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The older we get, and with added responsibilities or unwanted surprises, life’s events seem to take control over us. Since occupational demands take up so much time, along with family obligations or sickness, it’s no wonder we feel out-of-sync. It’s easy to put health and wellness needs aside while focusing on what needs to be done to just survive.

The story of how one company started and changed people's lives is actually quite fascinating.

It was 8 years after Nicholas, Steele Spirit company founder, suffered a horrific accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors told Nicholas he would never lead a normal life again, but he promised his son he would recover.

Miraculously, he did.

During his long road to recovery, however, Nicholas was plagued by infections, colds and practically anything that was ‘going around’. This left him constantly exhausted, making it difficult to build his strength or spend time with his son.

His doctors told him the reason; his immune system was extremely weakened. They also told him something startling; 80% of immunity actually comes from the billions of beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract, or ‘gut’.

That fact spurred Nicholas to search for a solution to restore his immune system to normal.

He started with probiotics, which did help, but weren’t perfect. That’s because practically all probiotic products are the same; they can’t get past the acid in the stomach, need to be taken in huge doses, need to be refrigerated and, worst of all, aren’t effective at fighting the bad gut bacteria that causes illness.

Undaunted, Nicholas set out to find the best probiotic solution, one that would help him and others to improve their immunity and their health.

First, he found spore probiotics. The next generation of probiotics, spore probiotics ‘crowd out’ bad gut bacteria, allowing good bacteria to flourish. Extremely resilient, spore probiotics stay alive after manufacturing and can also survive heat and stomach acid.

Next, he found a prebiotic called PreForPro that, unlike other prebiotics, only nourished good bacteria and worked incredibly fast

The rest, as they say, is history.

In February of 2015 Ultra-Biotics, the very first Steele Spirit product was launched. Now a number one best-selling probiotic plus prebiotic, Ultra-Biotics is a combination of spore probiotics and PreForPro and, since its launch, has been changing lives everywhere.

You see, Nicholas knows from actual experience that the human body can heal itself and prevent illness, but he also knows this; we live in a toxic world.

“Our food is full of toxic chemicals and devoid of nutritional value, which leads to illness and disease. Even worse, when we get sick we take even worse toxins, medicines, and pills, to cure ourselves, rather than preventing illness. The fact is, in today’s toxic world, our bodies desperately need help to stay well and stay clear of ‘modern medicine’. Steele Spirit is dedicated to creating products that help you do just that.” – says Nicholas.

In February of 2016 they launched Ultra-Biotics Advanced, which is 6X stronger and, unlike other probiotic products, does much more. It helps maintain healthy cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose levels and helps digestion with enzymes that break down fat and carbohydrates into Omega 3 and 6 small-chain fatty acids, all of which greatly protect your health.

April 2016 saw the launch of Neuro Brain Clarity, an all-natural and powerful brain function booster that works day and night, supporting brain health, improving learning and memory and helping the brain rejuvenate during sleep.

When using the product customers report that their alertness, concentration and performance all increased. They also said that they’re more productive, their memory and information processing improve greatly and they wake up feeling refreshed.

The fact is, no other brain supplement does all of these things, which puts Neuro Brain Clarity a cut above any other products available today.

What’s new?

Also, just this month, Steele Spirit Company launched 2 more new products.

“ Our 3rd Party Lab Tested, Triple Strength Essential Omega 3 Fish Oil supports heart and brain health, boosts immunity and is very beneficial for joints, skin, hair and even your mood. It's also enteric coated, so no more fishy aftertaste and with a 100 day supply in every bottle (instead of 90 days like most) it’s an excellent value.”- says Nicholas

Essential Minerals is the 2nd, a Multi-Mineral Supplement with Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc. Iron-free, Essential Minerals has what your body needs for strong bones, healthy muscles and excellent nervous system performance, including 72 trace minerals. It’s also an all-in-one formula that provides all the nutrients your body requires in just 2 capsules, which we know you’ll find very convenient.

Why we need to take supplements at all.

Most people who aren’t in a health crisis wonder why they need to take a supplement “I am OK. Why would I need to take supplements or anything?”

Here are the top reasons why it is important to take supplements, which help to restore your health.

1.    Depleted soil. When foods are grown over and over again in the same soils, the mineral content of that soil becomes depleted over time. Try to eat organic food; buying organic remains the healthier choice for you.

2.    Digestion issue. Everything changes as our body ages and some of those changes do impact your ‘gut’. As we age, our body produces fewer enzymes, including all the important ones to properly digest the food we eat. 

3.    Pharmaceutical drugs use has escalated over time. Most medications deplete essential nutrients, making people more vulnerable to deficiencies.

4.    Food processing, cooking and preserving leads to nutrient depletion in our food supply that makes it difficult to obtain adequate nutrition from food alone. As far as fruits and vegetables, consuming them in as close to raw state as possible is always the best way.

5.    Stress. A certain amount of stress is stimulating and makes life interesting: We often do our best work when busy and challenged. However, too much, even of a good thing, is simply too much. The key is the balance. All bad stress takes a toll on your body and weakens your immune system. Taking supplements can help to bridge that gap and give your body some of the nutrition it needs.

Of course, you should always consult a qualified health professional to avoid drug-nutrient interactions.

About company

At Steele Spirit, they’re dedicated to one thing; improving people’s health with the highest quality supplements on the market. Steele Spirit is a small, family-owned company, they value every customer, and they’re very proud of their 100% customer satisfaction rating. At Steele Spirit, they promise to continue developing new products to improve the lives of all customers and, to that end, they encourage healthy feedback and communication so that the Steele Spirit team knows what they’re doing well, what needs improvement, and what products you’d like them to create. Steele Spirit also understands that everyone is different, and supplements can work differently for each of us. That’s why they offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Photo courtesy of Steele Spirit

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