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The #1 Way to Give Yourself a Boost for Better Weight Loss

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Everybody struggles with that last bit of stubborn weight that refuses to disappear. We all know how despondent and hopeless the struggle can make us feel. We try new workout routines and tackle new diet fads that promise to get rid of our tummies or thighs, but the results just don’t happen as promised. We can feel that despair coming into our minds. We start to question whether we can move forward in our journey for improvement. Even after all the disappointment, we still hang on to that last bit of hope and are motivated to lose the stubborn weight. Finally, there is a solution to our weight loss problems. One we haven’t yet attempted. It is a solution that appears so effortless that you can work towards the results you want, even at night while you sleep. Your weight loss goals are in sight.

Sleep is something we all do, and it is one of our daily activities that has the power to affect everything from feelings of exhaustion to the condition of your skin, your health, and yes, even your ability to lose weight.

But how does this nightly routine help us lose weight? And how can we improve our sleep to get the best out of it, and shake off those last few pounds? Well, let’s get into it, but first, let us understand the problem.

The Forgotten Fundamental

Work harder, change your diet, and take this supplement! We have all tried to do these things to help shed those pounds. Unfortunately, even after trying what we perceive as everything on the market, those last few pounds stick. As we worry and try all these new things to lose that relentless weight, we neglect the one thing we shouldn't. We overlook the importance of our sleep patterns, and the quality of our sleep.

Believing that we can function on less sleep to extend our gym time might seem efficient, but it's actually counterproductive. Skimping on a basic need like sleep can have unforeseen detrimental effects on our well-being!

Individuals who get less than 6 hours of sleep may have a 30% higher risk of becoming obese compared to those who sleep 7-9 hours.

Inadequate sleep can boost our appetite, leading us into a trap we know all too well. Fatigue often steers us away from preparing wholesome meals in favor of comfort foods that are quick and easy. Despite our diligent efforts at the gym, we rationalize the occasional indulgence, convincing ourselves it’s negated by our exercise. However, our lack of sleep not only drives us towards unhealthy eating habits but also slows down our metabolism. This, in turn, promotes increased fat storage and weight gain, undermining our fitness goals. The lesson here is that if we want to achieve our weight loss and fitness goals, we need to make sure that we are getting the restorative sleep our body needs in order to function at its best! And remember, this doesn’t just mean getting more sleep, it also means improving the quality of the sleep we get. One very important thing to consider is how critical it is to have the right mattress and pillow that will support you, keep your body in alignment, and give you the comfort you need to get the most out of your slumber. The best place to start is by finding the perfect pillow, and we have got you covered in that category.


DID YOU KNOW? People sleeping less than 5-6 hours per night have about a 20% higher risk of developing heart disease in the long term.

Introducing the Scrumptious Side Pillow from Honeydew Sleep!

The Beginning of Honeydew Sleep

Married founders Jonathan and Evita Kunke began Honeydew Sleep as a passion project. Initially, they became interested and excited about the possibility of creating the perfect pillow for themselves. Evita Kunke, in her late teens, had developed a debilitating back condition and was told by multiple doctors that surgery was her only option. After seeking yet another “2nd opinion”, she had a doctor recommend a specific type of mattress for her. Within 90-days, she was back on her feet and quickly improved, ultimately regaining all mobility without surgery. Inspired by how life-changing this was for her, she also developed a passion for helping people improve their lives through sleep!

When she and Jonathan started dating, it immediately felt like it was meant to be. Jonathan came from a background of brick-and-mortar mattress stores with a heavy focus on alignment and sleep science.

Fred Kunke, Jonathan's father, founded The Sleep Shoppe in 1987, growing from a small storefront to several significant flagship locations. Jonathan grew up in the stores and worked full-time alongside Fred. After graduating college in 2005, when Jonathan and Evita got married, she joined the team as well. They found themselves in an enviable position, surrounded by the finest selection of top-tier pillow brands. Despite offering more than fifty varieties, not one met their exacting standards for the perfect pillow. This dissatisfaction with the available choices sparked their journey to create the Scrumptious Side Pillow, a quest to fulfill the unmet need for unrivaled quality and comfort in sleep.

A Heavenly Pillow from Honeydew Sleep

Jonathan and Evita knew what was missing in the pillows that were on the market, and precisely what it would take to provide the much-needed alignment and support that could finally relieve the neck pain that many of us suffer with in the morning. They knew they could do better and embarked on a journey to create the perfect pillow. After tireless efforts, dozens of prototypes, countless fill materials and formulas, their hard work paid off, and they made a truly heavenly pillow, the Scrumptious Side Pillow. The combination of their patent pending fill, their perfectly contouring curve, and the cherry on top of adjustability allows us to wake up pain-free and full of energy to tackle our health goals!

The Scrumptious Side Pillow represents the epitome of pillow perfection. It is designed with a unique curve to support our necks and shoulders, for ultimate comfort and perfect alignment, whether we sleep on our sides or back. It’s also adaptable to anyone and everyone, and it has a discreetly hidden zipper that lets us add or remove filling to make the pillow completely customizable to our liking.

The Scrumptious Side Pillow incorporates 100% CertiPUR-US® certified Copper-infused foam into the design. The copper within the foam makes the Scrumptious Side Pillow more effective in cooling than gel-based memory foam. Just in case you are wondering, the CertiPUR-US® certification ensures that the foam used is completely free from harmful substances like phthalates, heavy metals (like mercury, lead), and "tris" flame retardants that are toxins that negatively impact our health.  But how can the Scrumptious Side Pillow answer the issues we face on losing weight?

Sleeping is one of the most important things we can do for our health. When we lack proper sleep, we are more tired and stressed, which can lead to craving those high-sugar, high-fat foods that bring short-lived comfort and stress relief. Here are several benefits we can expect from using the Scrumptious Side Pillow to reach our weight loss goals.

Four benefits to take seriously about the Scrumptious Side Pillow

  1. Better digestion. Our bodies are governed by an internal sleep cycle that, when complete and restorative, facilitates the production of key hormones such as melatonin and prolactin. These hormones play a crucial role in enhancing the beneficial bacteria in our gut, thereby aiding digestion. Moreover, adopting the practice of sleeping on your left side can leverage the force of gravity to more effectively guide food through the digestive tract.

  2. Improved energy and motivation. Imagine waking up feeling rested with a sense of renewal, equipped with the vital energy necessary to navigate the complexities of life with grace and determination. Sleep acts as a sanctuary of restoration for our bodies, a period devoted to hormonal balance and cellular rejuvenation. It provides a vital opportunity for muscle repair, empowering us to pursue fitness goals with vigor. Sleep is the silent healer, the unseen wellness retreat that prepares us to soar to new heights.

  3. Boosted gym performance. After a good night's sleep, our bodies are recharged and we are eager to embrace the day, thanks in part to our cherished nighttime companion, the Scrumptious Side Pillow. This energized state propels us into our workouts, where we eagerly grasp the dumbbells and relish the exhilarating burn. Adequate sleep lays the foundation for enhanced muscle memory, swifter reflexes, and refined coordination, setting the stage for peak performance throughout our day.

  4. Better overall results. With sleep as our ally, we unlock the full potential of our daily lives, reaping the benefits of increased energy and improved overall function!

Additional features like the hidden zipper that allows us to add or remove the filling to achieve the desired cushiness, and the overall versatility of being able to use the pillow whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, should definitely make this a first-choice pillow for any of us.

DID YOU KNOW? Sleep deprivation can reduce cognitive performance by up to 40%.

Embrace the transformative power of sleep with the Scrumptious Side Pillow, revolutionizing your bed into a sanctuary that enhances your weight loss journey. As you reach into the insights offered in this enlightening article, discover Honeydew Sleep's commitment to fostering profound rest through superior products. The flagship Scrumptious Side Pillow embodies the pinnacle of sleep innovation, meticulously crafted to elevate your nighttime experience to unprecedented heights. This isn't just a pillow—it's a sleep revolution, designed with the direct intention of unlocking the myriad of health benefits that only the finest rest can bring!


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