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Unlocking the Power of Antioxidants: The Key to a Healthy Body in a Less-Than-Healthy World

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In this crazy, vice-filled world that we live in, we often seek out alternatives to junk that our society pushes on us every day. We can avoid the processed junk food at the supermarket and find organic superfoods at a local farmers market. We can pass on chemical pharmaceuticals and take natural supplements and herbal remedies instead. And we have all sorts of ways to hide, or at least mitigate, the negative mental and physical effects of living in such a fast-paced, high-tech society.

But without living in a bubble or stepping into a time machine, there is simply no way to avoid everything. The modern world throws us unhealthy curveballs from left, right, and center, and while we can always sidestep some of them, we’ll never be perfect. The air around us contains dozens of harmful pollutants, for example, and these will inevitably enter our body through our hair, skin, nose, and mouth. Even locally grown, GMO and pesticide free, organic foods aren’t perfect either, as the soil they’re grown in has probably been farmed for decades and is far from completely free of harmful add-ons. And that’s not to mention everything that will enter your body uninvited every time you leave the house and touch something that someone (or something) else has touched.

We can’t shield ourself from the world, and our body knows that. So rather than trying to live in a bubble, let’s instead try to take advantage of our body’s own natural protection from all the unwanted stuff that we’ll inadvertently always ingest in our body. If you’re not familiar with what we’re talking about here, let’s introduce you to the power of antioxidants.

If you’ve been around the world of health and wellness, you’ve probably seen this word before, usually buried somewhere down on the label listing the various benefits a food or supplement can provide. Take it for this, but it also includes this and this, oh and antioxidants. It’s almost like the wellness industry doesn’t expect their customers to know what antioxidants are, or how important they are, so they’re just burying it on the label!

But antioxidants are far more than just another fluff benefit to add some padding to an already-healthy food. Antioxidants are the body’s natural defense system against unwanted organic and inorganic compound that enter the body. Think like white blood cells, except for pollutants and other non-living compounds rather than bacteria and viruses. These compounds, known as ‘free radicals’ can enter the body through polluted air, contaminated water, and less-than-healthy food. And yes, before you ask, that means basically all the air, water, and food in today’s world, for better or for worse. Some more than others, but there’s no escaping the world!

Much like white blood cells, antioxidants sweep the body through the blood supply to find and neutralize free radicals, and protect your body’s vital organs and healthy cells from their harmful effects. They clean your skin of harmful UV burns and environmental pollutants, keeping your skin feeling fresh and looking youthful and radiant. They sweep our harmful compounds from your hair, keeping your hair fresh and maintaining a healthy exfoliation process. And of course, they take a sweep through the brain and central nervous system, unjamming harmful bits and pieces from the body’s most essential cells, allowing a clear flow of thoughts and signals to flow through the body.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Maintaining a healthy level of antioxidants has been proven through the decades to have so many health benefits, both short-term and long-term, that we’d need an entire paper to cover even a third of them!

So what exactly goes into maintaining a healthy level of antioxidants, you may ask? If you’re big on health, you probably know where to find all your vitamins, minerals, proteins, and the like…but antioxidants? Where are they?

One of the BEST Natural Sources of Antioxidants!

Much like the vitamins you’re used to, antioxidants can also be found in tons of the food we consume (or should consume!) every day. Types of foods that are antioxidant rich include berries, nuts, beans, leafy greens like kale, green herbs like oregano, ginger, and colorful vegetables like peppers and carrots.

But just like with other food-based nutrients, the amount of antioxidants we get out of salad or basket of blueberries isn’t as much as it used to be. Antioxidants themselves, perhaps ironically, aren’t immune to the harmful side effects of the state of our planet. So, it’s no surprise that we simply cannot get as much antioxidants in our diet as we should, and why more and more people are chronically antioxidant deficient.

For this reason, it’s a great idea to consider a supplement to your diet that’s high in natural, carefully-measured antioxidants. And for that, there’s no better solution than melatonin, offered in its purest, rawest form by PureBulk.

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the body’s pineal gland, and in addition to numerous other essential functions, it also happens to be one of the most antioxidant-rich compounds in the body. Studies have found melatonin to contain upwards of twice the levels of antioxidants as other antioxidant-rich compounds. And there’s no better source for some extra melatonin then, well, melatonin itself!

While there are many melatonin supplements out there, it’s hard to find one as pure and genuine as PureBulk’s. Actually, we’ll go so far as to say it’s impossible to find a purer melatonin supplement, because PureBulk’s melatonin supplement is the real thing—just melatonin, nothing more, nothing less. There are no additives, fillers, or other ‘active’ ingredients. Just melatonin and all the powerful antioxidants that go with it.

PureBulk’s melatonin supplement can be ordered in both pill-like capsule form and raw powder. If using the latter, it can be a great addition to a homemade berry smoothie or fresh juice made with some antioxidant-rich fruits. Sip by sip, you’ll be keeping your body strong!

Another Underrated Source of Antioxidants: The Power of Mushrooms!

Mushrooms might be a tasty little topping to pizza or a spaghetti sauce, but we don’t usually think of mushrooms in terms of their health benefits in the way we might think of kale, carrots, or nuts. And unless you’re a collector, you probably don’t know that ‘mushroom’ isn’t a single food. In fact, it’s a category of food that’s even wider and more diverse than vegetables.

So to find the health benefits of mushrooms, specifically for antioxidants, we have to dive deep into the world of mushrooms. In fact, we’ll go all the way to Scandinavia, Northern Russia, and Siberia, where indigenous people have known for centuries that the chaga mushroom can provide an incredible health boost to the body. The mushroom has been part of their cuisine and a herbal remedy for as long as humans have inhabited these cold and harsh regions of the world, and somehow, it’s given them the boost they need to survive in such an environment. In recent years, numerous studies have confirmed that this dark black, almost coal-like mushroom has incredibly high levels of antioxidants.

Unfortunately, chaga mushrooms are difficult to find here in the US, but if you want to take advantage of their antioxidant goodness, fortunately PureBulk’s Chaga Mushroom Extract 4:1 is cheap and readily available!

Containing a highly-powerful extract from the already highly-powerful superfood, Chaga Mushroom Extract 4:1 is really a antioxidant bomb! Like their other supplements, this compound from PureBulk can be ordered in either pill or powdered form.

We recommend the powdered form, as it can be a great way to ingest the goodness of the chaga mushroom in the same way that indigenous people have been doing so for hundreds of years: brewing chaga mushroom tea! When doing this, make sure to let the water cool for am minute or two before infusing the extract powder using a teabag or ball infuser as mixing it directly with boiling water can cause the extract to lose some of its antioxidants. And you sure don’t want that!

Chaga mushroom tea has a very bitter and earthy flavor, which some tea drinkers love, but it can be an acquired taste for others. But if it’s not your cup of tea, so to speak, you can brew it together with fresh ginger or dried berries, which will not only add a layer of sweetness to the mushroom-based tea but also add another layer of natural antioxidants to your already-rich antioxidant tea. Sip by sip, your body will appreciate all the goodness you’re ingesting as it fights off those unwanted free radicals!

This powerful extract is not only potently antioxidant-packed, but it’s also incredibly affordable! A 100-gram bag (enough for over 6 months of taking it every day) costs just over $20, and can ship anywhere in the US in 5–7 days! PureBulk’s melatonin supplement is even more affordable; a 5-gram bag (over a year’s supply) costs only $7.75!

So don’t let these harmful compounds take over your body any longer. With these powerful antioxidants on the market, you can start pumping your body with natural defenses tomorrow and keep your body healthy for decades to come!


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