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Amazing Formula No. 33

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Everyone loves a great comeback story, right? Well, sit back and let us tell you about Luxe Spa Formulas. A female-owned company in Austin, Texas began after the founder almost lost her life. This once very successful runway model and pageant queen suffered from a double health crisis. With a devoted husband, a 2-year daughter, and a booming career in sales, she had everything she could have wanted, until life happened.

First, came a devastating diagnosis of a chronic autoimmune disorder with no cure. Becoming disabled was one of the doctor’s main concerns, but constant fatigue was inevitable. Next, she suffered from a brain aneurysm, with several surgeries to follow.  Life seemed to be one extreme situation after another. Her health was failing her and her body shape was no longer a source of confidence. One day, after several years of medications, steroids, and constant IV treatments she looked in the mirror and no longer recognized herself. It was not just the wrinkles or the extra weight, but that twinkle in her eye was gone. The spark was gone. As the years went on a massive skin cancer on her face left her scarred. That was the last straw. Depression set in this once vibrant and happy woman.

As a family, they shared a deep respect for natural and organic products. A healthy lifestyle and a holistic mindset had always a way of life for her before the illnesses. Her husband stayed focused on staying fit and eating well. But the depression took hold and wasn’t letting go. After counseling with her husband, he encouraged her to develop her own product that would help her with her scar.  He never discussed the weight gain, or the need to get back into the healthy and active lifestyle they had once shared. But she knew what she had to do.

Her focus became her scar. Although she had a full-time job, a family, and other commitments, she worked tediously at night and on the weekends to create something that would work. After several formulations, the formula was perfected for her skin. Two months of applications and she was convinced her product was working. Friend after friend asked if she “had something done’! Even doctors she knew made comments about the change in her skin and her outlook. So, with that momentum, the product was introduced to trial subjects for testing.

The participants had to agree to use the product for 8 weeks, twice a day and to exfoliate a minimum of 4-5 times per week.  Fortunately, she used what most believe to be their toughest critics: friends and family! The people who tell you the truth!

Even they were shocked at their own results. The product was born. Women from around the world now know it as Luxe Spa Formula No. 33. It is formulated for reducing the appearance of cellulite and for tightening and firming the skin. It contains all of the hallmark ingredients needed to address these skin issues. From natural caffeine, pure retinol derivatives, pure and organic essential oils, organic aloe vera, pure green tea extract, the list goes on and on…and on to the US Patent office for review.  Some ingredients are secret but we can say that the results are not. Currently, it is one of the best sellers on Amazon.  Their website has had to be upgraded several times just to accommodate the sales. Even a nationally known television show has approached the company to partner with them for marketing and distribution. What we find intriguing is the customer base for this product.

Luxe Spa Formula No. 33 has been consistently purchased by real celebrities, top international pageant winners and competitors, and even royalty…yes, we said royalty with a capital R! The company stands committed to never reveal their customer base, and their employees sign non-disclosure agreements. Amazing! The product has been endorsed by top beauty bloggers and is only available at very limited retailers, Amazon, eBay, and at a slightly lower cost on their website.

For now, the credo of the company stays the same: Keep the product fresh, efficacious, and luxurious. Never forget our customers: Real Women, with Real Results. One other thing, this company has the “Charity of the Month “program. Proceeds from every bottle sold go to the charity of the month. When you make your purchase, you will be informed of the cause you will be supporting. From Ovarian Cancer research and Alzheimer’s Disease, to help US homeless mothers and children, your purchase is not in vain. It is sincerely helping causes in all communities.

Natural ingredients and never testing on animals is a standard this company will never compromise on. Currently, the company plans to keep production in Austin however, possible expansion plans in the mid-west are in the works. They promise to never leave the USA. With the direction this product is going, it is no surprise that the founder is beating her depression, working on her health and wellness, and appreciating all the people who help her make her comeback. Congratulations Luxe Spa Formula No. 33  ! We hope you have “smooth” sailing from here!

Photo courtesy of Luxe Spa Formulas

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