Body Kitchen * Photo courtesy of Body Kitchen
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