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Feeling Dizzy? Getting Nauseas in the Car? Let that Be a Thing of the Past!

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Life can be full of twists and turns; that’s one of those things that makes it worth living, right? There’s nothing like setting off on a drive with no destination and embracing the adventure around every corner. The thrills and mysteries of what lies around every corner are like another chapter of a page-turner that you just can’t wait to read.

While all this might sound exciting and romantic to many, if you’re one of the 1 in 3 Americans who suffers regularly from motion sickness or one of the 1 in 5 Americans considered highly susceptible to vertigo, thinking of life as a road trip with all its twists and turns might not be so enticing. And it can be embarrassing too! Nobody wants to be that guy in the family car who just has to go quiet clutching his stomach in the middle of the road trip laughter and singalongs. Vertigo, if you’ve experienced it, can be as scary as it is discomforting. Sometimes the feeling of dizziness is just so intense that, without warning, you feel like you’re leaving your seat and plunging down a roller coaster.

As scary and awkward as it might be, the good news is that you’re certainly not alone. Though you might feel that way when your friends are screaming a road trip banger while you’re sick with nausea, over 80% of Americans are considered susceptible to motion sickness. Yep, for most of us it’s just one wrong turn away! Vertigo might be a bit less common, but it’s still anything but rare. Surveys have indicated that about 40% of Americans have experienced vertigo and likely will again in the future. So even if you are one of the unfortunate few who gets motion sickness or vertigo more than the next person, chances are at least some of your friends do know the feeling!

Not only are you understood in this world during these unfortunate times where a spell of nausea and dizziness hits, but in better news, you’d be delighted to know that there are in fact treatments and preventative measures you can take to (hopefully) make the next time your last. And no – we’re not talking about some drowsy-inducing anti-nausea pills like you might find at the pharmacy. Anyone who regularly experiences motion sickness has undeniably kept a stash of Dramamine or its generic equivalent around, as it can sometimes do the trick when you need it. But not only is it anything but reliable, its side effects are nothing to be excited about. Sure, maybe it’s better to be a bit drowsy in the car rather than puking, but it’s still not exactly what you’re looking forward to! And that’s not to mention the dozens of potential short-term and long-term negative health drawbacks (many of which are still largely unknown) of regularly consuming synthetic pharmaceuticals.


But could there possibly be a natural, non-harmful solution to vertigo and motion sickness? Let’s go for a drive and see for ourselves what could be around the corner!
A True Natural Medical Treatment for Motion Sickness and Vertigo!

This is what Dr. Barton, an accomplished ENT doctor from Southern California, began wondering as his family struggled with motion sickness. As a medical doctor, he was very aware of the pharmaceutical solutions available, but at the same time, in line with his medical training, he firmly believed that pharmaceuticals shouldn’t be the go-to solution for an everyday problem like this. A well-traveled and well-versed explorer as well, Dr. Barton had also come across the records of thousands of years of natural treatments that have been used for motion sickness. From Native Americans to ancient Chinese dynasties to Columbus-era European explorers on the high seas, those encountering it would always have some herbal concoctions in their back pockets, which they’d chew on when the seas were rough. Did they work? Well, this was before the scientific method was proving anything, but given the accomplishments that humans have made on rough seas for hundreds of years, it's safe to assume they weren’t always puking over the edge of their ships!

So Dr. Barton used his scientific and medical background to dive into some of these herbal mixtures to see what could be backed by scientific studies, with hard evidence proving them to be effective, safe, and free of side effects. As a medical doctor, Dr. Barton would never just jump on the “this thing really works; I tried it and I feel better!” bandwagon. For him to recommend a treatment to friends and family, let alone patients and the public, he needed to find trustworthy scientific evidence of its effectiveness. And that he did, and Dizzy Stop® was born!

A natural supplement, Dizzy Stop® works by targeting the root cause of vertigo and motion sickness, which is imbalance in the ear. Made exclusively with natural, organic, and GMO-free ingredients grown from local suppliers here in the USA, Dizzy Stop® is as healthy as food you’ll find in the health food store and 100% side effect, drowsiness, and discomfort-free. Each batch is carefully manufactured and tested before being shipped out. You know you’re getting the real thing!

And it’s potent too! The discomforting symptoms of vertigo or motion sickness can be relieved in as little as 30-45 minutes, getting you back to your senses and able to enjoy your ride once again without that annoying drowsiness! If you regularly experience vertigo or motion sickness, this is really what you want to keep in your back pocket before you get in a car or on a boat.
How does it work? Well, we won’t get too nerdy here, but the active ingredients are ginger root powder and grape seed extract. The latter, ginger root, has been one of the most common natural remedies used by sailors to relieve nausea for thousands of years to stay in good conditions on the treacherous seas. Still to this day, it is a go-to ingredient in almost all readily-available anti-nausea supplements and home treatments.

If vertigo or motion sickness is something you experience regularly, Dr. Barton’s recommends taking 2 capsules a day on a regular basis as a long-term preventative measure to keep the annoying spells of nausea, dizziness, and discomfort at bay. Remember, this isn’t a risky pharmaceutical like Dramamine; there are no side effects or negative health consequences to taking Dizzy Stop® regularly!
Or if you’re looking for something more quick-acting, something you can have in your back pocket before going on a long drive down mountain roads or out on a sailboat, for best effects, it’s recommended to start taking Dizzy Stop® a day or two before your travel, taking 2 capsules a day. Finally, you can take one tablet right as you get in the car or on the boat and take another if you start to experience symptoms.
Nausea Still a Problem? A Natural Nausea Treatment!

Nobody likes nausea. It’s one of the worst feelings the body can imagine, and whether you experience it while driving down a windy road or just relaxing at home watching TV, it can be a massive headache (literally or figuratively).

While Dizzy Stop® does alleviate all symptoms of vertigo and motion sickness, including nausea, this particular symptom is so discomforting that Dr. Barton has developed a dedicated supplement just for it. Let’s have a look at Nausea Stop®!

Much like Dr. Barton’s flagship product, Nausea Stop® is based on the well-tested and centuries-old natural anti-nausea capabilities of the ginger root. In combination with this, the natural formula mixes in extract from the potent red raspberry leaf, an herb with antioxidant properties that can attack the root cause of nausea in the stomach.

In addition to aiding the relief of nausea for those who experience it as a motion sickness symptom, NauseaStop® is also a useful nausea relief supplement for others who regularly experience nausea, including pregnant women. By relieving the annoying queasiness in your stomach without inducing any side effects, you can get on with your life, live in peace, and return to your high-energy, optimistic self.
Nausea Stop® is made using the same top-of-the-line standards as Dizzy Stop®. Every ingredient is locally grown, carefully-selected, and free of GMOs and additives. The capsules are carefully produced in a GMP-certified facility, and thoroughly tested before being shipped out. It is in every way a working, natural solution to your nausea, and not another pharmaceutical!

For long-term chronic nausea relief, Dr. Barton recommends taking 2–4 capsules a day, spread throughout your daily routine. If you’re looking for more acute symptom relief, such as before a long international flight if you’re prone to puking from airsickness, take 2–4 capsules a day, starting the day before your trip. If you do begin experiencing discomfort, take 2 capsules as soon as you feel the symptoms start to pop up, and the relief should begin acting within 30–40 minutes.

Tried, tested, and proven, Dr. Barton’s supplements have been available and praised for over 3 decades and are among the most popular and successful natural treatments for motion sickness, vertigo, nausea, and their other annoying symptoms. If you want something natural, reliable, and safe, order yours today and start feeling better, relieved, and more confident in no time!


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