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A solution for those feeling defeated by acne

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“What is defeat? – Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better.” – Wendell Phillips

Megan felt defeated and wanted to give up. However, whenever she felt that way, she dug deeper and tried again—to take another step towards something better.

Since she was 13, Megan had been unhappy with what she saw in the mirror. She knew all the sayings, “beauty is only skin deep,” “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and the many other platitudes saying not to worry about your appearance. It’s not the end-all to beat-all. These sayings are to teach you that other virtues are more important than beauty, and some qualities are worth far more than a pretty face.

“Okay, great,” she thought. The people who spout these wholesome sayings must not have battled to have healthy skin. They didn’t know what it was like to be ashamed of how you looked or the kind of pain that caused.

Megan would lay awake at night, wondering how much worse her skin would look in the morning. She would toss and turn, haunted by visions of people staring at her face. She even realized that some of that staring was in her head.

Every now and then, there would be a glimmer of hope. A new product would emerge, and the marketing for it would be great. Showy before-and-after pictures would display teens and young adults with terrible acne—much like her acne—and the after pictures would reveal someone with smooth, glowing skin, grinning from ear to ear at the miraculous transformation.

That glimmer of hope would grow until it was transformed into action. Megan would rush to the store or call the 1-800 number in a desperate bid to improve her skin. She would start using the new treatment and wait. The package always said it would take a few weeks to work fully, so, Megan would wait. As her anticipation built, she would look over the before-and-after photos again. Then, she would look at her face in the mirror and try to remember what she looked like with clear skin.

As time progressed, Megan often bought a second and sometimes a third round of the same treatment, desperately trying to see something work. Sometimes, there would be a slight improvement, and then it would worsen again. Many times, if something worked at all, the harsh chemicals would severely dry her skin. After all these attempts at clear skin, Megan thought she knew one thing for sure –

Nothing was going to work.

Feeling defeated, she quit staring at herself in the mirror and caring about having healthier skin. She thought she was out of options. She had even been to dermatologists and taken multiple prescriptions—all without success. Megan had all but given up when an associate from work referred her to a website. She said the founder’s story sounded just like her story and that Megan should check it out.

Hope for troubled skin

Ashley’s story certainly sounded much like Megan’s. She also had struggled with cystic acne for most of her life. The same cycle of trying a product and being disappointed had repeatedly played out in her life.

There was a distinct difference between Ashley’s story and Megan’s. The main difference was that Ashley didn’t give up. She had tried all the same treatments that Megan had.

However defeated and down she felt, Ashley knew something out there could help her.

Ashley had always been in awe of the starlets from Hollywood's golden era, the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Their skin always seemed flawless, with minimal makeup or “camera tricks” back then. Ashley knew there had to be a secret to find.

Through her obsessive research, she found a recipe for a cold cream from the 1920s. Ashley headed to her kitchen, and things went from there. After developing a skincare line for herself, she was amazed that after years of struggle – these treatments worked.

Ashley was so excited that she couldn’t keep it to herself, so in 2015, she formed her skincare company, The Lovely Rose Apothecary. Soon, people from all over the U.S. and as far away as New Zealand were raving about her products.

The Lovely Rose Apothecary kept growing as the word spread. Now, after nine years in business, she has the perfect space. Ashley’s baby is now in a historic storefront in the old mining town of Victor, Colorado. Ashley continues to craft her products by hand in this refurbished pharmacy (where they used to make cold creams), using natural oils to suit different skin. Her lineup includes a variety of products to benefit all skin types, including:

  • Skin tonic

  • Vanishing cream

  • Cold cream

  • Tissue cream

  • Overnight cream

  • Mud masks

Ashley continues to work and create great products that produce results while nodding to the Golden Era. She wants everyone to experience how life-changing it is when you have healthy skin.

Ashley’s story was so similar that Megan could not resist. Even though she had spent tons of money over the years on products that didn’t work, Megan took the plunge and ordered from The Lovely Rose Apothecary.

After searching the website, she found what she believed was the perfect set. However, she was hesitant to spend the money on the full-sized set. Fortunately, all the beauty sets come in handy travel sizes that are perfect for vacation or trying something new. So, Megan purchased:

 Rose Travel Beauty Set

It includes one-ounce sizes of the most popular of The Lovely Rose Apothecary’s products, so you don’t have to travel without the finest skincare you’ve ever had. It's also great to see if this product fits you well.

This set has:

Cold cream - a fantastic makeup remover, deep cleanser, and moisturizer.

Skin tonic—Excellent for your morning routine, this combination of cleaner and toner cleans and freshens your skin without harsh alcohol.

Vanishing cream - it’s called this because it disappears into your skin. It is a great daytime moisturizer and makeup primer. You have never felt anything like this on your skin.

Megan had undoubtedly never used anything like this. She quickly used the travel set and realized something remarkable—her skin looked great. She was happy when she looked in the mirror for the first time in a long time.

Her fine lines had reduced, and best of all, her acne was vanishing. It hadn’t disappeared completely, but it was quite a noticeable improvement in such a short amount of time. For the first time in decades, she was starting to be pleased with her appearance.

So, of course, Megan ordered the full-sized sets of this beautiful product, but she also ordered another travel set. It comes in a handy travel bag and goes wherever she travels.

If you are on the fence about trying a product from The Lovely Rose Apothecary, consider just a single product such as the:

Rose Vanishing Cream

If you want to see the high quality of The Lovely Rose Apothecary's products, consider sampling this fantastic cream.

This vanishing cream creates a layer on your skin and gives your foundation or powder something to stick to. This helps your makeup look like you just applied it all day. If you don't wear makeup, this cream will give your skin a soft, matte look. It will also reduce redness and even out your skin tone.

Here is what one loyal customer had to say:

One of a kind

I didnt expect this cream to be so awesome! Its the perfect base for makeup. Just dont use too much. I made that mistake once and the makeup went on too blotchy. A little goes a long way and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. Love it!

You can read that and many other reviews on the website. Just click the link above and learn all about the great products offered by The Lovely Rose Apothecary.

Experience skincare from a company whose founders created the products for herself and discovered the secrets of Hollywood’s Golden Era starlets.

This is true skincare luxury.

Oh… by the way… Megan's life hasn’t been the same since she discovered The Lovely Rose Apothecary. Here is what she had to say.

I don’t run low on my Rose Beauty Set, I let myself do that once and I was scraping the jars until my new shipment arrived. I was in a near panic that I would run out. These products work that well.

We can’t say it much better than that. If you’ve battled for clear, healthy-looking skin without finding the solution, don’t feel defeated. Know that you’re not alone. You need to know there is hope.


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