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Sore Hands After Lifting Weights? The Simple Solution!

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There’s nothing that feels better for your body than a day at the gym lifting weights and building muscles. That slightly sore yet ever-so-powerful feeling in the muscles as we go home is enough to keep bringing us back. And the builds are noticeable—the more iron we pump, the more powerful our body feels. There’s no feeling more satisfying than adding another set of 20-pound plates to the barbell and lifting it like it’s nothing.

Our bodies always ache a bit after a long day lifting weights, and there’s nothing wrong with that! No pain, no gain, right? Nowhere does that ring truer than in fitness!

But not all pain is good for you. Of course, you’ve probably been told countless times to not push yourself too hard and strain any muscles—that's very important. Soreness in your muscles after a workout isn’t a bad thing (muscle cells only regenerate stronger ), but too much can be a sign that you pushed yourself a bit too much. Cuts and bruises, as well, are almost never a good sign. Not only can they be painful and annoying, but if not properly treated, can lead to infections and deterioration of the skin.

And if you’ve ever lifted weights, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of stinging hands. Sometimes there’s even a bit of blood, sometimes peeling skin, and sometimes just redness around the top of the palms. In much of the weightlifting community, this is disregarded as merely a nuisance. Your hands just need to get used to it, people say, and eventually you’ll build up calluses and the pain and scratching will be no more.

But any gym veteran will tell you that’s not 100% true. Yes, you’ll build up calluses over time as you use your hands more, but calluses are not made of titanium. They are merely reinforced layers of skin and, like ordinary skin, are prone to damage. Anyone who’s ever had callused hands has also surely had them crack, split, bleed, and scratch away. And that’s not to mention the added nuisance of having to live your non-gym life with hands that feel like rocks!

The simple fact is that weights are hard and heavy, and our skin is not. While it can adapt, human skin is simply not made to endure such stress. Most weightlifters simply accept the (seemingly) unavoidable fact that the skin of their hands will take some damage as a tradeoff for all the positive benefits of pumping iron. Not a bad tradeoff, after all.

Many in the weightlifting community recommend wearing gloves or wrapping hands in tape, which aren’t bad options. However, they’re not for everyone, as many of us rely on a barehanded grip and feel for maximum performance. Others advise chalk, which might offer a little bit of temporary relief, but as soon as the skin does rip a little as it inevitably will…ouch! Chalk plus open wounds certainly don’t feel nice together!

What if there was a simple solution that could allow gym addicts to enjoy the powerful, natural feeling of barehanded weightlifting without the painful and damaged hands? Well, the good news is that there is an option available, and for some reason, very few people have heard of it!

Hand Cream for Weightlifters? Yes, it Does Exist!

No matter who you are, your hands are an incredibly valuable asset and one that cannot be easily repaired if damaged. If you work out with your hands and put them through stress, it’s incredibly important to care for them as well and keep them healthy, not just callused.

That’s the conclusion that Steve Owens came to over a decade ago when he started developing a new product that would help heal his hands after long sessions at the gym. With necessity came invention, and after working with a few industry-leading specialists, he began developing a new skin cream that would protect and strengthen the palms of your hands. We’re not talking about softening or getting rid of your callouses, of course; we know that you’re probably proud of them, and they do help! We’re talking about something that will strengthen them, allow them to do their job even better, and stop them from getting all annoyingly scratchy and rough. All the best, without the downsides!

And from this necessity, Heavy Handed was born, and their flagship skin cream, called simply The Cream, was launched.

The perfect solution for daily, post-workout skin maintenance, The Cream was designed and developed by a dedicated team of workout enthusiasts looking to build the perfect solution to support hard-working hands.

Simply apply a small layer to your palms after your workout and rub your hands together, and BOOM, your hands should feel much better! Take it home with you, and if your calluses start to get sore in the evening, apply another layer, rub it in, and watch the magic work again. For the best long-term effects, it’s recommended to also apply a layer before going to bed if you’d had a long day pumping iron.

The Cream provides the skin of your palms with a strong layer of moisture, necessary for your skin’s natural process of regrowing dead skin cells, as well as some natural minerals to assist in the process. It’s been well tested, has proven results, and after just a decade on the market, is already being utilized by athletes all over the country!

The key active ingredients in The Cream are shea butter, a natural soothing and moisturizing cream commonly used in skincare products to aid the exfoliation process, and Aloe leaf juice, a potent natural source of over 75 minerals and vitamins that your skin needs to stay healthy. The latter has been used to aid skin health for thousands of years, with early documented usage as old as the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, where it gained the nickname “a pharmacy in a plant” for its potent effects. More recently, its positive effects for treating damaged skin have been acknowledged by numerous academic studies from prestigious organizations such as the National Institute of Health.

The Cream, and all of Heavy Handed’s products, are manufactured right here in the USA using only natural, carefully sourced ingredients. There are no side effects or downsides to moisturizing and nourishing the palms of your hands, so you really can’t go wrong!

The Cream RX: Your Natural Solution to Damaged Hands!

No matter how powerful, no treatment can turn your hands into pure titanium, so if you push yourself hard in the weight room (and we hope you do), your calluses will inevitably see a crack or cut or two. While many might recommend various antibiotics and other synthetic treatments to avoid infection and help your skin regenerate, we at Heavy Handed recommend a natural solution instead!

Along with The Cream for daily post-workout maintenance, pick up The Cream RX as an antidote for those bad days when you leave the gym with particularly bad scratches on your hands.

The Cream RX is a more potent version of Heavy Handed’s flagship skin cream, and contains a higher concentration of vitamin and mineral nourishment that will help your skin heal after a bit of surface-level damage. It can be applied at any time of the day (not just right after your workout) if you're starting to feel too many cracks and tears on your callused hands.

Much like The Cream, The Cream RX is designed to fit right into your daily workout routine. Your skin will absorb it quickly without the annoying stickiness that skin creams often leave you with. You’ll be able to get back to your workout (or just your regular life) right away, with your hands feeling stronger yet smoother and healthier than ever!

As Heavy Handed’s motto goes, tough hands don’t have to be rough hands! Working out regularly can (and should) make your hands tough, just like the rest of your body. But just like how you shouldn’t be injuring your muscles as you build them tougher, you shouldn’t have to injure your hands either. Our hands are just a little more sensitive; they need some extra love and care, so don’t miss out on that.

Especially considering how easy this solution is! Even if you go to the gym to pump iron every day and apply it 2–3 times per day, a $25 bottle of The Cream will last 2–3 months. That’s barely the cost of a cup of coffee each month, and just think about what it’ll save you! The Cream RX will likely last you even longer; even if you’re putting your body through grueling workouts, as long as you’re using it as recommended in tandem with Heavy Handed’s classic cream, we expect you’ll only need to use it 2–3 times a week at most. So, you can expect that $27 bottle to last you 4–6 months. Yep, a whole half year of strong, healthy hands for only the cost of a dinner!


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