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This article is all about your gorgeous locks! That’s right! We will be learning about the hottest hair care brand, NuMe. During this read, you will be made to reflect on the amount of time you use to take care of yourself (preview: it is quite a lot). You will then be introduced to NuMe, its founder, and the various technologies the brand uses to help its customers receive healthy and beautiful hair. The last bit of the article will cover the brand’s two most popular products, as well as tutorials on how to use them.


Our day-to-day lives consist of A LOT. In addition to showing up five days a week to work, we have to: cook for ourselves, socialize with friends, and make sure that we are consistently active and healthy. Sometimes, we find the perfect balance, and sometimes we do not. For instance, let us say that you pay for group fitness classes. You decided that it was a great investment, since you noticed that a lot of your personal time was spent planning your workouts before you went to the gym. You begin to attend the classes on a regular basis, and you start to feel great. Then, your job requires you to stay a bit longer for a project, and you no longer have time to attend the group classes because it just does not fit in your schedule. This is normal and is just a part of our fast-paced lifestyles.

This same concept of balance can apply to beauty and our outer appearance as well. Think about applying your makeup for work. There are days when you can apply a full face of foundation, and there are others where you apply concealer and blush, and call it a day. The same applies to our hair, especially for those who like to blow dry or straighten their hair. It can be quite time-consuming, especially if you have an oily scalp and may need to wash your hair more often, then go back to drying. Luckily, we have found a solution for those with a busy schedule.


Enter NuMe. NuMe is a hair care brand that uses only the highest quality ingredients and materials that are cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and vegan. The goal for this brand has always been to provide solutions that give exceptional results without jeopardizing your hair’s health. Before we dive into NuMe's products, let us go into detail about the brand’s origins as well as the founder.


Sabrina Maren is from Germany, and she is all too familiar with the daily struggles that we all experience with our hair. We can spend endless hours dealing with unruly, frizzy, and damaged hair. Maren always thought to herself that there HAD to be a better way and that doing hair did not have to be that difficult. This is when she decided to research solutions for herself to find the most high-caliber products available. From doing this, she discovered an industry that fascinated her. This led to the launch of her first business venture in 2004 where she marketed and developed products for a prominent European hairstyling tool company. By 2009, she was ready to launch her own brand - NuMe.

The reasoning behind the unique name according to Maren is, “When the tools were created, and I was testing the technology on my unruly hair, the results and transformation continued to make me feel like a ‘New Me’ aka NuMe.”

Based on Maren’s entrepreneurial story, NuMe empowers women to be their best by offering effective, easy-to-use, high-end tools to make their fast-paced lives easier, more enjoyable, and allowing them to achieve salon level results right at home. The various styling tools provide two important benefits. The first is boosting and preserving hair’s health. The second is locking in looks that last, keeping curls curly, straight strands sleek, and giving waves staying power. They are created from only 100% tourmaline ceramic and titanium plates and barrels. The tools also feature far-infrared heat and negative ion conditioning technologies for a healthier form of heat styling versus conventional methods. NuMe’s carefully-made technology never sacrifices the ease of use or comfort-from soft-touch exteriors to extra-long swivel cords, global voltage, and every last convenience detail is carefully considered. The floating plate system that all NuMe's straighteners have allows for tug-free, easy curls, waves, flips and endless styles.

Not to mention, NuMe  has also received quite the recognition. It was recognized as the 2017 Band of the Year by Hollywood Beauty Awards. NuMe is a one of a kind brand in the fact that it is the forefront company to have developed a straightener with an infrared light strip and red light therapy built into the plate. There is also a mount that delivers an extra burst of negative ions to boost the conditioning effect. Now, how is infrared technology good for your hair? Well, infrared technology allows heat wavelengths to penetrate directly into the hair shaft. This basically means that you will spend less time on styling, less heat exposure, and overall less damage. “Ionic” is probably not a term that you often hear when it comes to hair. What ionic styling does is that it releases negative ions that seal your hair’s protective cuticle. This reduces frizz, and makes hair smooth and shiny all while trapping moisture, which increases hair health.


NuMe is truly a brand that is one of its kind. It is a hair care brand that is at the forefront of heat styling advancements. NuMe’s two most popular straighteners are the Megastar Flat Iron and the Style Setter Flat Iron.


The Megastar Flat Iron happens to be NuMe’s bestseller! In fact, it won a Glamour Award! This flat iron is where sleek design meets effortless styling. Once you use it, it will glide smoothly through your hair with its floating plates and infrared technology, ensuring less damage and more shine for your gorgeous hair. Specifications on this product include:

  • 1  inch tourmaline ceramic plate with infrared light strip and negative ion booster.

  • A digital display temperature range of 190 degrees F to 450 degrees with automatic shut off.

  • Global Voltage, 110V-240V

To use this product:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly, removing oil residue from the scalp.

  2. Condition hair and comb through, removing any knots.

  3. Rinse hair thoroughly with water, getting rid of any product.

  4. Distribute heat protectant throughout hair.

  5. Let your hair dry, either through blow-drying (what we recommend) or air drying.

  6. Insert a 1-inch section of hair between the plates of the ceramic flat iron.

  7. Starting near the roots, gently press down.

  8. Glide the iron from root to tip at a slow pace.

  9. If you desire to use this tool to curl your hair, slightly angle the straightener around the mid-shaft and twist the iron in your preferred direction as you glide down.

The Style Setter Flat Iron is your go-to when it comes to dealing with even the toughest hair. It has pure titanium plates, a floating design, and infrared technology. This flat iron will allow you to achieve flawless, long-lasting styles while minimizing damage. Specifications of this product include:

  • -1 inch titanium plate with infrared light strip.

  • -A digital display temperature range of 190 degrees F to 450 degrees.

  • -Global Voltage, 110V-240V

To use this product:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly, removing oil residue from the scalp.

  2. Condition hair and comb through, removing any knots.

  3. Rinse hair thoroughly with water, getting rid of any product.

  4. Distribute heat protectant throughout hair.

  5. Let your hair dry, either through blow-drying (what we recommend) or air drying.

  6. Use the Style Setter Flat Iron by slowly gliding down each section of your hair.

  7. If you desire to use this tool to curl your hair, slightly angle the straightener and twist around small sections of hair to create loose waves or classic curls.

In addition to all the amazing benefits of this product, NuMe also offers free shipping to the United States and Canada if the order is over $79. Those who are overseas also qualify for free shipping on orders over $175. Within 30 days of purchasing the product, customers can also exchange or return items. If there happens to be something wrong with the product, which is extremely rare, there is a one-year warranty, plus an extended warranty. You can also be rest-assured that your purchase on the website will be safe and secure, as there is SSL encryption on the website.

Upon visiting the brand’s website, one can see the amount of hair care products to choose from. Not only are there heating tools, but there are brushing tools, styling products, accessories, and more!


Outer care is just as important as inner care. We exercise and eat a well-balanced diet to keep ourselves fit and energized. We do a skincare routine with various steps to keep our beautiful skin intact, and we apply treatments on our hair to let it absorb moisture. Realistically, we just do not have the time to be dealing with all of these things at once. This is where NuMe comes in. This brand was designed to give us beautiful hair in a short amount of time, all while keeping it super healthy. It provides salon-quality results that you simply cannot miss out on.


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