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Alleviate The Consequences of Sleep Deprivation, Here’s How!

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Many of you keep working beyond the point of exhaustion. Staying awake for more than 12-14 hours limits your ability to perform efficiently. Most of the time, all you think about is doing whatever is necessary to get your work done. But that is not good for your overall health and wellness. The consequences of sleep deprivation can be severe, especially over the long term. At first, you may not recognize the signs of your decline. Then you begin to wonder why you are lifeless, irritated, and lacking the motivation to do things for yourself like a workout and eat right.

Pushing yourself becomes a negative cycle that continues until you are a different version of your former self. This is also known as burnout. Unfortunately, this takes a while to recover from. That is because you can never recover from lost sleep. It will have control over you until you choose to change. If you want to prevent this from happening, there are many possible solutions.

Along with altering your lifestyle, supplements can be used to improve sleep deprivation and energy loss. One company, known as Pure Bulk, specializes in supplements that can improve your daily functioning. These products, N-ACETYL L-CYSTEINE (NAC) and Pure Sleep Generation 2 are great for reducing sleepless nights and reinforcing growth and recovery. To ensure that your progress continues, these supplements can be paired with making certain adjustments in your daily life.


Monitoring Caffeine Consumption

One issue associated with sleep deprivation is too much dependence on unhealthy sources of caffeine such as Monster Energy drinks, 5-hour energy, Red Bull, and even too much coffee. The main point is that having some energy drinks is perfectly normal. However, when you go to the point of overconsumption like 8 to 10 plus energy drinks a day, that is not good for your health. Honestly, mostly everyone is hooked to some source of caffeine. But if you go beyond what your body can handle, it becomes problematic. The reason is that each serving of Monster contains a double serving of vitamins and caffeine. So, if you drink a few throughout the day, you will be fine. If you have more than 10 a day, this can lead to a vitamin overdose, which is bad for your liver, heart, and kidneys.

While caffeine helps you get through a long day at work, just be careful not to go past your physical limits. If you listen to your body, you will know what much is too versus what isn’t.

Altered Mood

Sleep deprivation greatly affects your mood. You frequently vary between feeling positive, moody, and irritable. Lack of rest compromises further your decision-making processes and creativity. The worst part is that you may fail to get into a flow at work, which makes each task take even longer to accomplish. On top of that, you may experience mental cloudiness. Following several days of no sleep, you are prone to hallucinations and delusions, and insomnia. By forcing yourself to stay awake for so long, sleeping normally becomes a challenge.


Additional Health Concerns

A secondary consequence of no sleep is increased stress. When you’re too tired, it becomes a struggle to manage daily stressors. Eventually, worrying becomes so intense that your immune system loses strength. This will counteract the progress of any training program. For example, this may significantly limit your muscle growth and overall progress. In addition, you risk having high blood pressure. And high blood pressure causes anxiety, dizziness, headaches, and shortness of breath. You may later develop coronary heart disease, an enlarged heart, and heart failure.

Therefore, combining energy drinks with extreme sleep deprivation can be lethal. There is nothing more important than your health. So, it’s time to generate solutions instead of working yourself into an early grave. There is nothing wrong with working hard. But problems arise when your job takes over all aspects of life. No position is worth killing yourself for. At the end of the day, your life and well-being are more important than anything else.


Possible Solutions

If you want to immediately improve your sleep, one thing you can do is cut back on caffeine. Coffee, tea, and energy drinks in moderate consumption are not detrimental to your health. But if you drink way above the recommended amount, there may be negative consequences. If you do decide to quit drinking artificial energy drinks, you will encounter an adjustment period from caffeine withdrawal. After a few days, you will feel adjusted. You must listen to what your body is telling you to make the changes that are best for you.

When it comes to vitamins, you must carefully monitor your intake. Make sure to consume within normal limits before mixing energy drinks with supplements. If you are already drinking energy drinks, just be careful about the amount of vitamins you take on top of that. If you feel like you have a vitamin deficiency, you should consult a physician to have your levels evaluated using a blood test. In that case, do not take any vitamins or supplements without first considering the advice of your doctor.

To change your circumstance, you need to improve your patterns of sleep. First and foremost, make sure you have enough time to complete your tasks. This will help you to prioritize your sleep above work. In addition, you can designate hours in which you will not be doing any work from home. When your employer asks for your availability, this time must be included. It is acceptable to say no to short deadlines because being a pushover and people-pleaser is detrimental to your wellness.

The next reason why sleep deprivation becomes a problem is because of procrastination and time management. When you manage your time properly, eliminate distractions, and stop finding reasons to put off your responsibilities, you will have much more free time. If none of this works, you must schedule relaxation time, where you can take naps during the day.

Upon making these adjustments, you will notice a large difference in your physical and mental health. However, if you need to add to your current strategies, Pure Bulk supplements provide healthy options. Their supplements are geared toward helping people save money by purchasing pure products that are created without unhealthy filler chemicals. Founded by Timothy McNulty in 2008, the company contains a wide variety of nutritional powders, oils, and capsules that help you to customize your routine.

One of the first products known as, N-ACETYL L-CYSTEINE (NAC), helps consumers to ensure the intake of proteins necessary for muscle growth and recovery. When you are deprived of sleep, the results of your training become severely compromised.


  • Is the acetylated form of L-cysteine, an essential amino acid that is an important structural component of many proteins

  • L-cysteine binds with glutamine and glycine to form an antioxidant tripeptide that helps prevent free radicals, illness, and stress

  • NAC improves the availability of glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects against harmful radicals and turns on natural killer cells

  • Reduces effects of oxidative stress

  • Has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties

  • Helps with liver detoxification

  • Accelerates wound healing

  • Regulates blood sugar

Another one of their popular products is called Pure Sleep Generation 2, which can be used along with other methods for improving sleep deprivation.

Pure Sleep Generation 2

  • Is a non-habit forming sleeping aid

  • Helps to improve the quality of sleep without the drowsy effects associated with many other products

  • Promotes digestive health

  • Allows you to feel rested and energized

  • Stress is alleviated with better sleep

  • Reduces tossing and turning

Prioritize Your Health & Sleep!

So many of you forget to include enough time in your night to sleep. When it comes to job responsibilities and stress, it becomes the first thing sacrificed. Just remember that to be healthy and successful, you must make rest a priority. You can do that by making the small changes previously mentioned in addition to using N-ACETYL L-CYSTEINE (NAC) and Pure Sleep Generation 2.



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