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Tender care for your skin from the rugged wilderness

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How do you eat an elephant? Well, I’m glad you asked. The answer has always been – “One bite at a time.”

In other words, if you want to accomplish something insurmountable, you should start small. Keep going and take it one mouthful at a time. Even the most difficult tasks can be handled if you break it down.


It’s good to remember this saying as you pursue your goals. Although it’s not generally heard anymore, this saying about dining on gargantuan mammals has more truth today than it probably ever had.

The culture we live in is full of instant gratification. There is a need in this internet–connected world to have a quick fix for everything. Every solution, answer, and possible outcome should be laid at our feet at the push of a button. No guessing, no figuring it out yourself. Everything needs to be easy-peasy.

 However, most of us live in reality. As you know, the real world is complex. Building anything valuable or constructing something that will leave a legacy is not easy. It takes hard work. It takes following the proper steps.

It takes one bite after another.

That’s what Caitlin did. It took some time, but she eventually realized what her dream was. Making her dream a reality wasn’t easy, but if you ask her – it was worth it. Her story starts in the largest city of a rugged wilderness landscape.

Dreams happen one step at a time.

Anchorage, Alaska, sits at the base of the expansive, snowcapped Chugach Mountains. It’s a port city situated at the head of Cook Inlet - a bay of the Pacific Ocean.

Surrounded by natural beauty, many outdoor activities include hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, and skiing. The recreation opportunities are as varied as the land is rugged.

Caitlin grew up in this large city surrounded by the wilds of nature. She enjoyed all the fun that the outdoors had to offer. As she grew into her teenage years, Caitlin wanted gas money like most teens. So, to fund her outdoor explorations, she began working at a local company.

Denali Dreams Soap Company makes handcrafted personal care products: soap, salves, and lip balms, all produced by two hard-working moms. Caitlin quickly adapted to the prestigious role of putting labels on lip balm and packing gift sets.

This wasn’t working at a big box store or a fast-food chain. Caitlin worked for Barb and Janie, two stay-at-home moms who decided to start making soap in 1997. Their business had grown, and now they had a storefront and shipped a wide range of products everywhere.

It was a family atmosphere, and Caitlin quickly became part of it. She continued working in all aspects of the business, learning to wrap, cut, and make soap, along with the salves and lip balms. Caitlin came to know everything about the products and running the business.

Before she knew it, ten years had flown by.  Caitlin became a pro in the personal product space one step at a time. She was passionate about making soap and creating usable products from raw natural materials. Caitlin was a perfect fit for what happened next.

Taking a bigger bite.

The founders and owners of Denali Dreams certainly noticed Caitlin’s commitment to quality and customer service. So, after running their business for eighteen years, they approached Caitlin with an offer. They were ready to try something new and wanted to sell Denali Dreams to Caitlin. This was Caitlin’s dream – business ownership.

Of course, Caitlin jumped at the opportunity. Denali Dreams had been her home for a decade. She loved all aspects of the business and continues its traditions today. So, in 2015, after much hard work and dedication, Caitlin became the proud owner of Denali Dreams.

Barb and Janie could have sold their business to anyone, but they knew Caitlin was the ideal owner. She’s passionate, caring, and, most of all, determined always to provide the best quality possible. She infuses the rugged beauty, smells, and memories of Alaska into each of her creations.

She desires everyone everywhere to know the majesty and grandeur of Alaska, even if it’s just through soaps, lotions, or lip balms. When you smell or feel one of Denali Dream’s products, you will be transported to nature at its rawest and most powerful.

Caitlin is still determined and hardworking. Now a mother of twins and wife to a wonderful husband, her company employs seven other people. They maintain a close family atmosphere and continue to ship products worldwide. Each team member enjoys sending a little piece of Alaska anywhere someone needs it.

Denali Dreams now offers dozens of products that are handcrafted in Anchorage, Alaska. From seasonal favorites to pet care products and even a Manly Man line. They are proud of all their product offerings and hope you find as much joy out of using them as they have in creating them. One of their best sellers is a bright, fragrant soap known as:

Fireweed Soap

It is one of the first in the Denali Dreams wildflower collection.


The Fireweed flower blankets the hillsides of Alaska starting in late June. After a wildfire, this flower is the first to grow on newly scorched earth. It’s long been a symbol of resilience and survival, marking a new growth cycle.

The soap has a sweet floral aroma throughout, which you’ll love. Shirley left this five-star review:

I discovered Denali Dreams soap on a recent trip to Alaska. I purchased several different scents and Fireweed is my favorite. Once I arrived home I ordered more online so that I could share the lovely scent with all my friends.

This is one of Denali Dreams' top sellers, and once you try it, you’ll understand why.

As noted earlier, Denali Dreams Soap Company doesn’t just make fantastic soap; they also create lotions and lip balms. They also make a remarkable salve to combat even the coldest and driest of environments.

Alaska Winter Salve

The winters are rough up north and even tougher on your skin. No matter where you’re at, this salve will instantly bring healing and soothing if you fight dry skin.

There’s no doubt that the dry cold air of winter sucks the moisture straight out of your skin. That’s why this salve is a local favorite in Anchorage.

With nourishing oils such as avocado, neem, castor, olive, and aloe vera, this salve will soften even the driest of winter skin.

This winter salve is also infused with the pleasant and refreshing aroma of lemongrass, lavender, and sage essential oils.

It works, and the testimonies speak volumes. Jeanette had this to say:

Been using and GIFTING this for years and years!
Very effective, goes a long way and aromatic.
Owners are GREAT folks too.

Crafted by Alaskans for the harshest conditions, this salve will bring much-needed relief.

With all Denali Dream Soap Company products, quality and value to the customer come first. There’s no other way to build a business that’s been around this long. You focus on the customer, provide products they need, and keep eating that elephant…

One bite at a time.


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