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The power of natural crystals

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The Goal: maximize your personal energy and obtain a healthier, happier life ... a clear, yet, complex intention for a stress free, happy ever after life. For most, the recipe for achieving this goal might include running shoes or a yoga mat or the weighing out of the carbs and proteins of last night's dinner. But here we are, to stir up your perspective and introduce you to the potential Power of Natural Crystals.

The idea for alternative medicine leads us back centuries to those who sought ways to resolve medical power for which today we may simply consume over the counter medicines and not think twice of doing so. However, there are some, who believe that the power of crystals may be greater than most choose to explore. To support our theory we reached out to Dr. Howard Wolin, a retired medical physician and holistic practitioner, who presently is a life-wellness coach at the Wolin Wellness Center.

Sit back, relax and let yourself be filled with knowledge and understanding of natural crystals as we take in Dr. Wolin’s expertise:

Initially I became involved with complementary and alternative medicine when classical medicine was not able to solve one of my own physical problems. When alternative techniques did, I felt some of these techniques might also help my patients. Later, through multiple years of trial and error on myself, I discovered that certain crystals seem to make my family and I feel better when placed in our environment, so now as part of my life-coach work, I utilize wondrouscrystals for my clients. In my opinion crystals have individual powers, energies and personalities. Having a scientific background I have thought a lot about: (1) what possibly could be the explanation for my observations about crystals; (2) how do crystals work in healing and (3) why do they seem to demonstrate individual properties? The following facts and theoretical explanations have aided my understanding:

"Words cannot express all you have done for our family. My two year old son was terrorizing my family with his bouts of rage...When we realized we would not be able to send him to school we became very fearful.  After three to four weeks the changes were noticeable. My 3 year old actually had a brother he could play with. ...We are so grateful for all of your help."

The atoms and/or molecules that compose crystals are in a very ordered arrangement. In fact, physicists consider crystals (of all the materials that are on the earth and in us) to have states of the highest order (or describing it another way, states of the lowest disorder). I emphasize in us and states of the lowest disorder because it is a scientific fact that more work is accomplished and more energy is efficiently used in states with low disorder. Our bodies have crystals of two types, piezo and liquid crystals, and for these crystals to do their work for us they need to use all of the energy they have. Piezo crystals are in multiple parts of our bodies including our DNA, intestines, bones, connective tissue, heart and aorta and they convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and visa-versa. Liquid crystals are also in multiple places being in the cell membranes of organs. (The Sage Age – Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom, MaAnna Stephenson, 2008). It is no surprise, therefore, that crystals are a topic today in the fields of biology, neurobiology and communications.  Regarding communications, it is known that crystals store information and that the lower the energy state of a system that stores information the easier it is for that system to carry clear (coherent) information or communicate properly.

WOW - The implications the above truths hold for us! For optimal health, our cells and organs need energy to communicate with each other to do their jobs properly. Further, our cells and organs maximize the success of their work with low energy states and crystals inside us have low energy states!

Can crystals that are outside of our bodies, communicate with crystals inside of our bodies? Can energy from crystals outside of our bodies resonate with crystals inside and thereby change the frequencies of those crystals with the results that (a) the clarity in communications between our cells and organs improves and (b) needed healings and overall well being are enhanced? My experiences lead me to believe the answer to both of these questions is yes. Unfortunately, even though spiritual healers have talked about the healing properties of crystals for thousands of years, today, few research dollars are available for (a) studying the use of crystals in healing,  (b) finding out how or why crystals may work and (c) identifying influences that enhance the benefits of crystals and give crystals' personalities.  It is my opinion, that in this absence, some of the most up to date information about crystal healing is coming from a few researchers who have the courage to dedicate some of their time to crystal healing research and also from individual practitioners who use them. I therefore, want to share some of Marcel Vogel's research and some of my own experiences with you. 

"… Since we acquired our rose quartz polished sphere with black tourmaline and moonstone our life and business has flourished while the energy in the shop has been extremely positive. ...Their beauty has added another dimension to our environment."

Marcel Vogel was a research scientist for IBM. He received many patents and some of his work involved the use of crystals. He was able to reproduce the Baxster effect that plants respond to thought, and he also felt that the greatest coherence was produced through the emotion of love. Although this may sound unscientific, we may have scientific proof for Vogel's feeling about love in the future. The HeartMath Solution says "the heart is more than just a physical pump; the rhythms themselves are regulated by love." (Stephen Rechtschaffen, M.D. Introduction, Heart Math Solution)  Vogel's research also led him to believe that a crystal must be worked (faceted) with the "right attitude, understanding and consciousness." (www.vogelcrystals.net/legacy of marcel vogel.htm).  Our work has supported Vogel's findings, so we select with the greatest care the highest quality crystals known for their vibrant color, overall beauty and quality. Our goal is the highest good for all concerned. Vogel's and our work also align with native Americans who work with crystals, and who describe taking the light of the universe and imbuing the crystals with the light as well as hours of prayer strength and meditation to enhance what is needed for a specific individual's well being.

Regarding the personalities of crystals, we agree with Marcel Vogel that crystals are unique due to the energies (a) on the earth in the location where they developed and (b) their final form and faceting. We also agree with native Americans that their personalities are unique due to (c) the energy imbued into them by practitioners. Ruby Kyanite provides an example: ruby together with kyanite is believed to be imbued with the frequencies that represent compassion, self-confidence, courage and prosperity and thereby provides into the environment in which it is placed the energies that represent those qualities plus the additional positive intentions added by the energetic healer for the specific individual or individuals it will be used for. You may view a unique one of its kind Ruby Kyanite at www.wondrouscrystals.com.

About author: 
Howard Wolin had professionally practiced for over 42 years, (including 20 years of clinical experience as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and 22 years of clinical experience with alternative and complimentary medicine.) He did undergraduate work at New York University, University College of Arts and Science in New York and received his M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) from the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine in Louisville, KY. He completed his Internship and Psychiatric Residency at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, IL and am a graduate of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute. In 2012, Howard Wolin retired his medical license and realigned his wellness center into Life Wellness Coaching www.wolinwellnesscenter.com


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  • Users avatars medium
    Rafal said: Sun, 02 Nov 2014 17:46:19 +0100
    This is a wonderful example describing how true power of Crystals can really change sometime world. The idea of crystals and "magical powers" can be a far fetched thought for some but if you try it you wii never doubt it. My mother used these crystals to ''charge" her energy zone. If I didn't see it first hand I would not have believed it but the effect was amazing! Highly suggest this to anyone dealing with hardship in their lives!
  • Users avatars medium
    Sam said: Sun, 02 Nov 2014 17:51:33 +0100
    Highly Agree and suggest to every who may doubt it! After reading this article I contacted Dr. Howard Wolin, what a brilliant man! A simple phone conversation with this man will give you more ease of heart than a hr long massage session! Fantastic! Thanks you Wellness Team for delivering once again :)
  • Users avatars medium
    laura said: Tue, 04 Nov 2014 17:02:28 +0100
    Sam I agree with you 100%! Earlier today I made the same phone call and spoke with Dr. Howard, speaking to him for 10 min was so enlightening not to mention relaxing. Got more motivation and energy from him than double espresso!
  • Users avatars medium
    Tamara said: Tue, 04 Nov 2014 17:24:31 +0100
    This sounds almost to good to be true - iv heard of crystal powers from my uncle. He was always into these things. seems to give validity to some of his theories.
  • Users avatars medium
    monica said: Tue, 04 Nov 2014 17:36:57 +0100
    Wow, this was an intense read. So much information in one place, it's good to know that we can still find some quality information on the Internet. Thanks guys!
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