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Tested. Trusted. Dr. Tobias. So how are you feeling today? Hope that you better today than you were yesterday, and worse then you’ll be tomorrow. Seems complex, but it really isn’t. Just give it a thought. What changes do you need to implement into your life in order for tomorrow to be better? For some this means drastic changes, for other it might mean simply getting up 30-minuets earlier tomorrow and having that much more time for the morning run. Whichever fits your current status there is surely one suggestion that either way, we can give you – 'Probiotic your way to ultimate health.' Tomorrow and every day that follows!

Know your best friend
No, we are not referring to your college roommate. We are actually referring to your digestive system. Yes, that’s right! Your digestive system should be your best friend. The better you treat it, the better it will treat you. Many people don’t take seriously the saying “you are what you eat” but they should. Our bodies are complex mechanism but do not require a complex approach to functioning. The reality is simple, what you put in your body will be transformed to energy that you will use over the course of the day. If you eat heavy, your body will respond the same. It will take your stored energy levels that are set aside for digesting, and slow you down, until having processed the food and turned it over into new energy. This is why you usually get a bit tired and sleep after a big lunch. This is also why Italians always drink an espresso after a big family style dinner, even if it’s eleven o’clock at night! On the other hand, if you don’t deliver food to your system your body will be sluggish, tired and running on reserve batteries to get you through the day. So treating your daily diet seriously will lead to more than just a toned physique, but a healthier and more productive day.
Of course, there are other ways that we can help our new best friend in functioning through the day. Reality proves day after day, that as much as we want to live the healthy life and eat those perfectly fit regimen lunches and dinners, it’s simply not always possible. Thankfully, there is a solution to this. It’s called, probiotics and their main goal is to help you in moving food through your gut. Sounds simple enough? Well, in theory, it is. In practice, it’s a bit more complicated. The topic of probiotics can be complex and confusing. This is not surprising considering that digestive system is one the most complicated systems in the human body. In addition, the bacteria that inhabit this system can be difficult to understand due to their intricate make-up and large numbers. The flurry of activity that takes place in our internal bacterial world can be difficult to describe and even more challenging to understand.Tested. Trusted. Dr. Tobias.

What you need to know about probiotics is that they are your source of “good” bacteria that helps your body work, as it should.
Probiotics are powerful tools we can use to support good gut health. Good gut health can help prevent and treat a variety of illnesses.
Scientific studies also show that probiotics can help support your body maintaining a working immune system.

A gift to your friend
As we all know everyone likes gifts and for the majority of us we like to give them as well, especially when it’s for someone close. So, if you would like to give yourself something special reach out for a line of probiotics. Our suggestion is
Dr. Tobias’s Probiotic, 30 Billion. The name alone sounds convincing, and it is. The probiotic has 30 Billion CFU (unit used to estimate the number of viable bacteria in a unit) with every capsule. 10 Strains - Including 2 Spore Forming Strains for Additional Health Benefits. These Strains are extremely resilient - they are acid resistant and help other good bacteria.

With probiotics, there is one important factor to keep in mind. You want the “live bacteria” to be delivered directly to the intestines which will allow them to fully adapt and work most effectively.


The topic of good health


Since we are on the topic of good health, and taking into consideration the sad fact that summer is slowly but surely coming to an end. It would be well thought to bring forward the topic of our immune system. The immune system is our body’s personal protective “bodyguard”. It’s programmed with a mission of destroying disease-causing organisms or substances that have unwelcomingly gotten into our body. As we all know changing seasons are usually accompanied by a thermometer and at best a runny nose. But, this does not always have to be the case. Strengthening your immune system will lead to more protection for your body. This can be done in many ways. For starters, regular exercise and a healthy diet filled with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins will give you a healthy immune system to withstand the common cold. But, if you are looking to have a bit more reassurance that your body will not give into the germs you can always supplement your diet with a product like Dr. Tobias’s Deep Immune. As the name reads this is an effective and strong probiotic, working deep within, designed to help  and support your immune system.


Deep Immune has four spore-forming strains of bacteria totaling 4.4 billion CFU and is reinforced by the patented Probiotic Booster PreForPro®, a highly effective Prebiotic, and DRCaps® for proven stomach acid protection. Unlike other probiotic products Deep Immune does not have to be refrigerated.
Whether dealing with your digestive or your immune system one thing is certain, taking care of your body on a daily basis is the direction for reaching longevity and optimal health. To achieve this the solution is, yet again simple! The more we invest in our health today the less we will invest in doctor visits in the future.

Photo courtesy of  Dr.Tobias Tested. Trusted. Dr. Tobias.

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