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Craving the Munchies? Don’t Fight It, Embrace It… The Healthy Way!

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When it comes to guilty pleasures, there’s no place in our home that comes close to the pleasure-tripping level of our snack cabinet. Sure, when we’re asked about our favorite food, it’s usually something solid like a delicious steak, a juicy burger, or some fresh seafood that comes to mind. But there are those times that we’re just too lazy to cook and feel too “cool” to grab a banana, so we reach for that snack cabinet.

Usually closed and out of sight (unless your house is set up for a party), the mouth-watering pleasure of snacking is kept behind closed doors to both ourselves and others. It’s an indulgence we don't like to think that we indulge in…yet we continue to do so anyway. If you’re one of the skilled few who’ve managed to fully get rid of tempting snacks from you house, well props to you for that, but even then, the cravings often remain.

And they don’t go away easily. Trust us—as health experts, we’ve heard all the struggles. We’ve worked with patients who’ve kept up an almost perfect gluten-free keto diet for months, until that craving for a carb-heavy bag of crackers and breadsticks at a dinner party just took over. Many of the people we work with who are strict calorie counters can always give us detailed reports of what they’ve been eating—until they forget about that box of chocolate chip cookies the other evening. Does this sound at all like you? Well, you're certainly not alone!

Many dieticians and health experts out there take the drill sergeant approach to our munchy cravings.

“Just ignore them; they’ll go away!”

“Don’t give in to the temptation. If you give yourself a cookie today, you’ll eat a whole box tomorrow!”

But we’re not like that. We don’t think that being healthy requires any sort of self-brainwashing or strict military discipline. We firmly believe that you should be able to enjoy every bit of your life while staying healthy, and yes, this includes eating and snacking. Just because a grapefruit isn’t as tempting of a snack as a box of Oreos doesn’t mean that having a satisfying snack has to always be unhealthy. A balance can be found and does exist. There are such things as snacks that both tantalize our cravings in the mouth yet are still nourishing, nutrient-rich, and free from all that unhealthy stuff that you do want to keep locked in your closet.

If you ever thought that so-called healthy snacks are always bland, bitter, and tasteless, think again! Maybe some of them are…but perhaps you’ve never met Flackers!

Time to Fill Up on FLACKERS!

There’s a common misconception out there that anything taste-bud-crave-satisfying must be unhealthy. It’s salt, sugar, and carbs that taste receptors, after all, isn’t that an evolutionary fact? Well, not exactly.

Most junk food on the market is pumped full of salt and sugar (or worse, corn syrup and its various evil twins) because it’s cheap, readily available, and can go into just about anything to make it addictive. And then they’ll pump it full of preservatives, coloring, and “natural flavors,” which, big surprise here, are not nearly as “natural” as they’d like you to think.

Let’s use soda as an excellent example. A can of Fanta doesn’t contain high-fructose corn syrup and “natural flavors,” which, hint-hint, don’t come from oranges, because these are somehow tastier or more addicting than natural orange juice and the sugars and fibers it contains. In fact, most taste tests have found soda drinkers prefer (actually) naturally flavored and sweetened drinks. Mainstream brands like Fanta use the fake and unhealthy stuff not because it tastes better, but because it’s cheaper and easier to mass-produce! Welcome to the capitalist world of consumerism that we live in, where profits and savings trump our health and well-being.

But the real natural world also has a whole lot of goodies that taste delicious and will make your mouth water, in addition to being 100% natural, healthy, and free of all that “bad stuff.” It was in the early 2000s that a Minnesota doctor saw the illogical lack of synchronic between the health food industry and the junk food industry, and sought to make a snack that would both satisfy our cravings and nourish the body. And in 2007, Flackers was born!

Flackers original line of snacks were developed on a few basic principles. First and foremost, they had to be as tasty and addictive as any other snack in your snack cabinet. But unlike all the commercial snacks your doctor tells you to stay away from, Flackers had to be made with 100% organic, whole-food ingredients. They could not contain any additives, preservatives, colorings, GMOs, or synthetic ingredients. And the final product had to be 100% gluten-free and vegan to be the perfect snack for a low-carb, high-fiber, plant-based diet.

In the past 2 decades, Flackers has grown into one of the country’s most well-recognized brands of healthy snacks – and for a good reason! You can see their addictive  seed crackers in the aisles of major grocers like Whole Foods, Jewel, Fresh Thyme and on Amazon, as well as thousands of independent grocers and health food stores. There’s a good reason why health-conscious Americans have caught onto the Flackers craze, and Flackers continues to satisfy those craving taste buds with a new line of just-as-healthy yet even more addictive snacks!

Flackers has recently spiced up their flagship line with New Multi Seed Crackers with just a pop of America’s favorite spice mix. Let’s have a look at their new Spicy Chili Lime Multi Seed Crackers!

The sour, fiery flavory you know and love from the traditional snack shelf comes with a punch of healthy goodness in Flackers new line of house-made organic crackers. The signature spice mix is made from 100% pure powdered lime juice and cayenne pepper as the key tastes that will hook your taste buds. But the spice mix is completed with a number of additional organic spices, including onion powder, garlic powder, tomato powder, and a pinch of natural sea salt.

And the crackers themselves? Flackers signature multi seed blend consists of 100% organic and non-GMO flax seeds, sunflower kernels, pepitas, chia seeds, and hemp hearts.

We’ll let you make the call on how tasty and addictive they are (we’re pretty sure you’re gonna want more!), but let’s have a quick look together at the healthiness of Flackers new spicy cracker flavor. Each serving contains only 140 calories, which is about one fifth of what you’ll get from a typical serving of Lays or Doritos. And the low calories pack a strong punch, with each serving containing 6 grams of fiber (as much as 3 bananas), 6 grams of protein, and 7 grams of polyunsaturated fats (the “good” fats that doctors recommend). You’ll also get an excellent dose of a few dietary minerals, including magnesium, manganese, copper, and thiamin.

As with all of Flacker’s tasty snacks, their Spicy Chili Lime Multi Seed Crackers are certified as gluten-free, kosher, gluten-free, and GMO-free, meeting the prestigious national standards for each certification and proudly bearing them on the packaging. So you can proudly serve this snack at your next dinner party without worrying about anyone’s health or dietary restrictions! And if you’ve got some health-conscious guests who aren’t used to snacking, just watch as their faces light up as they indulge (healthily) in the ever-addicting flavor of chili lime spiced crackers!

Okay, but healthy or not, spicy chips aren’t for everyone. Some of us love that spicy twang of Asian and Mexican food, but some of us prefer the rich yet simple aromas and flavors of French and Italian food. So for all you healthy snackers who aren’t as keen on spicy flavors, Flackers has also released a new flavor of crackers that you’ll love too! This is none other than their Cheeze-Pleaze Multi Seed Crackers.

The savory, mouth-watering flavor of cheese crackers comes out more powerful than ever in Flackers’s Cheeze-Pleaze line of crackers. But don’t worry, vegans—there's no cheese or dairy in these crackers, nor is there any of that bland, synthetic vegan cheese that you might see in the grocery aisle. Its flavor is based on a mix of gluten-free nutritional yeast combined with a secret mix of organic herbs and spices, creating a flavor that will remind you of the mouth-watering goodness of cheese chips. And yes – they have all the nutrients as every other Flackers product, and as you’ll see proudly displayed on their label, they’re certified as GMO-free, vegan, and gluten-free.

Next time you feel the need to indulge in some evening snacking, there’s no need to fight that temptation anymore. Snacking doesn’t have to be unhealthy, and contrary to popular belief, it can actually be as good for you as eating any other healthy foods as long as you pick your snacks right. And picking your snacks right doesn’t have to mean sacrificing any of the addictive tastes of the snacks you love!

Next time you’re at the store, have a look for healthy, organic snacks like Flackers. A bag of organic, GMO-free, low-sugar, and low-carb flackers will cost you only about five bucks and will introduce you to a new type of snacking that your mind and body will love.


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