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You hear it soft and low in the distance. The steady, persistent rhythm starts out low and gradually increases in volume. There is a familiarity to it...  although you can’t place it, you know you have heard it somewhere before. You roll over, shutting it out, and as you do you become faintly aware that the room seems brighter than you remember. The noise continues to increase in volume, getting louder and louder until you finally can’t take the incessant chirping for one more second. Finally, in a bewildered state, you reach out blindly. As your hand makes contact with cold plastic, recognition shoots through you: It’s your alarm. But how can that be? Through your fumbling, you hit the “snooze” button, resisting the urge to throw it against the wall.

When the alarm starts up for the second time, you realize there is no more resisting. Your mind knows, your body knows, and the piercing sound feels as if it is drilling directly into your brain.

It’s time to get up.

Have eight hours really gone by?

Like an airplane on autopilot, you begin to start your day. As you start to move around, you glance in the mirror, and what you see stops you in your tracks. Your hair is frizzy, staticky, Einstein-esque. Your face looks dull: mottled, slightly grey, and covered in pillow creases. You chalk it up to being half asleep, and tell yourself it’s still early.

Your morning routine continues, you start to really wake up, and as your mind sharpens, your thoughts focus. Why can’t you get a restful night’s sleep? It doesn’t seem like it should be this hard. As you continue getting ready, you quickly forget about your sleep the night before, now fully awake and fully focused on the day ahead. As you pull out the concealer and start to cover the dark circles under your eyes, your mind drifts back once again. It feels like every day you need more and more makeup to look like yourself. Is this how it has to be? Is there nothing you can do to restore your glowing complexion, and reduce the wrinkles etching themselves deeper and deeper into your face every day?

You don’t have to continue suffering.

This scenario plays out for millions of people worldwide every day. They have tried all the gimmicks. They have adjusted their sleep hours and pre-bedtime routine and bought new mattresses and sheets. Yet, the problem persists.

The battle for restful, productive sleep is continual. However, it’s not a battle you have to fight alone. Honeydew Sleep is a family business in California who has made it their mission to change the world through better sleep. Created by a husband and wife who initially started making pillows in their free time for their family and friends, Honeydew Sleep quickly realized that poor sleep was a universal problem that they had a real solution for. That’s when they decided they wanted to make a difference.

What you sleep on matters.

Think about your pillow for a second - It’s not just for neck support and alignment. We put our faces directly on it for 8 hours a day, yet most people have never considered how significant of a role it plays in skin care. Assess your current pillow by running your hand over it. How does it feel against your skin? Can you feel any friction from the fabric? Do you ever adjust it at night to get comfortable? Does your ear sometimes hurt after sleeping on your side? Does the fabric wrinkle when you press your hand into it? Do you wake up with bedhead, frizzy hair or dry skin in the morning? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, your pillow could be doing you more harm than good.

Sleeping well is not only crucial for your mental and physical well-being, but this is also when your body repairs and rebuilds itself, undergoing countless restorative processes and regenerating skin and hair. Resting on a product that promotes high-quality sleep, and improves the rejuvenation process will change how you look and feel. The difference this makes is so significant that Honeydew designed a line of products specifically focused on reducing wrinkles and promoting natural beauty.

Forever Young Beauty Box

This product offering by Honeydew Sleep was designed to be an all-in-one solution. The beauty box consists of a unique, curved pillow using their most advanced support and pressure relieving technology paired with a custom mulberry silk pillowcase. Together, this duo improves your sleep quality and quantity, and by doing so reduces wrinkles and slows down the aging process.

The pillow is filled with a proprietary blend of fill created exclusively by Honeydew Sleep – consisting of three different components developed over years of research. This fill makes the best pressure-reducing pillows in the world, providing a lush and luxurious feel while still being supportive.

The unique curved shape cradles your shoulders and keeps your neck perfectly aligned, regardless of what position you sleep in. This ensures that your neck is straight and relaxed throughout the night, and prevents your pillow from bunching around your neck and shoulders. The height is also completely adjustable with a hidden zipper, letting you customize it to be perfect for your specific body.

What about the beauty benefits? The improvement in your sleep quality allows for better regeneration of your skin’s collagen, which leads to better skin elasticity. In addition, the pressure reduction minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. As if that wasn’t enough, the silk pillowcase is pure magic.

This pillowcase may prove to be your holy grail of age-defying products. It is made from the highest grade of 100% organic silk (100% Momme Mulberry Silk, Grade 6A.) The natural properties of this pillowcase have been proven to prevent your skin from drying out overnight, and even fights acne while you sleep. In addition to all that, this ultra-plush surface also reduces frizz and dehydration of your hair. Laying on such a remarkable fabric, your skin is able to slide effortlessly across the surface.

When combined, these items fight the three leading causes of wrinkles while you sleep – friction, dehydration, and pressure. This may in fact be the first beauty product that requires zero effort, and actually takes care of your skin for you.

Denis F. had this to say – Love the pillow and the pillowcases. No more sleepless nights. A good investment for sure.

Victoria B. raved – The pillow has the right thickness and height that I need to have a restful sleep. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night trying to adjust or turn over my pillow. Very good support for my neck and shoulder. It stays in shape and keeps me cool.

And Anita F. exclaimed – LOVE! I love this pillow, even better is the above and beyond customer service!

Suppose you have a Honeydew pillow already and are just after the luxurious pillowcase to add to your comfort and beauty arsenal. In that case, it is available as a stand-alone offering.

Organic Mulberry Silk Side Sleeper Pillowcase

The perfect complement to an excellent night’s rest. Your body will revel in the posh feel of this high-quality pillowcase.

It is naturally hypo-allergenic and the finest material for sensitive skin – even those suffering from rosacea and eczema.

Your skin and hair will thank you in the morning.

The pillow case works & feels great against the face. Smooth & soft. The pillow wouldn’t be the same without the pillow case. - from Linda S.

Anjel K follows that with a beautiful review – Wrinkle free face and soft as a feather to sleep on.

Investing in a better, more restful night’s sleep cannot be understated. Studies continually show how important it is to get proper, quality sleep. And Honeydew Sleep’s products are backed by a rock-solid 60-night love or return guarantee.

Your mental well-being, your health, and your appearance will thank you.

Act today, wake up, feel refreshed, and tackle your day with all your potential.


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