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Prevent Against Dementia by Strengthening Your Learning & Memory

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Did you know that we lose approximately 10,000 brain cells a day? That is an astounding number, but there are ways to counteract this natural loss over time. These diagnoses can now be prevented early on by making the right changes and incorporating the proper supplements. For those who suffer from different forms of Alzheimer’s dementia, neuronal loss is greater due to the nature of Beta-amyloid plaques and Lewy bodies. With increased aggregation, these plaques and bodies lead to a worsening of memory, recall, and a decreased ability to learn. Typical symptoms consist of increased forgetfulness, confusion, forgetting the names of items, being lost, frequent mood swings, increased anxiety, and problems with speech (aphasia). Although most people have not heard of different variations of degenerative dementia, there are many forms, which can be caused by cardiovascular disease, alcohol-related dementia, frontotemporal dementia, or brought on by other progressive illnesses.


Ways to Prevent Memory Loss

While there is no cure for this condition, there are ways to prevent the onset of certain forms of dementia. There is a lot that can be done to fight the progression or onset of memory loss. The following provides several options:

  • Increased exercise prevents cardiovascular issues from leading to dementia

  • Work on managing your blood pressure because that may cause heart disease, which affects the blood vessels of the brain, causing vascular obstructions.

  • Controlling your blood sugar is important because it can lead to diabetes, heart issues, and cognitive impairment

  • To manage your glucose levels make sure to eat foods that do not cause spikes in your sugar. Mainly, you should eliminate all excess sources of sugar. This is especially important for those who do battle Type 2 diabetes.

  • You must remain physically active and eat good foods because exercise helps to manage your weight, blood pressure, and risk for high blood sugar.

Use Learning To Promote Neuroplasticity

As already mentioned, we lose thousands of neurons each day. If you want to take matters into your own hands, there are a lot of things you can do besides just managing your health and wellness. Ultimately, exercising the mind is also a critical component of reducing your risk for early memory loss. The great thing about the brain is that is neuroplastic, which means it creates new connections when we learn. These connections form new networks that strengthen over time. Yes, it may sound like it doesn’t work, but have you ever considered how much your life has changed when you learned something new? Even learning one fact or word a day expands your mind. When working to acquire new knowledge and practice it daily, the dimensions of those cellular connections continue to grow.

For example, when you learn to ride a bike, your brain creates a new network to accommodate all of the changes until the connection becomes solidified. When the acquisition phase becomes a learned skill, those abilities are solidified, meaning they remain available to draw from. 

What is important is that you push yourself to gain new knowledge as much as possible. For instance, you can include memory or vocabulary games into your routine. You can also do any other activity that is outside of the norm for you. This includes picking up a new hobby, like learning how to paint, going snowboarding, or even socializing. When you play games that involve immediate recall, this helps you to learn more quickly and utilize these new bits of information in your daily life.

If you are wondering how to get access to these memory games, there are several ways. You can create flashcards or download applications on your phone or computer for memory tests or performing puzzles. This also helps to engage your critical thinking and reasoning skills, which also run the risk of being lost if not practiced.

Along with incorporating these strategies, Khalsa International had created certain products that target concerns surrounding memory, lack of concentration, energy, and focus. Using a combined approach tends to be most beneficial for your progress.



Khalsa International

The founder of this company, Dr.Dharma Singh Khalsa, has spent the last two decades studying memory loss and aging. Dr. Khalsa formed Khalsa International to help prevent people with memory loss and Alzheimer's disease that comes along with getting older. His work and products emphasize that what you do today can determine your brainpower tomorrow. Gone are the days when nothing can be done to improve your cognitive state. His knowledge has led to the development of game-changing products, such as Brain Caps and Super Rejuvenation Caps.

These Brain Caps are highly effective because they contain 3 key ingredients known as, Phosphatidyl-Serine (PS), Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and Ginko. PS is a critical lipid that makes up the brain cell membrane, while DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that is a structural component of cells, mainly the cerebral cortex, the retina, and the skin. And Ginko is used for improving memory, concentration, and dizziness. These substances, when combined, provide a great result for those who need to recuperate their mental stamina.

You may find yourself needing Brain Caps during certain circumstances, like losing your train of thought, forgetting your words or ideas, and struggling to concentrate.


Brain Caps

When it comes to Super Rejuvenation Caps, they are great for improving your energy levels, overall aches, pains, enthusiasm, and more. This product solves the problem for those who experience these symptoms.


Super Rejuvenation Caps

  • Activates longevity genes

  • Helps to regulate your blood sugar

  • Aids with strength and energy

  • Protects against cholesterol damage

  • Reduces inflammation throughout the body

  • Improves immunity and prevents cancer from developing


Finally a Solution!

To truly prevent the aging process from taking hold, you must make changes in your everyday lifestyle. You must focus on your health by exercising your mind and body. Whether this means, changing your diet, managing your sugar, or playing with puzzles, it is important to recognize that our brain must be cared for. The less you stimulate it, the faster it will decrease your brainpower. To further prevent memory loss you can combine these lifestyle changes with the Khalsa International products, Brain Caps, and Super Rejuvenation Caps. Together these items target many aspects that affect the brain over time. Gone are the days when nothing can be done to prevent the negative effects of aging. Thanks to Dr. Khalsa's hard work and dedication, a new world of opportunities is now available.


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