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Immune Boosting Remedies

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The body suffers a shock of some sort during seasonal change. Changes in temperature and environmental factors can knock the body’s natural immune function quite sharply- even if you generally look after your health and wellbeing!  As the winter season (or indeed the life around us) switches so should our health and wellbeing focus; the main thing that can suffer is our immune function during winter and times of stress so it makes sense to shift that to a higher priority on your health goal list! 


Stress and the Immune System

Thankfully, there are numerous ways of improving our immune system. If we think in the most basic terms, we need to make sure that we are eating reasonably well, managing our alcohol intake, exercising regularly, and of course, ensuring that we also get enough rest so that our body can regenerate and repair from the stress of the day. We cannot avoid a certain level of stress but we can do our best to ensure it stays at a reasonable level so that it doesn’t impact our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. 

A reasonable level of stress may be felt every few days or so. Stress begins to impact our health and overall immune function if it is constant. Stress depletes the body of its natural resources to stay well, it impacts our hormonal function and this can set the body off on a rollercoaster of anxiety, lethargy, and feeling low with far shorter instances of feeling good and in control of your life. 

We become far more susceptible to infection when we are experiencing constant or prolonged stress. Cortisol is the main stress hormone; once the natural balance of this hormone is impacted it can suppress or at the very least impair the immune function. 

The good news is there is a lot you can do to support your immune function. As well as making lifestyle changes that can limit the amount of stress, we can look at natural remedies that are there to serve and protect when we utilize them! Oregano is one of these natural remedies! 


The Wonders of Oil of Wild Oregano 

Oil of oregano has been used to treat infections for centuries. It has strong antimicrobial properties that make this oil very effective against bacterial, viral, parasitic, and fungal infections. 

These properties are especially valuable now that there is a rise in antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains due to excessive and suboptimal use of antibiotics. Research studies have shown that oil of oregano is as effective as antibiotics in killing several strains of bacteria.



Most people use oregano oil for colds, flu, sore throats, coughs, sinus congestion, and bronchitis. However, there are so many other internal and external uses that most people, even those who use them, don’t realize! 

These include gastrointestinal problems such as bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, and foodborne illnesses (many of the things we may experience over the holiday season in fact!). Oil of oregano can also be helpful for soothing headaches, easing arthritis symptoms, skincare, and relieving muscle and joint pain. The list goes on; the potential benefits to the oil of oregano as a natural healer are extensive. 

Louianna has their very own Oil of Wild Oregano that is supremely sourced; this is alongside all of their other natural health and healing products that are proving ever valuable for wellbeing and remedy from a variety of illnesses and conditions. 


Here we find out a little more about Louianna and how they can help you! 

Louianna began as a love story, a tale of two teenagers (Luigi and Anna) and how they survived and prospered after the war in Europe through their passion and principles around olive farming. They grew as a family (and as olive farmers!) over many years and the results of their efforts are the company we know as Louianna! (The actual story is far lovelier than that brief description!). 

Louianna offer Organic Products that meet Stringent Quality Standards 

Organic certification is the public’s assurance that products have been grown and handled according to strict procedures without the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals.

Louianna takes the extra step, wherever possible, to obtain additional certifications, such as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) from the European Union, to give the public added assurances.

“Our testing procedures are rigorous and uncompromising. We use only the top laboratory facilities in the world to conduct our tests. These labs are recognized by governmental organizations, such as Health Canada, Washington State Department of Agriculture, and Federazione Italiana Agricoltura Organica, just to name a few. Louianna will only provide the highest quality organic products to our customers. That is our promise to you”- Louianna


Louianna looks for organic farmers who work in harmony with nature with good soil building practices and protection of water resources. 

Great agricultural practices respect the balance demanded of a healthy ecosystem. Well-balanced soil grows strong healthy plants that taste great and organic farming helps keep rural communities healthy. Organic agriculture, by definition, requires extra care and diligence. Most organic farms are small in comparison to industrial agriculture that mass produce all the manufactured and modified foods that create many of the health issues that are prevalent in society today (obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.).

Louianna Estates is located in a prime, hilly town of Montorio Nei Frentani, 654 meters above sea level in the province of Molise. Louianna’s mission is simple: to continue to search the world over for quality organic products that are flavorful and healthy for you, and deliver them to your kitchen table or medicine cabinet! 

Here are two of Louianna’s products: Louianna Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Louianna Oil of Wild Oregano.  


Louianna Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is well renowned for its health and healing properties. This wonderful extra virgin olive oil is produced from the Louianna family estate located in Montorio Nei Frentani, Campobasso, Molise, Italy. 



Louianna EVOO complements its rich heritage with its light, herbal flavor, containing sweet and bitter notes, and a spicy, peppery finish. It can be found on the pantry shelves of Food Network Canada’s Top Chef Canada where Top Chefs demand the best quality. The Olive Oil is cold pressed from the freshest, most succulent olive varieties indigenous to the region. It was also selected by the Italian Culinary Institute- that’s how amazing it is! 




“Louianna was proudly selected by the Italian Culinary Institute as the finest olive oil to represent the Molise region, and one of the few to be chosen for our Italian Olive Oil Club.” - Paulo Villoresi, Italian Culinary Institute, New York, NY

The variety of olives used included in Louianna’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is as follows:

  • 60% – Gentile di Larino

  • 20% – Leccino

  • 20% – Peranzana and other varieties

Louianna quality is displayed by certificates it has been awarded including:

  • Certified Organic: Canada Organic and USDA

  • European Union Certification: Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)

Louianna EVOO is very special when it comes to its nutritional content. Test data displays that the Vitamin E is much higher than your standard olive oil with over 3.0 mg per tbsp., Polyphenols at – 0.75 mg per tbsp.

It has a very low acidity of avg of – 0.29%. (This results in a higher smoke point)


Louianna oil of wild oregano 

Are you looking for natural immune support, especially during times of stress and seasonal change? Consider Louianna’s Oil of Wild Oregano, your first line of defense against various health ailments. The benefits to the oil of wild oregano are many, as mentioned earlier. Louianna offers the best you can get with their very own Oil of Wild Oregano. 



  • Oil of oregano is obtained from the leaves and flowers of the oregano herb. There are over 40 species of oregano but the Louianna essential oil of oregano is produced from the rare wild oregano species, Origanum Minutiflorum that is endemic to alpine regions of Turkey.

  • Oil of wild oregano by Louianna is highly potent since it contains the highest percentage of the naturally occurring phenols, carvacrol, and thymol that are primarily responsible for its antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.

  • Louianna’s Oil of Wild Oregano is hand-picked and steam distilled, extracting a pure essential oil, which naturally contains .75 % Thymol and approximately 83% carvacrol. 

  • Carvacrol is one of the key active ingredients, revealed through research to have a significant effect on harmful micro-organisms that may cause illness and Thymol is a strong antimicrobial agent with antiseptic and antioxidant properties, very effective against fungal infections, and encourages tissue healing. 



 “Being only certified organic is not enough today! At Louianna we ensure that all of our products are produced from heirloom varieties of plants certified PDO and Organic. Louianna guarantees that our products are not produced from hybrid or genetically modified plants. Being certified PDO is a proud designation indicating our products are indigenous, and that there are no shortcuts taken in the production process. There is a sense of place palpable in the distinct flavor of all Louianna items. Louianna products are not derived from ingredients mixed from multiple farms or cut with inferior quality fillers; we use absolutely no artificial flavoring, colors, or additives. Louianna’s products are 100% pure and this is the Louianna difference!” Dominic Spedaliere, President, Louianna Inc.


* In partnership with our friends at Louianna Photo courtesy of Louianna
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