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Health is something that means different things to different people. Some may see health and fitness as being able to run for a bus without gasping for oxygen, others may see it as living a lifestyle that keeps them looking and feeling good. Either way, our health is often something that we take for granted; we need to invest in our health and wellness for our longevity and a happier way of living day to day. Investing in your health and wellness does not need to come with a big price tag, there are many ways that you can effectively boost your inner and outer well-being just by being more mindful of the smaller choices you make on a daily basis. It is always the smaller and seemingly unimportant things that we do that have the greater impact longer term. Here we look at a few ways you can get smarter with your health each day!

1.    Encourage variety!

‘Variety is the spice of life’ holds plenty of truth. When we switch up what we do, what we eat, and how we look after ourselves on a daily basis it keeps us refreshed and challenges our whole body. Here are a couple of pointers for inviting a little more variety into your lifestyle:

  • Eat the rainbow! Colorful fruits and vegetables hold a spectrum of nutrients that enhance your health from the inside to out. Eating your recommended five a day is great, but ensuring that you mix it up a little encourages your taste buds to really savor what you eat and also expand on the different types of vitamins and minerals that you intake.

  • Hit the gym… yes! But alternate your training for the best results, this keeps your body working a little harder to aid in boosting your metabolism and avoiding reaching a plateau (which can often occur if you don’t add some variety into your training and fitness routine). Mix it up with cardiovascular intervals, weight training, dance, yoga, and body weight exercises. Get creative with your fitness!

2.    Set yourself small and achievable goals

Very often we don’t reach our health and fitness goals for the simple reason that we set the benchmark too high and we miss out the middle ground that helps us build up to bigger things. At the start of the week outline 2-3 very small goals that are quite simple and straightforward for you to implement, tick them off as done and give yourself due to praise for what you achieved. Those little goals can get bigger as time moves on and you become more confident in making greater changes. Small steps build great foundations and help ease you out of comfort zones!

3.    On a budget? No problem!

If you are on a budget for health and fitness don’t let this deter you! You can keep fit for less by just making smarter choices. Instead of a gym membership, aim to get more active outdoors, outline some parks and spaces where you can incorporate a running routine, or check for smaller community classes that are inexpensive in comparison to the ones you may find at the gym or fitness center. In terms of nutrition, frozen fruit and veg still hold much of their nutrient value so can often be a wise choice for a smaller price tag to fresh organic options. Sometimes buying more locally can offer you more for your money too so check out some local fresh food markets! 

A Roman writer named Publilius Syrus said: “Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings”. We hope this has given you some support and inspiration for your health, first and foremost. 

And now we have a little question!  What food have we all consumed but many of us have never even heard of? 

The answer:  Colostrum! It's nature's first dietary supplement. 

It was your very first meal if you were breastfed. When human mothers give birth, their breasts are full of colostrum for their newborn infant. As the newborn baby drinks the colostrum, it is replaced in the breasts with milk. Colostrum contains everything the newborn needs to start life outside the womb, including immune factors, regulating factors, and growth factors. 

Essential Facts about Bovine Colostrum

1. With cows, there is a hormone flux at the time of calving that changes colostrum production.
2. The change after 6 hours post calving is dramatic. From 6 hours to 12 hours the proteins which include the most vital active components are reduced by about 40%.
3.The fat in colostrum contains many different lipids, many with specialized functions. Only whole, intact, 100% pure colostrum such as Synertek contains the lipids designed by nature.


According to Dr. Richard Cockrum DVM (the first and foremost pioneer in the research and development of colostrum as a dietary supplement) and also referred to as "the father of colostrum" in the book Colostrum, Nature's Gift to the Immune System, by Beth Ley. Colostrum "awakens, stimulates, regulates and maintains all body systems", the question is unavoidable, if colostrum does all of that for the newborn, then what benefits might it hold for adults?

Colostrum for use as a dietary supplement is milked from dairy cows after the calves have had all they need to be strong and healthy. Colostrum has been in rapidly increasing use as a dietary supplement over recent decades, with millions of people now using it, and more and more every day. There is overwhelming evidence that colostrum supplementation strengthens immunity; that is not disputed by anyone. The immune strengthening effect of colostrum may, in fact, be absolutely extraordinary, it plays a role in immune system regulation and people with allergies commonly report improvement or complete elimination of symptoms.

Dr. Cockrum recommends using only whole and intact colostrums with nothing added and nothing removed. Since the component profile of colostrum changes hour by hour after the calf is born, colostrum should be harvested within the first six hours post calving.

More Information on these products: 

‘6 Hour Colostrum Powder’ is recommended for bodybuilding, athletics, and immune support. 
•    Each jar contains 8.8 ounces (250,000 mg).
•    Pleasant natural taste, no need to mix it with anything, just toss it in your mouth and eat it like any other food. 
•    One or two teaspoons twice daily. One teaspoon of colostrum weighs approximately 1,500 mg. There are 166 teaspoons per jar.

‘Colostral Skin Serum’ is recommended for youthful smooth, silky, blemish free skin.

  • Contains all natural ingredients including 1st six-hour colostrum. 

  • State-of-the-art airless pump bottle keeps the product fresh and effective. Can be used with the colostral moisturizing skin cream

  • Use as needed, a little goes a long way.

  • 6months 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

  • Ingredients: 1st Six Hour Colostrum, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Lanolin, Collagen, Aloe Vera Gel, Carrageenan*, MSM, Essential Rose Oil. 


It makes sense that nature's first dietary supplement is also nature's foremost dietary supplement. Whole, intact colostrum harvested from the first six hours post calving can be purchased from ‘Synertek Colostrum, Inc’ a company with BBB accreditation and an A rating which was co-founded by Dr. Cockrum. Orders can be placed at Amazon or www.synertekcolostrum.com

​*Thickening agent only, is not absorbed by the skin.

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