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Put a Stall on Cholesterol

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When you hear the word cholesterol, your mind probably brings up negative im- ages which cause unpleasant feelings. However, cholesterol is not necessarily all bad. In fact, a good bit of it is, well, good. It is bad, though, for one to have high amounts of certain types of cholesterol in their bloodstream. I’m sure you’ve also heard commercial after commercial telling you that high cholesterol is not a good thing and it must be maintained. Well, those commercials are right. High amounts of certain types of cholesterol can be very detrimental to one’s physical health. It’s best to keep one’s cholesterol levels steady. This is certainly not an easy task for anyone, and what has made it harder for people is that many of the items that have been advertised to help lower cholesterol have not been the most authentic products. The thing that many of those commercials over the years have not told you is what types of cholesterol are bad or good and what ingredients are the most effective at helping one maintain healthy cholesterol. Mulberry leaf extract can support the slowdown of bad cholesterol buildup in the body. However, it takes the right kind of formula that has mulberry leaf extract in addition to other forms of helpful ingredients. A special type of formula is available from GreenSilk LLC that acts as a best friend to anyone looking to have a steady cholesterol level as well as good health overall.

GreenSilk LLC

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a type of fat known as a lipid. Lipids are natural molecules that are fatty, waxy, and oily. Basically, there are two types of cholesterol. One kind of cholesterol is produced by the liver. This is called high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol [HDL-C]. Known as the good kind of cholesterol, HDL-C is the kind that people want to have high levels of. Despite the word cholesterol conjuring up so many negative feelings and images among most people, this good cholesterol plays an extremely important part in people maintaining good health on a regular basis.  It is a critical component of our cells and plays a role in making hormones, aiding digestion, and it is used by the body to make substances like Vitamin D. There are some things that the body already produces but that people need supplements to get more of, like protein and creatine. In the case of cholesterol, the body has enough of it, so there is no need, for the most part, to take something to get more cholesterol. This is why it is strongly recommended to maintain a diet that is organic and plant-based with a moderate intake of high- cholesterol foods.

Besides HDL-C, the other kind of cholesterol, which is probably the most notorious, comes from one’s diet. This is called low-density lipoprotein cholesterol [LDL-C]. Obviously, this cholesterol is the kind that nutritionists and dietitians tell you not to get too much daily. Indeed, it is bad cholesterol. The body makes cholesterol. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet with added fruits and vegetables assists in avoiding the many health problems associated with high cholesterol. High levels of HDL-C are good but high levels of LDL-C are bad. Large amounts of LDL-C are found in processed foods and foods that use partially hydrogenated oils, which are also known as trans fats. Additionally, healthy foods such as dairy products, egg yolks, meat, and seafood are considered cholesterol-rich foods. However, when eaten in moderation, they are nutritious foods that make a healthy addition to your diet.  

Health Problems Caused by High Cholesterol

Whenever there are high amounts of LDL-C in one’s bloodstream, various health problems can occur. For one thing, it contributes to the development of plaque around the walls of the arteries. This hardening of the arteries can cause heart attacks and even strokes. Both types of attacks on one’s health can be fatal, depending on the severity of them when they occur. Even if it’s just a minor stroke or heart attack, it can still cause impairments to one’s everyday living that will never go away. High amounts of cholesterol obtained from one’s diet also increase the chances of someone having high blood pressure and even becoming at risk for diabetes.

Another dangerous health scenario for anyone is when they have both high LDL-C and high triglyceride levels at the same time. On their own, triglycerides and cholesterol are not bad. When they are at healthy levels, they are both part of a well-functioning body. But both triglycerides and cholesterol tend to get a bad rap because too much of either isn’t good. When your body has too much LDL, it can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. They circulate throughout one’s bloodstream. Some of the same types of foods that contribute to high cholesterol can also increase triglyceride levels in the body. These include foods high in saturated and trans-fat, like processed or fried foods, high-fat dairy products, egg yolk, and red meat, to name a few. While eggs and certain types of meat and chicken are beneficial to one’s health, it’s recommended not to eat too much of these foods to avoid both high amounts of cholesterol and triglycerides. It is suggested to avoid having either high LDL-C or triglyceride levels. In fact, when there is a high amount of both, the risks of catastrophic events like heart attacks and strokes are even greater. Also, high amounts of inflammation occur. Inflammation makes it harder for the body to recover and recuperate. People must do everything they can to have stable levels of cholesterol, as well as stable levels of triglycerides, for that matter. While maintaining a healthy diet is still important, it is perhaps even more crucial to avoid drastic health events by consuming the right kinds of nutrients that can fight off bad cholesterol.

Mulberry Leaf Extract

Clinical studies have proven that extracts from mulberry leaves help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. One clinical study was undertaken by researchers at Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University. In this case, 24 patients that had higher-than-normal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides were tested for a period of three months. They were each given 280 milligrams of mulberry leaf three times a day after each meal. After the entire three-month testing period was over, both the LDL-C and triglyceride levels of the patients decreased while their HDL-C levels increased. Another similar process took place during a clinical study at the very same university. In this study, 23 patients that had high cholesterol levels were also treated with mulberry leaf three times a day for a period of 12 weeks.  Each patient saw their triglyceride levels drop. Mulberry leaf did the trick. Whether one has high LDL-C or triglyceride levels, or both for that matter, this amazing substance works miracles for them.

GreenSilk LLC

How does Mulberry Leaf Extract Help Lower Bad Cholesterol and Triglycerides

The mulberry leaves, whose extract is used to fight bad cholesterol, come from white mulberry trees. These types of trees are found all over the world and bear fruit. Mulberry leaves themselves contain plant sterols known as phytosterols. This plant sterol has proven to be extremely beneficial in helping people lower their cholesterol levels. The LDL-C that passes through the blood is lowered with the help of phytosterol. This, in turn, helps prevent the walls of the arteries from building up with plaque, therefore helping prevent the possibility of health catastrophes such as heart attacks and strokes.

Other Benefits of Mulberry Leaf Extract

In addition to acting as a helping hand to fight bad cholesterol and triglycerides, mulberry leaf extract also benefits many other areas of one’s health. Mulberry leaves’ active ingredient is known as 1-DNJ, which among many benefits, it assists the body in digesting carbohydrates better. In addition to this, there are various antioxidants within the leaves that help boost one’s immune system. Blood circulation and nerve functions are also positively affected by mulberry leaf extract. Even with all the awesome gifts that it provides for one’s health, it’s important that people check the specific types of products that contain mulberry leaf extract. This can make all the difference. Besides the benefits of mulberry leaf extract alone, some companies combine it with other substances to create a powerful formula that assists in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

GreenSilk LLC

GreenSilk LLC was founded by holistic healthcare practitioners whose mission is to aid and assist individuals in achieving wellness through natural holistic care. Utilizing years of dedication, research, and collaboration with doctors in the field of natural medicine, scientists, botanists, and specialists from around the world, their team aimed to identify evidence-based natural approaches to supporting and promoting healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels while aiding overall wellness. Recognizing the benefits of mulberry leaf, in 2011, GreenSilk LLC introduced its flagship formulation GreenSilk Formula #1.

GreenSilk Formula #1



GreenSilk Formula #1 is a mulberry leaf extract supplement from GreenSilk LLC that helps people around the world to achieve and maintain their health goals. As mentioned, the benefits of mulberry leaf extract to the body not only include lowering bad cholesterol and triglycerides but also boosting one’s immune system and helping with better circulation, and supporting nerve function. In GreenSilk Formula #1, the combination of mulberry leaf extract along with additional herbs, assists with improving one’s skin and eyesight. More importantly, this formula helps promote healthy glucose levels in the body. Research supports its benefits for conditions associated with high blood glucose levels. Mulberry leaves contain both amino acids and magnesium, which are extremely beneficial in boosting one’s metabolism. With the addition of certain components to this, GreenSilk Formula #1 assists in support of healthy weight management. In addition, the formula helps the body perform a detoxification process for the liver and kidneys.

Say Goodbye Once and For All to Bad Cholesterol

Isn’t it time you started saying the word cholesterol with a more positive mindset? This will only happen once you confront the poisons that try to enter your bloodstream and make their home in your healthy body. These poisons are bad cholesterol (LDL-C) and extra triglycerides that try to take over your interior self. The good stuff inside is ready to put on boxing gloves and fight the bad stuff.  

However, it is up to you to assist these good components in putting on these fighting gloves. GreenSilk Formula #1 is your ticket to a new inner self with only the healthy forms of substances working inside. It is time to put a stall on your cholesterol!


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