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A few ways to improve your heart health

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Our beloved heart beats thousands of times per day, continuously pumping nutrient-rich blood around our body. From a sensory perspective, it also generates its own powerful electromagnetic field; the power of the hearts electromagnetic field is thought to be even greater than that of our brain waves-amazing! Physically, our heart works extremely hard, yet perhaps because it is not visible to us, we often take it for granted. We trust that it will just continue beating to its rhythm even when we don’t always take good care of it by eating well and exercising often. Heart health is of major importance for our physical well being, in fact, heart disease is the greater risk to us then some types of cancers. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to help your heart be happy and healthy - it is a muscle after all and all muscles need some kind of overload to become stronger and work better for you. Here we look at a few ways you can work toward better heart health.




1.    Walk-often!

Walking is actually one of the best exercises for your overall well being and cardiovascular health. When you combine your walking practice within the arms of nature then it also multiplies the benefits. Scenic routes help to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate you, and the actual physical act of walking becomes far more enjoyable. It is a holistic approach to heart health. You can adjust your route and walking pace according to your current fitness level and maybe add some more hilly areas into your walk as your cardio fitness improves. Walking is something that you can do alone or with a friend, it is totally free, and as well as improving your circulation it also benefits your bone health and musculature, tones up your legs, and works your core!

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” - Confucius



2.    Manage your weight

When we carry too much excess weight it directly puts a lot more pressure on our hearts. Extra weight and fat around our internal organs increase our cholesterol levels and blood pressure. When we are at a healthy weight range we are less at risk of coronary heart disease- and this is a very definite fact. We can manage our weight in many ways; by staying active and ensuring our body receives the nutrients it needs through good food, vitamins, and minerals we encourage the natural synergy of our body to do the rest! The important thing to remember if you are working toward a healthy weight range is to take your time and do it right. Weight management is a lifestyle- we need to avoid short-term quick fixes. Too much weight fluctuation at either end of the scale still adds stress to our heart function.



3.    Cut down on salt!

High salt levels have an overwhelming impact on our blood pressure. We have become accustomed to adding salt to our food, yet in many cases, the food that we eat contains hidden salt that we may not even be aware of! This is particularly the case when it comes to packaged processed foods, takeaways, and over the counter cooked meats. The best way to remedy high salt is to stop adding it to what we eat; instead, we can add herbs and spices to flavorsome food- our taste buds will adjust fairly quickly. Check your food labels and if the salt content is above 1.5g of salt/100g of food then it is considered high.



There are many other ways we can keep our heart healthy, as a general note- our body works in rhythm, connection, and balance, the better we work with it, the more it works for us!

EraseDisease LLC was established in 2010 and they have a special passion and focus on cardiovascular health. EraseDisease LLC is a supplement manufacturer located in the town of Gilbert Arizona. They are dedicated and focused on creating the highest quality nutritional supplements possible. “We have been doing business since June 2010 and have been a proud member of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce since 2011 and an accredited member of the Arizona Better Business Bureau since 2014 with an A+ rating. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Whether it's an issue or just a simple question, we're always happy to assist our valued customers” said EraseDisease LLC.

Many people do not consider the fact that their arteries are comparable to a system of superhighways in a city... busily carrying every nutrient that is eaten, drunk, or even breathed or absorbed through the skin to every cell in the body.  Much like the delivery system to a city or town, if the body's circulatory system is not operating at its peak efficiency than the cells that depend on it for nourishment begin to suffer, and eventually atrophy and die.  When this happens often enough it can lead to more serious issues in the body.  Many diseases and illnesses can be traced back to being originally caused by a lack of proper circulation.


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Cardio-Juvenate Plus works by combining four main ingredients that work together synergistically in the body to create an abundant flow of Nitric Oxide in the bloodstream:

  • The first ingredient is the amino acid L-arginine, which the body easily metabolizes into Nitric Oxide. According to scientific research, a minimum of 5 grams of L-arginine is required in order to produce enough Nitric Oxide gas to have a positive effect on circulation and blood flow. This is why Cardio-Juvenate Plus contains 5 grams of pharmaceutical grade L-arginine in every serving.

  • It is a powdered blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals based on 1998 Nobel Prize-winning research that when mixed with water, juice, or other beverages creates therapeutic quantities of Nitric Oxide gas in the bloodstream. This absorbs into the endothelial layers of the artery walls, rejuvenating them and keeping them flexible and elastic (like surgical tubing) and therefore allowing for better circulation and blood flow to vital organs and other bodily tissues.

Nitric Oxide Gas (NO) is chiefly responsible for keeping the circulatory system clean and operating at peak efficiency. Nitric Oxide is produced naturally by the body in abundant quantities when we are young, but production often drops sharply as we reach middle age, and even more sharply as we reach our senior years of life.  When the levels of production of this important gas drop, it becomes very important to replace it by supplementing daily with a quality Nitric Oxide supplement.

One more thing that should be taken into consideration when supplementing with any nutritional formula is the ratio in which the ingredients of the formula are absorbed into the body. This is known as Bio-Availability. The more that each of the individual ingredients of a supplement can be absorbed into the bloodstream, the more effective that supplement will be in its task.

Combining all of these ingredients together into a single, easy to mix and drink supplement is what makes Cardio-Juvenate Plus such an important part of one's daily regimen for maintaining excellent cardiovascular health. 

In addition, Cardio-Juvenate Plus comes in three delicious flavors to satisfy different tastes:

  • Classic Berry

  • Creamy Berry

  • Tropical Orange

EraseDisease primary mission is to “Improve Quality of Life… One Person at a Time”. Their manufacturing facilities are FDA regulated as well as cGMP and NSF licensed and certified.  


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