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Self-Care Essentials

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Self-care is an essential part of healthy living. Yes, with busy lifestyles, family life, and work commitments this can be a challenge for many of us, but isn’t that all the more reason to rise to it?!



Self-care encourages better wellbeing, inside and out. This can take on even more importance over the holiday season as life generally becomes a little more hectic and the days turn colder and darker. It is vital for your physical, mental, and emotional health to set aside some downtime, whether it is 20 minutes or two hours… every little bit helps.

Self-care essentials

Sometimes we become confused by the term “self-care”, we spend so little time doing it, and yet it should be a habitual healthy behavior. Rather than running on a default setting of “busy”, you can readjust and reset so that self-care rises on your priority list.

Self-care looks different for everyone, but here are some ideas!

  • Working out. Staying active is self-care. Whether you do it at the gym, in a yoga class, or simply go for a walk. Exercise keeps your body healthy and your mind happy. No one has ever regretted a workout; we only regret the ones we did not do! 

  • Eating well. Eating food that nourishes your body fuels your energy, protects your body, and improves levels of productivity. There’s nothing worse than being in poor health; ensuring you look after yourself nutritionally adds a layer of defense against many illnesses and diseases. 

  • Rest. Your body needs rest as much as it does play. Getting good quality sleep fortifies your body. It is restorative and regenerative in innumerable ways. Good quality sleep helps to energize you, keeps you balanced hormonally, supports the fundamental function of your body, and can leave you looking younger. Good sleep helps you toward better-looking skin. 

  • Doing things you love. Life is to be enjoyed and doing things that you love lights you up from the inside out. It could be baking, watching your favorite movie, listening to music, playing with your kids, or visiting an old friend…whatever it is, make time for what lifts your spirits and brings a twinkle to your eyes! 

  • Being kind to yourself. Yes, this is self-care. It is human nature for us to beat up on ourselves. Sometimes just being kind and gentle to yourself can lift the mental pressure of daily life. Pay attention to the things you can control and don’t be overly harsh on yourself when things don’t happen as you wish. 



Think about what self-care means to you and aim to do at least one thing each day that is based upon self-care! Looking after yourself means you are better equipped to help others too. There are no downsides to self-care !



Simple Elegance Skin Care takes pride in their self-care objective and wants you to do the same. Simple Elegance Skin Care is a dual-focused self-care and skin care company. As a company, they research and test skin care ingredients looking for quality, and sustainable as well as natural formulations. 

Simple Elegance Skin Care creates products that help you feel beautiful and unique in your skin. They focus on natural products with powerful formulas that are gentle and effective to ensure you get the very best! 

“We believe that a skin care routine should be enjoyable, effective, and affordable. It is so important to take time out for yourself daily. Even if it is five minutes in the evening to wash the day away, letting your skin wake up refreshed. Currently, we offer two product lines: an anti-aging line “Elite” and our “Flawless” line for Blemish-Prone or problem skin. We are currently working on our new line that hopefully will be released early 2021!”- Simple Elegance Skin Care

Their new line is geared toward a minimalistic lifestyle. This means a lifestyle that embraces effective ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and packaging for anyone desiring a simple skin regimen. Here are two special picks from their current line: Elite Retinol Moisturizer and Flawless Exfoliating Cleanser. 



Simple Elegance Skin Care Retinol Anti-Aging Set

Simple Elegance Skin Care’s Elite Line is their fragrance-free product line. It contains products with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, and lots more goodness for your skin! 

The Retinol Products are in two different strengths, 1% in the cream and 2.5% in the Serum. Retinol has an abundance of benefits, these include anti-aging, acne control, help brighten/lighten skin, minimize the appearance of pores and scars, improve discolorations, and can deliver collagen production. 

“The products are gentle on the skin and designed to work together for the best result. We also take into consideration that not everyone has the same experience with certain ingredients”- Simple Elegance Skin Care 

  • It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, and Shea Butter to make sure the skin is moisturized, yet it contains enough Retinol to diminish fine lines and other signs of aging. It is a powerful formula that makes a little go a long way!  



Flawless Exfoliating Cleanser 

This is a gentle daily cleanser that combines natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids for a deep clean for the skin's pores. 

The Flawless products do contain some fragrance; however, the formula is designed to be light and refreshing! Simple Elegance Skin Care enjoyed designing the “minis” for Flawless, so much so that they plan on coming up with more kits for everyone. This is ideal so that more people have a chance to test before they invest or to revive the skin when it plateaus and requires a restart! 

  • Jojoba beads gently but effectively exfoliate the skin. 

  • It has a light fresh scent and leaves the skin exfoliated but not stripped of its natural, protective oils. 


“A great product to follow is our Botanical Mist, currently our best-selling product in the Flawless Line. We recently launched our Flawless minis – this is a 4 product kit that contains the Flawless Exfoliating Cleanser, Botanical Mist, Solace – Facial Cream, and our AHA Masque. It is a mini facial when you need to renew and rejuvenate the skin”- Simple Elegance Skin Care 


Get set for the holiday season with Simple Elegance Skin Care!

This Holiday Season, Simple Elegance Skin Care are offering their products in groups with self-care products so that you can create your perfect “spa at home” experience. 

It is so good to take time for yourself every day; it renews your mind, body, and soul. Remember that care of the inner and outer self, eating and sleeping healthily goes hand in hand with taking a minute to reflect on your accomplishments from the day. Refresh your mind and your skin! 

“It is not every day do we look back and give ourselves credit for just getting out there in the world. If you work, teach, care for others, create beauty with nature, share a smile, or just tried – it is worth acknowledging and being thankful for something at the end of the day. It lifts your spirits and gives you the energy to do it again. 

Elegance is the quality of being pleasing, ingenious, and simple. Enjoy!”- Simple Elegance Skin Care



* In partnership with our friends at Simple Elegance Skin Care  Photo courtesy of Simple Elegance Skin Care
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