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5 Tips for a Happy Gut

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If you are having concerns relating to your gut health or just want to know more about creating a happier gut, you’ve come to the right place!




There is continuing interest in gastrointestinal health, which is why we frequently hear the following words: intestinal bacteria, intestinal flora, probiotics, symbiotics, and the gut-brain axis. This can at times be a little confusing but essentially, these words all mean the same thing- that your overall wellbeing is supported by having a happier, bacteria-balanced gut!

Digestive function is a key part of wellness because it is only through an adequate absorption of the foods we eat that we can support better immune health and gain the energy that we need to sustain ourselves.

So, here are 5 tips for a happy gut!

  1. Drink water, hydrate. Water is fundamental to life and has so many benefits for your body and gut, far too many to note them all! Ultimately, staying hydrated helps to keep things moving through your digestive system and eliminate toxins. We regularly absorb toxins but how well you expel those toxins makes all the difference.

  2. Eat a diet that is high in fiber. Dietary fiber helps you to pass solid, softer stools. This helps all the unnecessary by-products pass through your digestive system more efficiently. There are both soluble and insoluble types of fiber. Types of soluble fiber include oats, nuts, bananas, barley, and beans. Insoluble fiber includes wholegrain foods, wheat bran, and vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. Soluble fiber absorbs water, insoluble doesn’t-this is the main difference between the two. 

  3. Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar can cause a wealth of issues within your gut and digestive process. Too much sugar in the diet can lead to inflammation; it can also lead to an elimination of all the beneficial bacteria (the good guys) in your gut. And don’t run for artificial sweeteners either! Artificial sweeteners can damage the gut microbiome and lead to an increase of the unfriendly or bad bacteria in your gut. Disruptions to the microbiome can also negatively affect metabolism. Probiotic foods can improve the microbiome significantly.  

  4. Probiotics! Taking a daily probiotic can help to re-balance your gut. Probiotics help to increase the numbers of good or friendly bacteria within the gut. Probiotics include fermented foods like kefir, live or active yogurt (bio-cultures), sauerkraut, kombucha, and Natto. 

  5. Eat more foods that help to heal the gut. Food can be medicine when used correctly. Foods that are highly beneficial for gut wellness include fermented foods, dark leafy greens, avocados, fatty omega 3 rich fish such as salmon or tuna, and healthy oils like Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Essentially a healthy gastro-intestinal function will mean that a happy medium is found between the good and bad bacteria within the body!

“Intestinal bacteria are classified into good bacteria, opportunistic bacteria, and harmful bacteria. Their optimum population ratio is 2: 7: 1”- Kazuya Ogasawara

Mr. Ogasawara graduated from Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Education. He currently advises Sonomono Inc as their academic advisor, he had this to state on the “Golden Balance” of gastrointestinal health:

“If the good bacteria are active, the opportunistic bacteria will side with them and behave as good bacteria. However, if the harmful bacteria predominate, the opportunistic bacteria support them. As a simplified inference, increasing good bacteria is a shortcut for supporting a healthy intestinal environment”.


Sonomono noted that a recent discovery suggests that more than 60% of the immune cells reside in the intestine. Those cells’ function is to protect us from viruses and other novice organisms and maintaining a healthy intestinal environment leads to an increase in barrier power. 

Sonomono knows that Natto is an optimal food for intestinal health; it contains billions of Bacillus subtilis or “Natto bacteria” that help to normalize the intestinal environment. Other foods also contain probiotics, but Natto powder contains Bacillus subtilis in spore form. 

  • A spore is a natural cell structure that confers resistance to heat and dryness. 

  • Thanks to its spore, B. subtilis can pass through the gastric acid and reach the intestines alive.

  • Once in the intestines, the Natto bacteria assist digestion, nutrients absorption, and st

  • Imulate the immune system. It also helps other beneficial bacteria in the intestines to proliferate and improve the intestinal environment. 

  • When the amount of good bacteria exceeds the harmful bacteria, the microbiota enters into balance. The digestive and immune systems can perform their functions properly.

Natto is a traditional Japanese food made by fermenting soybeans. It contains all soy nutrients but with improved bio assimilation, enzymes, vitamins, and probiotics.

Sonomono is passionate about making a difference in the world’s wellbeing and understands the high importance of gut health on wellness as a whole. 

“In Sonomono, we believe in the value of real things, healthy products without unnecessary fillers and additives. We make products for people who desire to live naturally. Because food is the source of a healthy life, we focus on quality ingredients and top nutrition”- Sonomono




Here’s how Sonomono makes its difference! 

  • Fermented food is trusted by Japanese people as a source of health and longevity, using natural ingredients grown without relying in chemicals fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Each one of their products is time-trusted, enhanced by top-notch technology, and retains all its original nutrients.

  • By purchasing ingredients from local farmers, Sonomono contributes to sustainable development and culture preservation.

  • A steady economic cycle prevents people from leaving the countryside and helps to preserve Japanese nature-love culture for future generations.


“We collaborate with producers, local governments, and researchers in diverse projects that enhance people’s health, countryside natural resources, and local culture. Through food science, we aim to create a “new model of life” that showcases countryside life’s bounties and attracts people from the cities”- Sonomono

Sonomono solely uses pure and natural ingredients in its products. Japan has a rich heritage of agricultural, marine, and fermented food produced with natural ingredients. Sonomono believes it is worthwhile to commercialize those products in their purest form without additives, conservatives, and GMOs. 

Sonomono offers two types of Natto powder, Mild Powder and Classic Powder. The mild version features less Natto smell and stickiness, making it an excellent option for baby food or people who find the Natto aroma a little overwhelming.


Here’s a peek at these amazing Natto powders: Sonomono Natto Powder Mild and Sonomono Natto Powder Classic 


Sonomono Natto Powder Mild 

Sonomono Natto Powder Mild - Millenary Japanese Probiotics 



This powder has a mild aroma and a moderate natto flavor. Natto is a 1000-year-old traditional Japanese food. It is made by fermenting soybeans with Bacillus subtilis. Japanese people traditionally eat natto for supporting immunity and gastrointestinal health. How can it help you? Read on! 

  • Supports Immune System and GI Health. The intestines contain approximately 70% of the body’s immune cells. B, subtilis is a microbiome regulator. Microbiome balance is related to adequate intestinal barrier functioning and immune system response. 

  • Higher healthy effects than raw natto. Sonomono’s freeze-dried powder concentrates more probiotics than raw Natto, billions of CFU/g.

  • The freeze-drying also decreases soy protein deterioration and increases nutrients body availability 1.5 times. 

  • Reaches the Intestines alive and produces vitamin K2. The probiotics of Sonomono powder are in spore form. Protected by the spore, B. subtilis passes through the gastric acid and reaches the intestines where it continues producing vitamin K2 and the enzyme nattokinase. 



Sonomono Natto Powder Classic

This Natto Powder carries the same benefits as the mild version. The difference is that it offers full natto aroma and flavor. 




  • Supports Immune System and GI health.

  • Higher healthy effects than raw natto.

  • The freeze-drying also decreases soy protein deterioration and increases nutrients body availability 1.5 times. 

  • Reaches the intestines alive and produces Vitamin K2.

  • Adds UMAMI to your food. Natto is one of the best sources of umami, the characteristic flavor of Japanese food. Umami enhances the food natural flavor, it can be used to cook with less sugar and salt!


These products are highly popular in Japan. They are tasty, effective & easy to use. Natto powder offers endless cooking possibilities just by sprinkling and mixing with your favorite food. This product has appeared several times on Japanese television, newspapers, magazines, and social media. 


The ingredients are clean and simple: Soybeans (whole), Bacillus subtilis.

“Sonomono natto powder is more than natto. The exclusive freeze-drying process maintains the nutritional value of natto and reduces protein deterioration. Compared to raw natto, Sonomono natto powder allows the efficient intake of nutrients and probiotics. One single scoop contains the same probiotics amount as 10 packages of regular natto. These probiotics are the critical element in enhancing the barrier power of your body”- Sonomono


* In partnership with our friends at Sonomono, Inc. * Photo courtesy of Sonomono, Inc.
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