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How complete is your nutrition?

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If you put good in, you will get good out. Yes, you’ve surely heard this before, maybe to the point that you are now sick of hearing it. Are you? Well, if you are sick and tired of hearing every health expert talk about the importance of nutrition, could it be because you haven’t done anything in accord with that statement?

It’s not rocket science, calculus, or even basic math. The basics of good nutrition are now widely known, from doctors to preschoolers. However, changing to good nutrition takes commitment, a bit of research, and some common sense.

So, ask yourself, “What have I done to put good in so I can get good out?”

Maybe you’re not suffering from any ailments at the moment. Perhaps you consider yourself to be in excellent health. That could be due to superb genetics, which some are blessed to have. You might also be young enough that poor choices now are not rearing their ugly head in the form of poor energy, lack of focus, or just overall lousy health.

Yes, your body is amazing. This complex biological marvel can be maintained and continued in fine working order for years and decades - even if you abuse it. Many don’t consider the effects of their dietary choices on their health because they can’t see or feel the harm from them immediately.

So, younger people seem to eat more sugar and fats. They certainly eat more fast food, which we all know is terrible for us. In fact, here are a few statistics from the latest research.

Younger adults (20-39)

  • 44.9% of adults in this age category consumed fast food daily.

Middle-aged adults (40-59)

  • 37.7% of adults in this category consumed fast food daily.

Older adults (60 and older)

  • 24.1% consumed fast food daily.

Overall, people tend to realize that their dietary choices have consequences as they age. It could be that when you are older and eat junk, you can feel it quicker.

Have you ever indulged in a big piece of cake, ice cream, or high-fat fast food and then felt like napping? This has undoubtedly happened to you, and it has to do with what’s in that food and how your body processes it.

Understandably, well-rounded nutrition sometimes takes a back seat to a quick snack. The world is busy, and your life is busy. Who has the time to eat a fully balanced meal? However, there are solutions to this problem, and you can avoid the junk that harms your health and well-being.

Follow along, and we’ll explain why these fast foods are a wholly inadequate source of anything positive. Then, we’ll discuss a simple solution to the problem of grabbing a quick meal from a chain restaurant or a convenience store snack.

The energy you don’t have.

We eat to fuel our bodies. Yes, this is a basic fact everyone knows, but this concerns the proper fuel type. If you want lasting energy to power through the day and not have a crash at the end, you must use the appropriate fuel.

Several factors can cause you to feel tired after eating fast food or junk you grabbed from the corner store. For these reasons, you should avoid this type of fuel for your body at all costs.

Digestive process

It takes time for your body to break down what you eat, and fast food and junk food are generally high in carbohydrates and protein. Food such as this can take up to 40 hours to digest. This constant digestion can make you feel tired and sluggish.

Blood sugar levels

Fast food typically contains large amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates. When you eat these foods, your blood sugar can spike. The problem is that this boost of energy doesn’t last. With a rapid spike comes the crash, which can cause symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, and irritability. Are you ever moody with your co-workers in the afternoon? This could have to be due to what you are eating.

Serotonin production

Some research tells us that post-meal tiredness is related to your body’s production of the hormone serotonin. This chemical regulates your body’s mood and sleep cycle. Tryptophan is an amino acid found in protein and carbohydrate-rich foods (such as fast food). When you eat these things, tryptophan could cause your body to produce serotonin. Thus, your body tells itself it’s time for a nap.

While you may feel a temporary boost in energy after eating junk food, you know it won’t last. By the middle of the afternoon, you are looking for your pillow or drifting off, staring at your computer.

To combat this side effect, aim for complete nutrition with each meal—balance carbohydrates, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals to have long-term sustained energy. If you are unsure what to include with each meal, here is a quick reminder.

What does complete nutrition look like?

Certain products, as we’ll discuss in a minute, can [provide you with complete nutrition and natural energy that lasts. However, if you want to try and build your plate of wholly nutritious meals, here’s what you’ll need for a complete balance of essential nutrients.


Yes, you remember being told they were good for you. Do you eat as many as you should? Vegetables being good for you hasn’t changed. Try to fill half your plate with veggies and make sure to include leafy greens like broccoli and fresh spinach. You can add a bit of color with fresh peppers, too.


Eat the fresh version whenever possible, and try incorporating as many colors as possible—apples, oranges, grapes, and especially berries.

Whole grains

These are loaded with essential fiber and nutrients; try options like brown rice, oats, and whole-grain bread.

Healthy fats

Fatty fish (salmon and tuna), along with nuts (like walnuts) and seeds (chia), can provide you with essential omega-3 fatty acids. The more research continues, the more benefits they find from Omega-3s.

You may think, “I’ll have to have an awful big plate to fit all that into one meal.” Well, you would be right. You can also try to incorporate all this throughout multiple meals daily, helping you get your nutrition.

That strategy can work, yet keeping all this in your pantry is hard. It’s also difficult to run to the grocery store every day. There is an easier option that doesn’t involve a bulging cupboard, multiple weekly trips to the store, or having to eat a massive meal to get all your essential nutrients.

You could mix up a flavor-packed Chocolate Cacao shake from Rockin Wellness.

This total body nutrition shake is created from the planet's finest and most potent superfoods.

Rockin Wellness began as a way for the founder to receive the complete nutrition he needed as he battled stage 4 colon cancer. He developed an all-natural, plant-based formula that gave him everything he needed for the day.

Since 2011, Rockin Wellness has continued the tradition of its founder - creating one of the highest-quality supplement shakes on the market. The great Chocolate Cacao flavor is one of the customer’s favorites. With a rich chocolate flavor, it’s a great way to start your day or a perfect midday meal to keep you going with plenty of energy.

Don’t take our word for it; this fabulous shake, which provides complete nutrition, has a 4.9-star rating out of over 3,500 reviews. Here is just one of the great compliments Rockin Wellness has recently received.

Best stuff on earth

I've been having this everyday for a few months and it's helped me lose weight, increase my energy and improve every aspect of my health. I cannot recommend enough!

If you are tired of terrible fast food, junk food, and food with no substance, then it’s time to think differently.

Consider the ease of mixing up a shake for breakfast or lunch. It can even be used for pre/post workouts. However, if you decide to incorporate Rockin Wellness into your day, know you are getting complete nutrition.

Click on the link above to read the thousands of positive reviews. Look through the high-quality organic ingredients. Then, when your mind is made up to include complete nutrition in your day, order some Chocolate Cacao and feel the difference it can make. 


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