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Ava looked at the list of ingredients again. “There’s no way that can be it.” This didn’t make sense to her. She had signed up for a self-guided cooking course and was ready to try her first recipe. Something was off, though. There were only six ingredients in the entire dish.

She had already been through the intro of the course. There, it covered knife skills, picking out meat and produce, and techniques such as sauteing, simmering, and braising. Ava was a bit confounded; she watched the video on how to make this great-looking pasta dish but now wondered if there wasn’t some trick of the camera.

The master chef and instructor used only six ingredients to create a fantastic meal. While going through this first recipe, he said, “Most five-star restaurants have one thing in common: they use simple, premium ingredients and prepare them well, and that’s all it takes to make a great meal, keep it simple.”

Well, Ava had her doubts, but she took the plunge anyway. She sliced and chopped. She simmered and boiled. Ava poured all her love, passion, and patience into making the meal exactly as the video showed.

Less than an hour after she started, Ava sat at the table with a lovely-looking dish in front of her. It smelled fantastic, and the colors popped off the plate. Then, the moment of truth. She twirled her for in the pasta and made sure it had a generous portion of sauce.

The first bite proved it all to her. Flavors exploded in her mouth. One bite after the next. Not only was this the finest meal she had ever made, it was one of the best she had ever eaten – anywhere.

This experience altered Ava’s perception of many things in her life. She figured if great food only needed a minimum of ingredients, then shouldn’t everything else only require the minimum? Wouldn’t having excess ingredients like her lotions, shampoo, and soaps be of little value? Indeed, they could be stripped down to only the essentials and have a better result.

Ava was now on a mission. She diligently searched the products she used regularly and was surprised at what she found. How had she not thought about this before?

Do your products have more than you need?

Maybe you’re on a mission to improve your life. Perhaps that includes living a little healthier and more simply. If that’s you, then consider simplifying all aspects of your life. You can do this in one of several ways. 

You may start cooking more of your meals at home, like Ava. As you explore clean, simple cooking, much like Ava, you could decide to move simplicity to all aspects of your life. Well, then, you get into the ingredients of the products you use daily.

Not only should what you put in your body be clean and straightforward, but what you put ON your body should also be as simple and effective as possible. Are you aware of what’s in your current lotion or skincare products?

You may not have them in front of you right this moment, so here is an example. The following is the ingredient list from one of the highest-rated lotions on one of the largest online retailer websites:


How does that sound?

Can you pronounce everything on that list? Maybe you can, then again, even if you can pronounce this lengthy list – do you know what those ingredients are? It doesn’t seem like you can run down to your local drugstore and pick up a tube of DIMETHICONE or EHTYLPARABEN.

It should worry you a bit. This most popular product has a truckload of hard-to-pronounce and unattainable ingredients. Every day, people slather this all over their skin, not knowing, or worse still, not caring, what is in their skincare products.

Indeed, you are not like that; the fact that you’ve read this far indicates that you’re interested in quality care for your skin. You are concerned about what’s in the product, and you may be inclined towards simple natural ingredients that have been shown to improve your skin.

There is a company making effective products with the simplest ingredients that can make your skin soft and glowing in no time. Two self-proclaimed “soul” sisters started Lussi Skin. They were busy moms and wanted simple, effective, quick, and easy-to-apply skincare.

After receiving many compliments and people asking what their secret was, they knew they were onto something.

So, if you want natural skincare and, most importantly, simple skincare that works, check out these great products from Lussi Skincare. You are sure to be underwhelmed by the number of ingredients. Yet, you will be amazed that your skin can look so good with so little.

Refresh Body Conditioning Oil

Five natural ingredients create a rich hydrating oil that absorbs quickly to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

 This conditioning oil works great on “orange peel” dermis and dry crepey surfaces. It’s also an effective stretch mark prevention oil.

The active ingredients are:

Argan oil - Rich in antioxidants that help protect your skin from environmental damage. Argan oil is also well known for its high concentration of fatty acids that nourish and hydrate skin.

Jojoba oil – This oil is very similar to your skin’s sebum (your body’s protective layer against water evaporation). Jojoba oil will not clog pores. It prevents flakiness and improves your skin’s elasticity. It does all this while helping attract moisture to the top layer of your skin, keeping it moisturized.

Safflower oil – Minimizes the appearance of aging through its high antioxidant content. It restores collagen that is lost due to the environment and free radicals. This oil helps the skin look tighter and younger.

Grapeseed oil – Another antioxidant-rich oil high in vitamins D, C, E, and polyphenols. These nutrients help protect your skin from UV radiation and fight free radicals.

Coconut oil – High in the fatty acids linoleic and lauric, which reduce inflammation and have antibacterial effects, all while hydrating your skin.

That’s as simple and natural as possible, yet so effective. Click the link to see some amazing before and after videos of this beautiful oil at work and read other reviews similar to this one:

My husband can’t stop commenting about how soft my skin is since I’ve been using this oil.

And if you think that’s amazing with only five ingredients, here is a powerful oil created using only three potent oils.

Reset Argan Blue Tansy Facial Oil

Three simple oils combine to heal and soothe even the most irritated and inflamed skin.

Blue tansy oil is derived from the blue tansy flower and is highly effective at:

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Minimize redness and swelling

  • Wound healing and fighting UV damage

  • Moisturizing dry skin

  • Reducing acne breakouts

  • Balancing skin tone

Combine this with the power of Argan and Grapeseed oil, and you have a skin-healing, nourishing, and conditioning serum that is simple and very effective.

Reset is excellent for acne-prone skin and adult acne and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Each one of Lussi Skin’s products is handmade and packaged. Their product line has grown, yet their commitment to handcrafted quality has not.

If you are interested in simplifying your skincare and using products that only have ingredients that are beneficial for your skin - click on the link above - and see the simple yet effective products that LussI Skin has to offer.


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