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Everything is Energy for Balance and Well Being!

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Everything is energy…Nikola Tesla stated the same thing himself. Energy reflects upon all that we do; how we do it and all we seek to create, so perhaps the key to our well-being lies in how we utilize our energy.  We struggle with daily living and keeping a forward momentum toward our better health…often, we just feel too tired to invest in ourselves. Yet that investment is both worthy and purposeful if it means we are able to simply get more out of life and feel much better for it. We should not allow life to grind us down; rather, we should seek out ways to boost our inner balance and overall health so that we are able to lovingly wrestle with life and continue moving forward in all we do. If we cannot take the time to invest in ourselves then our present suffers as much as our future- for it is what we do right now that inspires the seeds of tomorrow. Here we look at some helpful ways you can gain some momentum and improve your energy levels. 

Eat smaller meals more often

There are gaps of up to 5 hours sometimes between our 3 square meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Leaving such long periods between eating can drain our energy, encourage us to depend upon unhealthy snacks to boost our sugar levels, and actually mean we end up storing more fat due to our metabolism slowing down. These are just a few things that can be impacted by large time frames between eating. By eating smaller meals more regularly- perhaps every 2-3 hours, we can spike our metabolism and give a much needed “spark” to our energy levels. Smaller meals don’t weigh so heavy upon our stomach and can be digested far quicker also- so we get to use that energy when we really need it. Check your portion sizes, ensure you include extra fruit and vegetables, probiotics, nuts and seeds, and limit meat or foods that take longer to digest to an absolute minimum!





Get moving, and keep moving!

Of course, our activity levels are key players in our energy reserves and maintaining a healthy equilibrium. The more we build on our levels of activity- the more energy we have, and the more energy we are actually able to utilize as we support our metabolism to its strength. Exercise is not meant to be painful: our body is elementally designed to move. Our heart doesn’t know the difference if we are walking, dancing, running, or just having fun playing around with our children. The main thing to remember is that movement is how we strengthen and support our body both inside and out. Just 20 minutes of gentle activity a day can make the world of difference to your health…think about it, somewhere in your day you have 20 minutes free to either go for a short walk or dance around to your favorite music!





Energy is not limited to our physical resources; it also applies to our mental and emotional energy too! Direct your energy toward your greater good, through a wide-open lens of love, we have an innate ability to heal and sharpen our energetic drive when we focus on it with due care. In terms of energy boosting supplements, there are many on the market- choose natural products that work with your body and its fundamental design. Green Earth Naturals embrace this approach to health care. Green Earth Naturals are an established natural health online retailer; they have a successful and strong online presence and have been operating for the past 17 years. 

They wholly believe in Hippocrates principle "Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food". They offer 100% organic and natural products to benefit your health and well-being in the most purposeful and holistic way. Their range includes probiotics, energy enzymes, and blue-green algae: products that you can trust for good practice and great results. Green Earth Naturals harvesting facilities and product manufacturers are all GPM Compliant. 

Here we showcase two of their products, Energy Probiotic Defense and Energy Enzymes.  


Energy Probiotic Defense is a new and improved formula by Green Earth Naturals and is available as vegetarian capsules (60 tabs- recommended usage, one per day)



Here is why probiotics are so important for your health:

Pro means FOR and Biotics means LIFE, probiotics means FOR LIFE and the term refers to the friendly (good) bacteria in your intestines.

While high-fat, high-sugar diets, tap water, caffeine, alcohol, antibiotics, preservatives, and even stress actively destroy your intestinal "friendly bacteria," Adding "friendly bacteria" to your diet helps replenish the good bacteria and keep your intestines healthy and clean.

It also helps destroy yeast and enables your body to absorb the maximum nutrition from your food. Your entire balance of health and immune protection depends upon maintaining the correct internal environment of beneficial bacteria.
About 50 years ago people naturally ingested beneficial bacteria from soil and plant-based micro-organisms through their foods. However, during the last few decades, our soils have been sterilized with pesticides and herbicides which destroyed most of the beneficial bacteria, eradicating it from our diets and bodies as well.

This lack of beneficial bacteria often results in weakened intestinal and immune system and directly contributes to many non-optimum health conditions. It is no accident then that intestinal and colon related ailments are one of the greatest areas of medical concern in America today. As you begin to incorporate high-quality probiotics into your diet you may also begin to boost your immune system, increase your natural enzymatic activity, restore balance in the intestinal tract, enhance the absorption of nutrients, and foster longevity and a feeling of aliveness, as well as many other wonderful health benefits.

NEW Energy Enzymes with Veggie Caps are formulated especially for Green Earth Naturals. Each bottle contains 120 vegetarian capsules, 500mg each. The suggested use is one capsule with each meal.



Why Enzymes are So Vitally Important.

This new and super enhanced formula is 2 times more potent than the original Green Naturals formula. 
An abundance of live and active enzymes in your food makes it possible for your body to FULLY break the food down into its basic nutrients. This allows your body to extract the maximum nutrition from your food. So with plenty of enzymes, your body actually gets nourished, healthy and energized.


Green Earth Naturals enzymes contain: 

  • Lipase to break down fat

  • Protease to break down protein

  • Cellulose to break down plant fiber

  • Amylase to break down starch

  • Lactase to break down Lactose

Here is a glimpse of what the customers at Green earth Naturals are saying…

"These enzymes are spectacular. I take two and it is magic!"- Sheila B.
"Just a note to let you know, after being on the enzymes for only two days how much better my complexion is! My shoulder injury from lifting weights hurts so much less." - Wendy V.

A great quote to bear in mind “True health infuses positive energy in the mind, body, and spirit; it is the main focus in my life” said  Portuguese artist Maximillian Degenerez. So…everything is energy, get to it! 

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