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Eat a cookie for breakfast

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Every product begins with a story, some people are motivated by their desire to earn a higher income, while others may be driven by an idea they need to invent. For Lisa Harris, a single mother of two teenage boys, small business owner and passionate baker, she was simply driven by her love of eating cookies for breakfast... Always on the go, Lisa would often turn to cookies as she was running out the door. Unfortunately, cookies weren’t exactly part of a healthy breakfast...but they could be!

In New Year 2015 you can eat a cookie for breakfast!

Fueled by the passion to create and her love for baking, Lisa designed a cookie that could be both indulgent and healthy. For almost 6 years, she owned an adorable and unique coffeehouse in Northport, NY. This is where the Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie was developed.


Now the Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie is a part of many healthy breakfasts and the grab and go snack that is finding its way into both briefcases and lunch boxes across the United States.

Why are  Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookies so special?

These cookies are the perfect satisfying, nutritious snack or healthy, convenience breakfast. High in protein and fiber, low glycemic, omega 3's that are great for your body and mind.

Editors Pick - Peanut Butter Berry Breakfast cookies!


Whether you’re eating breakfast or a quick lunch, Peanut Butter Berry Breakfast cookies give you the taste you crave with the healthy nutrition your body deserves.

All of cookies are made with the finest, all natural ingredients.

  • taste amazing

  • high in protein ( 10 g) per serving

  • low with sugar ( 7 g) per serving

  • high in dietary fiber ( 7g) per serving

Peanut Butter Berry cookies elevate the peanut butter taste to the next level with the infusion of dried cherries and cranberries. You can’t miss the wildflower honey taste as well as the delicious white and peanut butter chips in this healthy yet tasty cookie that’s rich in Omega 3s.

Are looking for Gluten Free cookies option?

Morning Sunshine Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Flax cookies made with all natural ingredients yet with strict attention to gluten dietary concerns is a healthy and delicious choice for cookie lovers with gluten allergen concerns. Keeps us full for a few hours. Perfect for quick breakfast or very convenient snack.

  • very high  in protein (16 g) per serving

  • low with sugar ,only ( 5g) per serving

  • dietary fiber ( 6g) per serving

  • satisfying and delicious

Enjoy your cookies as much as we do ! Your body will thank you for !



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