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Vitamins & Minerals: You’ve Been Doing It Wrong!

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Sure, if you know what foods are vitamin-rich, all you need to do is keep a sufficient amount of them in your diet to maintain a diet that’s naturally sufficient in vitamins, right? It seems easy enough! But sadly, it’s not always that simple.

The reality of vitamins is that they have complex organic structures. Despite what the food packaging label might have you believe; you can’t simply measure the amount of vitamin C in a banana or sweet potato like you could the amount of sugar or salt. Vitamins are fragile, and their potency for your body can (and will) vary depending on dozens of factors, such as how the food is processed, the environment it’s stored in, how it’s cooked, and even the nutrients of the soil that it’s been grown in. Even if you were measuring each banana one at a time for their vitamin levels, it would still be hard to know exactly how much you’re getting in your body.

Minerals, on the other hand, are inorganic compounds, so they are easier to measure. You can be fairly sure that if the yogurt you’re eating has 500mg of calcium, that’s how much is in there. But that doesn’t mean every source of minerals is created equal!

As minerals are not made of organic material, they cannot usually be absorbed by your body via combustion in the stomach in the way that the organic matter you consume, such as fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins, can. So, your body must find other ways to absorb the necessary minerals to keep it working, and for that, it needs your help! Various organic nutrients, such as vitamins, will help your body absorb minerals when it processes them together. But it’s complicated, and finding the correct “food pairing” is always a bit of a balancing act.

Some are well-known. For example, vitamin C helps your body absorb iron, and vitamin D helps absorb calcium. Though, it’s always a tricky line to walk since the levels of the vitamins and minerals you're ingesting need to be consistent with the ideal food pairing to get the optimal result.

We get it, it’s more complicated than most people think! If you still think you can “count” vitamins and minerals in the same way that you might count calories, unfortunately, you’re probably not getting the best results. But you’re not the only one!

Where Nature & Science Are One

Vitamins and minerals might be nature’s own gifts for the human body, but delivering them to your body in the right amounts and combinations is not an art but a science. It’s not only a matter of counting and measuring, but also getting the mixtures just right and ensuring that nothing gets lost between the farm and your stomach.

It was this golden formula that drove Trey Goodman (or, as he likes to call himself, Dr. Elite) on a 3-decade-long journey to create the golden formula for a nutritional supplement. One that would contain the maximum possible benefits to the human body, measured to perfection. And from decades of research and testing, 1Sport of Life was born.

A former professional athlete and personal trainer, Dr. Elite knows exactly what the human body needs and doesn’t need to achieve optimum results. After his athletic career, Dr. Elite went on to become an expert in the fields of human kinesiology, cellular nutrition, and naturopathic medicine. Taking wisdom from both scientific research and his athletic career, Dr. Elite sought to develop a supplement that would contain just the right nutrition that he knew would develop a powerful body.

1 Sport of Life, Because the Sport of LIFE Itself Exceeds All

Dr. Elite strongly believes (and so should you!) that the food and nutrients you put into your body shape your life more than anything else. Energize your body well, and it will give you the LIFE right back!

Refurbishing the Cellular Foundations of Life

After decades of research, trial, and error, 1Sport of Life’s pinnacle compound is now available worldwide! Let’s take a look at the Foundations of Life – Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula and the magic it can do for your body.

The formula sources vitamins and minerals from a variety of well-researched superfoods from around the world, creating a compound called the Super Phyto Food Complex. The blend, which includes extracts from aloe vera, chokeberry, goji berry, bilberry, red algae, Indian gooseberry, and dozens more, creates the ideal nutrient blend tested to have a metabolic absorption rate of up to 98%. This means that almost every milligram of vitamins and minerals in each drop will be absorbed by your body. I know we said you can’t usually just “count” vitamins and minerals, but think again!

Dr. Elite’s formula does this by providing the right triggers for your body’s cells to metabolize the nutrients. Metabolism is the catalyst for life; it’s your body’s natural formula, synthesizing every millisecond within each cell and giving your body the energy it needs. With each drop of the Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula your body ingests, your metabolism is directed at properly absorbing the nutrients in the compound so that nothing passes through. Then the cycle continues; with more nutrients absorbed, your body can further metabolize, and the energy keeps growing!

The vitamins and minerals that come in the Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula make up what health experts refer to as the essential micronutrients. Normally, these are nutrients that you’d have to seek a variety of different organic foods or supplements to find, but not anymore with Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula! Through Dr. Elite’s testing and research, the formula packs essential quantities of over 20 essential micronutrients.

The formula has been thoroughly tested to be safe and true to its word, and is produced here in the USA in 1Sport of Life’s own FDA-approved facility. The supplement is certified by both the GMP and NSF, and undergoes regular testing to ensure it never loses its potency.

Foundations of Life, Quality of Life

Now, you’re probably aware that there are numerous other supplements on the market that similarly claim to have aced the nutritional science game and can provide your body with all the nutrients it needs. And of course, there are tons of medications that we take all the time with scientifically proven health benefits.

And we certainly don’t deny they have their benefits, but what you don’t read about every day is everything else that goes into each droplet or pill of synthetic medications and supplements. In fact, it’s often really hard to find information on this! But the reality that you might not know is that many of the synthetic compounds that go into pharmaceuticals can be toxic in the short term and/or in the long term to your body’s overall health. Often, taking medication means sacrificing long-term pain for short-term gain.

This is why 1Sport of Life builds all supplements with 100% natural ingredients. There are zero preservatives, additives, or synthetic compounds. Everything you’re ingesting comes straight from the earth, composed of nature’s purest ingredients. This is what your body needs to live a long, quality life, retaining its natural energy and youthfulness.

A former athlete who took pride in his all-natural body, Dr. Elite firmly believes that living an all-natural life should go beyond just the food and beverages we consume. Most of us also take medication from time to time, and although our motivations are noble, the medication is almost never produced from natural ingredients.

Dr. Elite has been working to find answers on how to provide your body with the positive benefits of well-tested pharmaceuticals without the harmful and toxic additions. And this is how PainAway was born!

PainAway is 1Sport of Life’s all-natural solution to pain relief. Or shall we better say, a solution to your pain when you might otherwise think of ingesting potentially harmful pain relief medication! A tincture comprised of a structured vapor distilled water, with specific pain targeting frequencies embedded in the very water molecules themselves, clinically used successfully to help sooth head aches, muscle cramps, and other common recurring monthly related pains. Pain`Away delivers the positives of pain relief without the long-term drawbacks. Feel better today and keep your body healthy for tomorrow!

You only get one shot at life, and you’re only given one body to live it with. Even if you don’t notice it right away, failing to treat your body right can have long-term consequences that could be irreversible. When your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, metabolism slows down, and thus your cells, the foundations of life, can’t perform at their optimal level. This means that everything in your body, from your heart to your bones to your muscles to your hormones, won’t function as intended. And your body is a complex machine; every system is meant to work together. If even just one isn’t working at its optimal level, the rest of your body will feel the unintended consequences.

If you’re not already, you need to treat your body and the foundations of life with the care and nutrients it deserves. And fortunately, with all-natural products like these available after decades of research, it’s easier than ever before! As Dr. Elite would always say:

“Play II Live, With Foundations of Life”



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