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Daily, we are bombarded with new medical information about our health, beauty and perfect  mind. Much of it is conflicting. As a result, we obsess about eating , drinking, meditating or buying cosmetics to prevent aging and sickness. UpNature is a family owned business, formed by two brothers, who got tired of all the unnatural products & chemicals out there in the market, which are making more harm than good to our health and bodies, in our opinion. UpNature’s story goes back many years back, from the early 90’s. For years, we grew up personally using a lot of products internally & externally, anything from food and cosmetics, without having any awareness and knowledge of what we are consuming and putting into our bodies, and kept doing harm to ourselves. Our health kept deteriorating, and we did not know why. The knowledge we were getting from the TV, government & doctors was not helping, and in retrospect, we found was false, misleading and harmful. This was done due to wrong knowledge we had, and a complete lack of awareness on the effect of that. 

When we started becoming more aware of what we consume, internally and on our skin, in the same time we started improving our health, and while buying many different products for our own use, we were thinking to ourselves "Why didn't we think of that?" earlier on. It was very basic, yet simple and natural. Most importantly, it was working, and our personal health started improving a lot. That is where our never-ending health journey began.

As our health got better and better with every day and month, from applying new principles, we noticed that not everybody are aware of those health principles. We have decided that enough is enough and that a change must occur in the world. We wanted to share our knowledge onwards. That is where UpNature was created, and we stepped into the market, with a mission to provide 100% all-natural products, to the most regular consumer, so everybody can live happier and healthier lives, in the most affordable prices.
To accomplish our mission, we dug dip into research of what can be the easiest way to start improving health for the regular person, easily & naturally, with ancient health and knowledge, including from our own life experience. 
The human body is an extremely complicated system made up of complex systems.  If you're interested in nurturing your body, mind, and soul naturally so as to awaken your true inner power, we believe you need the correct and right substances for that. We wanted to offer products that can help restore your balance to your body and mind. The direct result of that was that we have launched in UpNature headquarters new Essential Oils into the market. You can now get the following Essential Oils from us: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Oregano and Neem Oil (Neem Oil is considered to be a Carrier Oil).

We believe that health shouldn't be complicated, and we want to bring healthy & natural products to people across the globe, and simplify health for everybody. It should be easy, effective, fun & natural to maintain your health. Like you, we care about the quality of products that you get. That is why we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of products in the market, as we believe highly that the quality of the products you use internally & externally affect your well-being a lot.
Not all Essential Oils are created equal.


The quality, therapeutic concentration in our Essential Oils, and affordability can, and often does, mean the difference between sickness and health. At UpNature, we live by those principles, and use our products on ourselves as well every day, supporting & boosting our health and well-being. Each essential oil is a true botanical miracle. We use mother nature to help create miracles with our health. When several oils are combined, the effect of multiple compounds bursts forth with an intelligence and life force that is beyond us, something the plants holds in them. 
Beauty is everyone’s birthright. It is about being the master of your life, living as deliberately as nature intended us to. Beauty is created from both inside & outside, and the quality that is being put into it. That is why UpNature Essential Oils are authentic and pure and distilled only from the named plant matter.
We are looking to unite people in UpNature, those who care about their wellness and health, and looking for the simple solutions, that can make the biggest difference, hence, it doesn’t end with Essential Oils. While we passionately believe in the effects Essential Oils can have on your health, there is more to it. UpNature has new products on its horizon. We believe in the following quote “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” by Hippocrates, and that there is a strong connection between the food you consume and your well-being. To keep sharing more products that can improve your well-being, we’ll soon present also Organic Honey, Almonds, Vanilla Beans & Colloidal Silver from the highest quality sources possible.
We strive to preserve the value and vitality of every ingredient in our healthy and natural products. We use no fillers or artificial ingredients in our products. No synthetic preservatives are found in our products as well. UpNature is proud to offer superior products while promoting the good of our planet.
We are here to support you through every step of the way, and we wish you health and happiness always. We would like to invite you to explore our shop and learn about the power of UpNature products.


Photo courtesy od UpNature , BP Photostock

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