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Reversing Time: Self-Care Products to Consider- Youth Formula and IQ150 by SomaLife

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It has always been an interest to us how to look and stay younger throughout our lifetime. Aging slowly or anti-aging has been a recent trend, where beauty products, especially the ones that make you look young and wrinkle-free, have been trendy among all age groups. Regardless of gender identity, many people now have a lot of interest in products, including supplements to stay young and healthy. We are always looking for healthy options, whether that is taking supplements, vitamins or health products, or whatever other form it will be.

Healthy aging not only involves looking young with glowing skin, but also having a sharp memory and cognitive abilities. As we age, our cognition slowly declines, however, if there is a way to maintain good cognitive health as we age, everyone should be willing to try it and see if it works for them.

SomaLife provides products that are designed to enhance people’s wellbeing through supplements that have been scientifically studied. The two products, Youth Formula and IQ150 are the products that are discussed in this editorial in regards to what they are, how they work, and how functional they are in our everyday lives. For the past 26 years, Dr. Philip White, trained in Cambridge and Harvard, has been coming up with formulas that can aid healthy aging. Being in the medical field for 40 years, he has served as a Vice-President of the Canadian Longevity and Anti Aging Academy, the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, and the Chairman and Medical Director of the British Columbia Family Practice Oncology Network. With his background in medicine, he has been studying in the field of healthy aging, and has formulated the ingredients that are needed for optimal health outcomes. Rigorous studies from Dr. Philip White have been a great help in SomaLife to support each person to attain their health goals. The two items that are introduced in this editorial are the Youth Formula and IQ150 which are known to improve cognitive function and healthy aging over the years.

SomaLife Missions:

1. Backed by science: products are based on scientific research

2. Quality products: Ingredients used are carefully selected to create formulas for all products.

3. Holistic approach: Targeting improvement of physical and mental health, SomaLife has been using a holistic approach to create products.

1.  Youth Formula: A Wholefood Plant-based Supplement

How clean are your current supplements that you are taking, including your vitamins? You might be reading down all the ingredients that you’ve never heard of, and you might be thinking, ‘is this really safe to consume?’ Or are you a vegan/vegetarian looking for plant-based ingredients to boost your health?

SomaLife offers a supplement, called Youth Formula, which is a plant-based supplement that is vegan/vegetarian friendly and contains natural ingredients. The capsule is made out of vegetables that are safe to consume and excludes gluten, artificial colors and GMOs. The capsules should be taken orally and are suitable for anyone looking to improve their sleep, have more energy throughout the day, and look/feel younger. Most importantly, the formula is also designed to boost your immunity so you can stay physically healthy. The product is patented and assists in enhancing mood.

What is special about this product is that the item actually helps heal and protect your cells as it contains natural amino acids. The amino acids consumed in a capsule form will be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, which then triggers the pituitary to release more growth hormone, to facilitate full body cell repair. The amino acids’ role is to repair damaged cells in the bloodstream and the additional growth hormone released helps regenerate cells. New healthy cells are created after consumption of the formula which also encourages further growth of new healthy cells in your body. With positive reviews and feedback from customers who have used this product, the Youth Formula is a great way to kick start your journey to attain good health and to feel better inside and out.

2. IQ150

Another popular product that SomaLife has launched, IQ150 has helped many people to enhance cell generation. Unlike the Youth Formula, IQ150 focuses mainly on cognition improvement. This supplement is intended to increase people’s ability to think clearly and be able to concentrate while eliminating any stress factors in the brain. Similar to the Youth Formula, IQ150 has no artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMOs and dairy. Colors of the capsule can differ as they are composed of natural ingredients. One of the characteristics of aging is that our cognition declines over time. Science has shown that we slowly lose nerve cells and connections as we age, and in our 40’s, it is easy to notice how our mental function may decline. Because of this, IQ150 has been a great way to support brain health that can enhance the brain’s function. Brain fog is another common symptom that we all experience in all age groups, and this supplement targets boosting cognitive functions and also helps people stay focused and alert.

Intake instructions: 2 capsules before breakfast and 2 capsules before lunch, or consult with your health care provider to further discuss frequency of intake.

Storage instructions: At room temperature (59 degrees-86 degrees F or 15-30 degrees C).

The product contains nine main ingredients that are tested to improve brain’s function.


1) Citicoline: Also known as Cognizin, it helps maintain healthy cells in the brain and protect neurons from damage. Science has shown that Citicoline has a positive effect on the memory and enhances minor memory issues.

2) Caffeine: We all are familiar with caffeine, right? It helps to enhance focus and alertness.

3) Baccopa Monnieri: This supports a healthier state of mind along with concentration. It helps those with insomnia and brain fogs.

4) Ginkgo Biloba: It helps with blood flow in the brain, which helps clarity in thinking and memory functions.

5) Phosphatidylserine: This helps to improve cognitive function in all age groups, and is used to elevate depression.

6) Phosphatidylcholine: It has been shown that it can enhance explicit memory.

7) Turmeric Root Powder: it is efficient in improving neurotransmitters.

8) Spanish Sage: This is used to improve memory.

9) Green Tea: It contains a naturally occuring caffeine which supports brain function, memory and mental clarity.


Most importantly, IQ150 has been certified for Sport, which shows how this supplement can be safe for pro-athlete’s consumption. It has been shown that the vitamins do not contain contaminants, or banned substances, that can be unhealthy for those who consume the product. This certification has been providing safer choices for customers when consuming dietary/nutritional supplements.

With these two products, the Youth Formula and IQ150, many customers have been feeling better in their body & mind and have experienced improved health outcomes. SomaLife proudly presents these two items to anyone interested in healthy aging and lifestyle. Backed up by Scientific data, both products are safe  to consume and are healthy options for those who are looking for clean vitamins/supplements that can aid their healthy wellbeing. As part of lifestyle, it is recommended to start practicing self-care using these products.

SomaLife’s goal is to support people’s wellbeing and healthy aging and is committed to provide products that are backed by science. Quality maintenance is essential for providing high quality products to customers. The two flagship products, Youth Formula and IQ150 have been a great tool for people to enhance their health. SomaLife will continue to study and assure the quality products that will help individuals attain their health goals, both physical and mental wellbeing.


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