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Nutraceuticals, Pure & Simple: Bridging the Gap between Ancient Tradition and Science

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Are you tired of sifting through countless ineffective health products? We understand your frustration. At Nutraceuticals, Pure & Simple, we understand the need to look for supplements that truly have an impact. This is why we mix traditional health practices with modern  science to produce top-notch, natural supplements. Our commitment lies in crafting products with reliable ingredients that genuinely improve your well-being.

Our Story: NPS, Nutraceuticals, Pure & Simple, LLC, was established in 2020 by siblings Dr. Kevin Krieger, DC, and Gary Krieger, MS, IFNCP, with a focus on enhancing natural health and wellness. Having expertise in chiropractic care and nutrition, they founded NPS to cater to the growing need for trustworthy supplements among Dr. Kevin’s clients.

Their journey began with a simple yet profound realization: while advocating for whole foods as the foundation of good health, they recognized the practical challenges many face in maintaining a nutritious diet amidst the hustle of modern life. This dilemma sparked their mission to create NPS — a place where you can find high-quality supplements made from whole foods.

Gary and Dr. Kevin researched extensively to select supplements they trust, in a market full of synthetic options. They take pride in offering what they consider the finest whole-food and whole-food-based supplements at NPS.

What We Stand For:

    ● General Wellness: We advocate for the well-being of each individual— including physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Our products are created to promote your general well-being, whether it be for digestive health, cognitive health, joint care, or other needs.

    ● Transparency: At NPS, transparency and integrity are our core values. Each product demonstrates its dedication to purity, strength, and effectiveness, guaranteeing that each supplement upholds strict quality standards. We provide complete information on our products to help you make well-informed choices for your health.

● Eco-friendly Practices: At NPS, we are dedicated to implementing environmentally friendly methods. We focus on protecting the planet and delivering top-notch products by sourcing ingredients responsibly and using eco-friendly methods.

     Scientific Innovation: We continuously invest in research and development to provide you with the most up-to-date innovations in health and nutrition. Our dedication to innovation guarantees that we stay ahead in the wellness sector, constantly adapting to fulfill your health requirements.

 Why Choose Us?

 Opt for Nutraceuticals, Pure & Simple products because they are meticulously researched and created for your health. These products are derived from whole foods, without any addition of artificial ingredients. We choose brands such as Ancient Nutrition and Pure Synergy that we trust and constantly look for top-quality new products. At NPS, we consistently make your health and wellness our top priority in every possible way. Together, we can achieve a healthier and more balanced life.

Regenerative Organic Certified Focused Brain:

In a busy world full of distractions and obligations, it is essential to have mental clarity and focus to navigate daily tasks effortlessly. Nutraceuticals, Pure & Simple recognize the significance of a sharp mind, so they created their Regenerative Organic Certified Focused Brain Capsules. These pills provide an uncomplicated and organic way to boost your cognitive abilities and improve your overall brainpower. Let’s explore how these capsules can assist you in accessing your mind’s complete capabilities.

Key Features:

Supporting brain health: Our capsules contain clinically studied ingredients such as Lion’s Mane and organic Bacopa to enhance cognitive function, focus, and mental clarity.

Keto-friendly: Our Focused Brain Capsules are suitable for a range of dietary preferences and needs, meeting all the necessary criteria. No matter if you are a vegetarian or adhering to a keto or paleo diet, you can safely enjoy our capsules.

3rd party certification: Our Focused Brain Capsules have been endorsed by third-party groups such as Certified Organic, Regenerative Organic Certified, and CCOF Organic. This means our products are pure and ideal for vegans because they are produced without GMOs and gluten.

Potent formula: Regenerative Organic Certified™ Focused Brain’s innovative formula taps into centuries of herbal wisdom, blending the potent mycelium of lion’s mane mushroom with myceliated extracts of bacopa monnieri (brahmi) and ginkgo leaf. This holistic approach is enriched further with methylcobalamin (vitamin B12) and Bacillus subtilis probiotics, enhancing both absorption and efficacy.

Sustainable Practices:  Our capsules contain ingredients sourced sustainably to support soil health, animal welfare, and fair labor practices. By choosing our capsules, you are supporting your brain health and cognitive abilities, while also helping the planet and communities.

Key Ingredients and their benefits:

● Lion’s mane: It has been used for centuries in Asia as a brain tonic. Its mycelium contains diterpenoid erinacines and beta-glucan polysaccharides which support cell functions and boost the immune system. Erinacines can cross the blood-brain barrier to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor and Neuronal Growth Factor, which enhances learning, memory, neuron growth, and maintenance. Lion’s mane also helps in reducing neuropathy and anxiety, with a typical daily dosage of 3-5 grams.

● Bacopa brahmi leaf: Bacopa is a revered plant utilized in Ayurvedic healing practices originating from Eastern India. It includes various active substances like alkaloids such as brahmins and apigenin. Furthermore, there are triterpenoid saponins identified as bacosides A and B, along with betulinic acid and beta-sitosterol, both classified as triterpenoids and phytosterols respectively. These substances play a role in Bacopa’s positive effects on both health and mental capabilities.

● Ginkgo biloba: It is an ancient Japanese remedy that includes flavonoids, terpene lactones, and proanthocyanidins that have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory characteristics. These compounds can pass through the blood-brain barrier and decrease neuroinflammation, oxidation, platelet activation, hypoxia, and cortisol release caused by stress. When taken as a supplement, the suggested daily amount of ginkgo biloba extract varies from 120 to 240 micrograms, standardized to specific percentages of different active compounds.

● Bacillus subtilis: A soil-based organism, can reduce neuroinflammation by affecting the gut-brain-immune axis. It functions uniquely in the body’s microbial ecosystem, supporting gut health and possibly improving brain function.

Why Choose Regenerative Organic Certified Focused Brain?

Choose our Focused Brain Capsules that are Regenerative Organic Certified for a sharp mind and a well-functioning brain. These brain boosting capsules are created using potent substances that have been recognized since centuries for improving brain health. If you want to enhance concentration, overcome stress, or promote general brain health, these pills provide a natural and efficient solution.

SBO Probiotics Ultimate: Improve your gut health with Probiotics

Are you frustrated with probiotics supplements that are not working well? Don’t worry, our SBO Probiotics Ultimate offers a high CFU count, along with specialized superfoods, prebiotics, and postbiotics that target digestion for strong gut advantages.

Why probiotics are important and why do we need them?

Probiotic microorganisms are beneficial and friendly bacteria. They can rival the harmful microbes and inhabit our digestive system. They help to break down our food into simpler byproducts through fermentation and have the potential to improve our health through various means. In order to maintain good health, it is crucial to include probiotics in our diet or use  supplements such as SBO Probiotics Ultimate. By taking care of our gut health we can support a healthy balance of microorganisms in the gut and improve overall wellness.

Key Features:

● Supports digestive and cognitive health: SBO Probiotics Ultimate help to keep your digestive system and immune system functioning well. A healthy gut can boost nutrient absorption and overall immunity.

● Contains 50 Billion Shelf-Stable CFUs: Every portion offers a powerful 50 billion CFUs of probiotics. They are non-perishable, therefore they do not require refrigeration, which makes them easy to use.

● SBO ultimate blend: The formula contains robust soil-based organisms (SBOs), as well as
 probiotics,  prebiotics, and postbiotics.
Prebiotics support the growth of good gut bacteria, while postbiotics offer extra health advantages for digestive wellness.

● Supports Healthy Bowel: It promotes regular bowel movements, ensuring better nutrient absorption and smooth running of your digestive system.

Key ingredients and their benefits:

● The Ancient Nutrition SBO Probiotics Ultimate contains a blend of probiotics including Saccharomyces boulardii, Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus subtilis, and Bacillus clausii in the SBO Ultimate Probiotic Blend. These probiotics effectively aid in maintaining the health of your gut.

● The formula also includes an Organic Fermented Botanical Blend consisting of organic fermented black pepper fruit, ginger root, and turmeric root. These components improve the absorption of nutrients and offer extra health advantages. The fermented pepper and herbs provide both
 prebiotic (food for probiotics) and postbiotics (e.g. short-chain fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins), food for our gut tissues.

● Additional components found in the supplement include hypromellose, a botanical capsule material, and organic Copernicia cerifera wax, which aids in preserving the capsules’ stability and integrity.

Why choose SBO probiotic ultimate?

By incorporating Ancient Nutrition SBO Probiotics Ultimate into your routine, you are not only supporting digestion but also promoting a healthier gut environment with the help of superfoods, resilient SBO
 probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics. It is a simple way to enhance your overall well-being naturally.

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