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5 Key Steps To Reduce Stress & Improve Your Immune System

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Are you fed up with being overwhelmed by stress? You’re not the only one! It can be difficult to find a healthy balance while managing a 6-day work week, family, and social life. Like most of us, you may be struggling to improve your energy and wellness. The more stressed you are, the harder it is for your immune system to function normally. However, none one is perfect. Occasionally, you need to expedite your progress. One of the original pioneering physicians, Dr. Dharma, specializes in formulating supplements that accelerate your progress. It just so happens that, as you age, your own body’s ability is not always enough to make the headway you need.

Should you decide to take an active role in your self-growth as a way to conquer your stress, the following are some methods you can try:


Productive meditationinvolves clearing your mind. You must take a second to forget about your worries and focus on the positive. Of course, this sounds challenging during a hard day, but it is possible. If you are doing this correctly, you can be mentally present by focusing on the sound of your breathing. When you take the time to breathe, your parasympathetic nervous system engages by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, thereby reducing your anxiety. Meditation is truly successful because it resembles biofeedback, a psychological technique that teaches you to listen to your body in distress and work to calm it down. When you meditate, you can feel your body relaxing. With practice, you can gain a great sense of control over your bodily functions.

Schedule Worry Time

One great way to target your stress is by scheduling time to resolve your issues. For example, if you’re working on an urgent assignment and your computer runs out of storage, you can free up an hour to purchase an external hard drive. This ‘worry time’ can be used for anything productive that makes you frustrated. You can also use that hour to cry, meditate, or solve problems from a checklist. When using this technique, you no longer have to remain aggravated during the day. In reality, some things are out of your control, meaning you can’t always address important matters when you want or need to. Including ‘worry time’ resolves your concerns about feeling helpless in the current moment.

Put Down Your Phone

A significant cause of stress is your phone because it reminds you of your social, financial, and work obligations. So, when you have other priorities that come, a conflict occurs. You can’t simultaneously take care of your most vital responsibilities andcommit to a tight workdeadline. You are only one person, and you can’t do it all! Just remember, it’s perfectly okay to tell the people in your life that you can’t makeadditionalcommitments. If you are honest, you can put your phone down guilt-free. No matter what, your mental health and wellness come first. You are the only one who can choose the amount of pressure you withstand. Therefore, you must take an active role in relieving it.

Prioritize Sleep

Due to the fast-paced work mentality that drives us, it’s easy to place other obligations before sleep. The problem with sleep deprivation is that it intensifies your stress levels because your body must overcompensate for the deficit. Consequently, your sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive, causing your energy to deplete faster. Instead of being calm, you’re battling a build-up of tension that will eventually wear you out. In addition, lack of sleep leads to decreasedmental function. For instance, your sensory processing and recall may become affected along with difficulty multitasking, remaining focused, acquiring information, and combating brain fog. When severe exhaustion becomes habitual, you’re at an increased risk for long-term depression, anxiety, and burnout. Then, your body’s overall health declines, weakening your immune system. As a result, this may lead to premature aging, skin ailments, vulnerability to illness, daily aches and pains, chronic high blood pressure, and drastic fluctuations in glucose levels.

Engage In Moderate Exercise

When you think about it, the point of exercising is to be healthy. Working out doesn’t have to involve strenuous or physically stressful activity to be effective. You should only be doing what your body can manage without pushing too hard. Training at an elite level takes time, working up from one goal to the next. In other words, when you’re starting, moderate activity is ideal, especially after a rough day. If you train beyond what you can handle, you may be in danger of an injury. The point is to get your muscles to loosen up when you need pressure relief. One of the best ways to alleviate your tension and irritability is to walk. Walking is an activity that most individuals can do without pain. If you cannot do so, you may want to consider light floor exercises like yoga.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about doing all the work yourself.Dr. Dharma has beendedicated to optimizing health, stress, immune system, memory, and preventing rapid agingfor over 30 years.

Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD
Dr. Dharma, as he is known, is one of the pioneers in anti-aging and mind-body medicine, including the use of specific, targeted supplements.Trained at Harvard, Creighton University School of Medicine, and the University of California, Khalsa has spent his life studying mind-body connection with the dream of helping others. Due to his hard work, people now have access to more effective supplements to promote their health and well-being. Thanks to his dedication, people now have the opportunity to have a better quality of life.

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Gold Caps

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Memory Caps

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Finally, You Can Be Your Best Self!

If you want to work on a better you, there are so many ways you can alter your coping skills and routine surrounding stress management. You can meditate, limit your screen time, exercise moderately, sleep more, or pencil in ‘worry time.’ But if you want to reach rapid progress, you can combine these methods with the products offered by Dr. Dharma.

Gone are the days when you’re limited in becoming your best self. Thanks to Dr. Dharma.’sscience and research, supplements now exist to defeat the degenerative forces behind stress, poor immune system functioning, memory, aging, lackluster hair, and wrinkly skin. Rather than feeling hopeless that you’ll be unable to restore your health while getting older,Dr. Dharma.’sGold Caps and Memory Capsprovide you with the tools you need to thrive.


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