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As autumn neared, Roxanne found herself captivated by a familiar scene: the calendar adorned with quintessential autumnal imagery. The small, numbered squares appeared to taunt her. It was the season of harvest, falling leaves, and cozy gatherings, yet Roxanne's fitness aspirations remained just out of reach.

Living Fuel – SuperGreens

The vibrant colors of autumn surrounded her, but Roxanne didn't feel any closer to the healthier lifestyle she had set out to achieve. The calendar not only marked the passage of time but also reminded her of the little progress she had made. 

Roxanne's goals were as manageable as the falling leaves and as realistic as the changing seasons. She aimed to eat healthier, exercise more, and generally feel better. Her desire was to have more energy to meet the demands of the upcoming holiday season, which loomed like the grand feasts and the whirlwind of festivities. 

She initiated a simple exercise routine, starting as gradually as the leaves falling from the trees. A bit of cardio, which included brisk walks among the fallen leaves and some light jogging, was accompanied by simple strength training using resistance bands and light dumbbells. 

Living Fuel – SuperGreens

In the spirit of the season, Roxanne revamped her diet to include fresh fruits and vegetables, making her meals as vibrant as the autumn foliage. She decided to cut out all processed foods, knowing how detrimental they could be for her body. She even contemplated skipping breakfast, thinking it would help her achieve her goals. 

At first, these changes seemed like the proper steps to take: more exercise, fewer calories, and healthier foods. However, as the season progressed, Roxanne began to feel worse, which was the exact opposite of what she had hoped for. Her energy levels dropped like autumn leaves, and her mood became more irritable, making her feel as gloomy as a cloudy autumn day. 

These developments left her frustrated and confused. How could this be? Roxanne wondered. She had followed the traditional wisdom of fewer calories, healthier food, and more exercise, yet she felt drained, depressed, and lethargic. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, Roxanne faced a dilemma. These challenges made it even more important for her to get back on track. So, in the midst of a backbreaking run down a picturesque autumn street, Roxanne decided to do something different. 

She reached out to the local gym and scheduled a meeting with a personal trainer, her own fitness wizard. Roxanne felt inspired, a bit like Rocky waiting to be instructed, wondering what the trainer would reveal. Had she been doing everything wrong? However, she kept the appointment, and as the leaves rustled in the autumn breeze, they sat down to discuss her journey.

Roxanne explained her daily routine to the trainer and handed over a copy of her meal plan, hoping for a revelation amidst the falling leaves and the impending holidays. She was taken aback by what the trainer had to say. 

“You are not eating enough,” he said to her. Roxanne was puzzled. 

"What do you mean, not eating enough? I thought when people wanted to get into shape, they needed to cut back on what they consumed." 

The trainer explained that although Roxanne was cutting calories by skipping a meal, she was also depriving herself of essential nutrients, mainly vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that were necessary for her body to function correctly.

He went on to state that this was all too common, especially in the autumn as the holiday seasons approach. Many people tend to get overzealous with their fitness goals. They often rob their bodies of essential nutrients. Without proper nutrition, all the exercise in the world would not help Roxanne live a healthier life. 

This revelation shook Roxanne's preconceived notions of fitness and health. She asked her new trainer for guidance. So, he laid out a fitness and nutrition plan, offering a product that would provide her with all the nutrients she needed, much like a magic concoction for her autumn journey.

Your Body’s Requirements

The human body is by far the most complex organism on the planet. If you include the human mind’s capabilities, nothing compares to its abilities, even in modern inventions.

This unique body of ours requires many elements and substances to perform optimally. Here are some of the most basic, often split into micro and macronutrients.


Protein – lean protein is necessary as it contains amino acids. These acid chains are also known as the building blocks of life. They are used in nearly every body function, from cellular energy and repair to fueling your mind.

Carbohydrates – The primary function of carbohydrates is to provide the body with energy. Most carbohydrates come from bread and grains. These carbohydrates are then turned into glucose and used throughout the body to produce energy at the cellular level.

Lipids – Often referred to as fats- come from oils and food products. Lipids are essential for proper digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. Bile acids produced from lipids in your liver allow fat and water to mix in your intestines and aid in the breakdown and absorption of food.


These include vitamins and minerals essential to your bodily functions. They are not energy sources in themselves. However, they are necessary for the many metabolic processes throughout the body.

Generally, we eat plenty of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Often too many, and we need to focus on the micronutrients that enable us to turn food into fuel.

There are 53 essential nutrients needed for the body to perform at its peak.

Many of these come from fruits and vegetables, which hardly anyone gets enough of. The recommended daily allowance of fruits is two cups per day. And to be complete, you should eat three cups of vegetables.

And therein lies the problem, who has the time to prepare, or the room to store such a massive amount of healthy food? It isn’t easy in the best conditions.

Now throw in a job, maybe some children, and life’s constantly changing and hectic schedule. Then we get down to the heart of the problem, how on earth do you get everything you need?

This is a widespread issue in today’s world, leading to what could be considered malnutrition on a mass scale. And it has even been proven that not getting the proper nutrients can lead to depression and other mental health disorders.

Eating enough healthy foods in a day can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a mind for a change in your nutrition this year, consider these great products.

And have faith that they have been made by a company dedicated to better nutrition for all. For over 20 years, their commitment to your health and well-being has never changed.

Living Fuel – SuperGreens

Throw away your supplements and get complete nutrition from real food.

The original and still the best.

Twenty years ago, Living Fuel founder KC started making SuperGreens. This was born out of a need to find a complete nutrition source in keeping with the research literature on health he had been studying for years.

Once KC started producing SuperGreens, he never looked back. Demand skyrocketed, and KC further dedicated himself to continually improving his products and bringing additional products to market as the need arrived.

Often imitated but never duplicated, SuperGreens is the standard that other meal replacements can only hope to achieve.

Packed with all 53 essential nutrients and more than 90 vitamins and minerals.

Sourced from only the highest quality freeze-dried organic vegetables, this powder easily mixes in water to provide everything you need. And SuperGreens does not contain and never will contain:

  • Added sugar, soy protein, or wheat

  • Gluten, yeast, milk, or whey

  • Eggs, nuts, or maltodextrin

  • Preservatives, fillers, or hydrogenated oils

  • Artificial flavors or colors

  • GMOs, irradiation, pesticides, or herbicides

SuperGreens is Keto and vegan-friendly, only providing 290 calories and only 12 net grams of carbohydrates.

This fully loaded drink is made from the purest ingredients and designed to:

  • Enhance your immunity

  • Boost your energy, vitality, and mental clarity

  • Improve digestion and elimination

  • Increase muscle and bone density

  • Stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings

Best complete nutrition ever! I have tried hundreds of different products. This product for me by far has been the absolute best! Thank you KC! Does this come in a 55 gallon drum? – Tim Baum

Excellent product. I’ve been using for years and feel great because of it. – Brian

Those are just two of the fabulous reviews on the Living Fuel website, and with over 20 years of excellence, there will be many more.

Not one to rest once comfortable, KC listened to his customers and developed a great new flavor for those that wanted a little sweeter taste.

Living Fuel – SuperBerry® Ultimate

A tangy berry taste, with all the benefits of SuperGreens

A sweet taste yet complete nutrition. Using the flavor and antioxidant power of berries, Living Fuel created SuperBerry® Ultimate for the ultimate in nutrition. With an ORAC score of 408,071, it’s the highest broad spectrum antioxidant food you can find anywhere.

Like with all their products – Living Fuel only uses the finest quality organic berries to create a meal replacement smoothie powder that delivers. Therefore, their competitors cannot even get close to the level of nutrition offered through SuperBerry® Ultimate.

Each serving offers:

  • Complete nutrition with over 90 vitamins and minerals

  • 30 grams of plant protein

  • 10 grams of fiber

  • Only 5 grams of sugar

  • 31 grams of carbohydrates

  • And only 300 calories.

Fantastic product, combined with exercise helped me lose 40 pounds, feel more energetic all day, and more focused at work as well as falling to sleep easily every night. A must have – and if you are prescribed multivitamins just use this instead and if you aren’t taking any vitamins this is the natural way to get them. – John R. Pudner

An excellent point is brought out in John’s review. This is the replacement for your multivitamins and a great way to help shed unwanted pounds.

Fuel Your Body The Correct Way This Season

As the autumn chill permeates the air and leaves blanket the ground, Roxanne finds herself in a familiar predicament—her fitness goals still eluding her grasp. The colorful tapestry of rustic leaves is all around, yet her journey to a healthier lifestyle feels like a daunting forest to navigate.

With the promise of magical festive season looming on the horizon, Roxanne knows she's about to face her greatest challenges. The allure of festive feasts and sugary delights can make even the most determined of us waver. But Roxanne is determined not to fall into the trap of holiday excess. 

It's all too easy to give in to the temptations of the season, to overindulge, and to compromise our hard-earned progress. However, with the right approach, it's possible to stay on track and enjoy the holidays without guilt.

This is where whole-meal superfoods come to the rescue. By incorporating smoothies like SuperBerry® Ultimate and SuperGreens into her routine, Roxanne ensures that she's not robbing her body of essential nutrients. Instead, she's providing her body with the support it needs to stay healthy and vibrant even during the festive season.

With these supplements, Roxanne can feel confident that her body is receiving the nourishment it deserves. This means she won't be driven to binge during the holiday festivities, as she'll have already fortified her body with the vital nutrients it craves.

In the face of the captivating charm and the approaching holiday whirlwind, Roxanne has found a solution to stay on her path to a healthier life. With the help of these supplements, she's ready to embrace the season's joys without compromising her well-being. 

So, as you embark on your own holiday journey, remember the power of superfoods to ensure your body gets the essential nutrients it needs. This way, you can savor the festive flavors without losing sight of your health and fitness goals.


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