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Got That Painful, Fiery Bum? A Simple Relief for the Pain!

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There can be nothing worse than that dreaded feeling of leaving the bathroom or getting up from a chair and feeling like something is on fire downstairs in your bum. That awkward walk you’ll do around the living room is not only incredibly annoying, but also an embarrassment to everyone around you. “Why do I have to be that guy?” you probably ask yourself.

Chronic anal pain is certainly something that we often feel like we suffer from all alone. It’s awkward and embarrassing, that’s for sure, so we mostly keep our suffering to ourselves, try to mask the symptoms, rarely even discussing them with loved ones or with a doctor. So the cycle continues, and since others also aren’t saying anything about it, it becomes a “don’t ask, don’t tell” case.

But fortunately, there have been a number of wide-reaching studies on this that have done the asking and telling that most of us are too shy to do ourselves. To cut straight to the point, no you’re not alone. An estimated 40 million Americans, roughly one in every ten, experience some form of chronic anal pain. So, it’s certainly not something unique to you, and not something you should feel embarrassed about – at least that’s what we say!

And we think it’s very strange that not only do most of us ordinary people think of anal pain as some sort of taboo, but it seems to be that way within the medical and pharmaceutical community as well. How many anal pain relief supplements, creams, or ointments have you seen pop into your Instagram feed? How many infomercials do you see during late night TV for medication to treat chronic anal pain?

Well, probably not many! Especially considering how common this is – in purely numeric terms, similar to eczema or hives in how many people report regular symptoms – you would expect to see a whole lot more from the healthcare industry in this day and age! So where are all the treatments for chronic anal pain, where can they be hiding? Surely someone has developed something for this, given that we have at least 40 million potential buyers just here in the US? Or perhaps the medical industry just has their head so far up their rear end that they’re equally in denial that anal pain is a real, and very painful, thing?

Or maybe they do exist, but they’re just a bit harder to find, and that’s what we’re here for! We very much understand that the pain down there, so we’ve gotten off our butts and started looking beyond the clickbait to see what’s out there. And how you can get back on your feet and start walking with pride again, free from the pain and embarrassment coming out of your backside.

Ouchhhhh! It hurts down there! But why?

The skin on your anus is among the most sensitive and easily damaged area of skin on your body. It’s very thin, very moist, constantly being rubbed around, and has to defend the inner parts of your anus against the less-than-desirable bacteria and acids from feces, urine, and gas that passes through it. And unlike most other parts of your skin, it’s difficult to care for. We can’t normally get as much soap and water down there when we shower, and unless you sit in a very odd position at the beach, the anus probably doesn’t get much Vitamin D from the sun or fresh air in the warm summer months. And this is all not to speak of the fact that there’s really nothing readily available to provide this delicate part of your skin with the tender loving care it needs!

So, it goes without saying that there are many things that can lead to discomfort on the skin down there. While there are dozens of possible root causes, and diagnosing the root cause for your case would be virtually impossible without going through all kinds of tests, the key symptom – that fiery, burning, pain in your butt – almost always comes from the same thing. These are what’s called anal fissures, or small tears in the sensitive anal skin that form when the skin is irritated. It is these fissures that hurt, and especially when they open up after a heavy stool or movement of the bum, they can often bleed a bit. How unpleasant!

All in all, fissures aren’t too different than small cuts that might form as part of rashes or scratches elsewhere, they just hurt a whole lot more because of how sensitive and easily agitated the skin of your anus is. While they might be no different than any old cut or rash, the sensitivity of the area of the skin means that you can’t just treat it with some antiseptic rubs.

It takes something a bit more specialized, and that’s exactly what the biomedical startup Pranicura has developed. Let’s have a look at Pranicura 5!

First released to the general public in 2013 as a general relief for anal discomfort, its knack for healing fissures and preventing new ones from forming was soon tested and tweaked. An independently-conducted survey of Pranicura 5 users over the first two years following its release found that the formula had closed anal fissures on upwards of 90% of users. In all of our research, we couldn’t find another formula or medical treatment that could come anywhere close to this!

Pranicura 5 is fully-approved by the FDA drug monograph system as an over-the-counter (OTC) medication, so no, it’s not just another homemade concoction that promises to work. Like all other commercially available pharmaceuticals, it has completed rigorous testing and it has established proven results. In contrast to homeopathic products which have no proven history of safety or effectiveness by the FDA, Pranicura 5, as a qualifying OTC product, has not only proven safety and effectiveness, but it’s safe to use for anyone without harsh side effects or potentially harmful ingredients.

Pranicura 5 is composed of four active ingredients: Glycerin (a protectant), Calamine (an itch reliever), Kaolin (also an itch reliever), and menthol (a pain reliever). Working together, these powerful ingredients will do their job, closing up fissures and strengthening the skin of the anus to prevent future irritation.

Using Pranicura 5 is easy. If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort down in your rear end, simply apply a thin layer of the ointment to the anus after cleaning and patting dry. Continue to apply it at least twice a day if the symptoms last, and though most users report a relief of symptoms within a few days, for more severe cases of fissures it can take 2-4 weeks to get full relief.

If you are one of the few people Pranicura 5 still isn’t working after a few weeks of regular use, then we recommend seeing a doctor to look into other solutions. For severe cases of anal fissures, especially when they’ve gone untreated for a long period of time, surgery may be the only solution. So think fast if you’re just starting to experience some occasional pain down there. Do you want to let it wait longer?

While no medical intervention can be 100% effective, for something as affordable as easy as Pranicura 5, there’s really nothing that comes close. If you need a relief from the endless embarrassing discomfort of pain, itches and burns that just come out of nowhere, there’s no better place to start than a small jar of Pranicura 5.

So stop feeling as if you’re at mercy to this weird, unknown pain in an awkward part of your body! You’re not the only one who feels this way, in fact tens of millions more Americans do every day, but you can be the one to take some action to relieve that pain. And we’re not here to get you hooked on some crazy pseudoscientific solution. Pranicura’s formula is a, true, over-the-counter drug, no different than anything you might pick up at the drugstore to relieve a headache, fever, or scratchy scalp. You don’t need to change your routine, adopt some new crazy diet, or start a regimented treatment plan. It’s really no different than taking a few pills to relieve that annoying headache in the morning!

It might seem like this type of pain sometimes just creeps up from behind (literally), but this time, don’t let it get the best of you. Order your jar of Pranicura 5 today, and get ready to make your next episode of chronic anal discomfort a thing of the past!


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