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Natural Solutions for a Better You - Everyday!

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Every day we make choices. These choices can affect our health positively or negatively- it really is up to us. From a broader perspective, we live as one of many on natures green earth and so, naturally, we should always bear this in mind when choosing our health and wellbeing products.

Whatever decisions we have made previously can be turned around; we get to start again and renew each day. With that in mind, we can pay more attention to the healthier side of life and living by using products that are essentially better for the environment and us we live in. Harmful toxins, chemicals, and parabens infiltrate our bloodstream through our skin as well through our food, so being mindful about our cosmetic products, pain-relieving remedies, and body care is a show of love to yourself and the world around you.

The health, fitness, beauty and skin care world is heaving with natural solutions, potions, and remedies that care for us- better! Think about being a better you- each day… here are some tips on how!

Take your time

One of the main reasons we end up making bad or unhealthy choices is because we feel we are pushed for time.

In the rush and with a constant focus on the hands of the clock we will always falter. Take your time. Make an informed choice with a clear mind. Stressful living destructs us in more ways than one because it impacts so greatly on our behaviors and resulting actions. It’s OK to make mistakes and bad judgments but when you know better, do better!

Check reviews, ask friends for recommendations, take time to read and understand what’s on the labels (and don’t be afraid to ask questions before you buy), do your own online research into what can help and support you toward healthy choices. 

Essential Oils- the purer, the better!

Pure essential oils have been used for centuries for their medicinal and therapeutic purposes; they have a wide and broad spectrum of uses- from beauty care to pain relief.

Many oils have antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties, plus a whole host of other benefits; there really is something for everything and everyone in the world of essential oils. You can enjoy massage therapy with essential oils, smoother and younger looking skin, or even utilize these oils to help relieve a common cold! Here are some things to watch for with essential oils:

  • Always check the purity and potency of essential oils- if it’s 100% pure oil then it should read so on the labeling.

  • Organic, cold pressed oils are more potent/pure because of the way they are extracted and processed

  • Not all essential oils can be used directly onto skin- always read the labels and do a quick check on the best uses and benefits to you for that oil!

As with most things, it really is trial and error with natural solutions and essential oils. The most important thing is to decide on products that support your wellbeing from the inside out. Reverence Naturals are enthusiastic and passionate about supporting you and the environment through natural means. Here is a glimpse of their story and their products!

Reverence Naturals- a process of renewal

Reverence Naturals is a personal care company founded on the principle of “Reverence for the process of renewal”. We create personal care products for people that have a deep respect for themselves and for the earth. We believe that what’s good for the earth will be good for our bodies, which is why we use calming herbs, healing extracts and moisturizing oils with no harmful toxins added to deliver a superior experience.

We are a family owned and operated company that takes great pride in all of our products being hand-made, in the USA, supporting small business, and using recyclable material wherever possible. This is to ensure that not only our customers and the environment experience renewal but that our communities do as well.

Soothe and Relieve aches and pains with Reverence Naturals

Relieve, is a product designed to reduce the tension of daily life whether it is tension in your hands' feet, neck, back, or something more severe like arthritis or plantar fasciitis.

A senior member of our team who competes in marathons and ironman’s several times a month designed the product. Even though he’s one of the fittest people on the planet, he would still experience regular daily pain from his runs. That’s when we combined some of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs into an easy to apply massage oil. It worked so well that we wanted to share it with the world.

Relieve is designed for daily aches and pains by utilizing some of the oldest herbal remedies known to fight inflammation- Arnica Montana, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils. These precious oils are carried in an all-natural cold pressed grape seed oil to spread evenly and allow for a gentle massage experience while not interfering with the anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients.

Powerful Facial Moisturizers for Great Looking Skin

Our facial moisturizer was designed with three main purposes in mind: Anti-aging by increasing cellular regeneration while supporting collegian growth through deep moisturizing practice, thereby reversing the effects of sun damage and reducing redness and inflammation.

Many conventional moisturizers are filled with petroleum-based ingredients, acids, and artificial preservatives. Every ingredient for our facial moisturizer has been painstakingly combined to create a moisturizer made only from the earth, that’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and deeply moisturizes for hours without causing acne or other blemishes.

The most powerful ingredients in our facial moisturizer are:

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Avocado oil is a deep moisturizing oil that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. One of the less well-known benefits of avocado oil is its ability to reduce the effects of sun damage due to its high concentration in vitamin E, fatty acids, lecithin, and potassium.

Sweet almond oil has highly concentrated vitamin E and A that defend against UV damage and acne.

Coconut oil can penetrate the cellular walls - it provides a deeper moisturizer. It is better than most other oils and as an added bonus its antibacterial properties help to fight bacteria.

Crambe Abyssinica is an incredibly powerful ingredient that is often overlooked in natural skincare products. It is incredibly high in fatty acids that promote a youthful full complexion thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also an antibacterial that fights acne, inflammation, and redness.

We’ve added rosemary oil for its toning antibacterial properties. Our moisturizer goes on light as air with a momentary hint of rosemary penetrating deep into your skin leaving it feeling full and soft for hours without any greasy residue.

Reverence Naturals want to protect you and the environment, and so their lotions and products are hand-made with natural and vegan ingredients. They steer clear of synthetic fragrances, parabens, dyes, or GMO’s. Better for you, every day!

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