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Vitamin C for Health and Vitality

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Our immune system is always in need of support; seasons may come and go but anytime is a great time to improve your health and vitality through immune support! Our immune system provides sustenance and an all-important defense against harmful bacteria, toxins, and pollutants no matter the climate!





Expelling the Myth, “Is Taking a High Vitamin C Dosage Really Expensive Urine”?

An old industry claim is that spending money on taking vitamin C only results in expensive urine as most of the vitamin C will be flushed from the body unused- Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin after all.

This claim, as well as the RDA, was developed based on a tiny study of a dozen young, healthy individuals. They were given a dose of vitamin C and then a test was made to determine how much vitamin C was found in their urine. The conclusion was any more than what was retained by the body was unused and wasted.

However, the study doesn't account for the rest of the population, their individual needs, nor how those individuals’ needs would vary depending on health, activity or stress levels. Individual needs will differ greatly for the young to the elderly for instance!


Dr. Cathcart’s Findings on Vitamin C Doses

Dr. Robert Cathcart published a critically important paper on the effects of proper Vitamin C dosage. He kept a chart of how much oral vitamin C he would have his patients take over 24 hours, based on what type of condition they had. Doses varied depending on the severity of the illness and went from 10-15g for the common cold, up past 100g/24 hours for flu, and even up to 200g/day (not a typo, not mg, grams!) in the treatment of mononucleosis.

He found that most healthy adults could take between 5 and 10g a day of ascorbic acid orally distributed throughout the day without any signs of intestinal discomfort or loose stools. This is what he described as “titrating to bowel tolerance”. Titrating to Bowel Tolerance is a method that utilizes Vitamin C doses just short of amounts that could cause bowel issues such as gurgling in the gut or Diarrhea.





The Importance of Taking Vitamin C Properly

Vitamin C offers strong support for the immune system, even more so when taken the right way in order to help minimize cold and flu symptoms for instance. It is a water-soluble vitamin and so a daily dose is required. It has a half-life of around 30 minutes in the body and so a dose is needed at least every two hours, optimally, sipping your vitamin C throughout the day can help to keep you healthy and feeling good. Sadly, many of us only reach for the Vitamin C supplement when we are taken over by a cold or flu bug, but Vitamin C is so much more than a preventative measure against a cold or the flu!


Here are some ways that Vitamin C helps your health and well-being:

  • Vitamin C is critically important during pregnancy!  Dr. Fred Klenner had incredible results on over 300 babies with his Vitamin C protocol for pregnancy and lactation. Labor was shorter and less painful. There were no tearing or postpartum hemorrhages. There was no cardiac stress even though 22 patients of the series had rheumatic hearts. Infants were all robust.  No feeding problems. They included the first and, at the time, only quadruplets to have survived in the southeastern United States. There were no miscarriages. All of the babies from this series were called “Vitamin C Babies” by the nursing personnel–they were distinctly different!

  • Vitamin C is great for your heart health as it protects and maintains the arteries and also helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol within the blood. It effectively helps to lower LDL cholesterol and it can also help to lower blood pressure.

  • Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant. As such, it helps to fight free radicals and inflammation that create oxidative stress within the body. This is the reason Vitamin C is widely used and acclaimed as anti-aging!

  • Vitamin C boosts your immune system’s natural defenses. It may not rid you of a cold or the flu, but it can certainly reduce the time and lessen the effects of a cold/flu bug. Vitamin C enhances the production of white blood cells which help protect the body from infection and harmful toxins.

  • Vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron much more effectively. Iron is a vital mineral that is needed for red blood cell production and transporting oxygen through the body. Anemia or iron deficiency is fairly common in pregnancy as the demands of oxygen double to provide for the baby.

  • Vitamin C is ideal to accompany an iron supplement! However, a glass of orange juice for instance will generally give you less than 100mg of Vitamin C (even if freshly squeezed!). For this reason, vitamin C supplementation is an important part of a healthy lifestyle because fruits and juices cannot really deliver vitamin C doses that are needed. Also, lots of fresh fruit end up losing some of their vitamin power in transit to your store!

  • Vitamin C works wonders for your skin. It can help wounds heal more quickly as it is an essential part of your skin's natural defense system. Vitamin C also plays a big role in collagen production. Collagen aids in your skin's resiliency and elasticity.

There are many more ways that Vitamin C helps us to lead healthier lives, especially when taken in doses similar to what most other animals make. However, those doses are nearly impossible to attain from food alone. Therefore, taking a Vitamin C supplement can help to close the gap!

And yet again, it’s a little more complicated than that, there are many Vitamin C supplements available, and they are often in different doses. According to the experts, we all require much more than the RDA of Vitamin C- particularly smokers as smoking reduces the levels of Vitamin C within the body. So which supplement and dosage do you choose? Read on!


The Great Vitamin C Debate! Synthetic VS Natural Vitamin C and Which Supplement Is Best?

There is a source of flawed rhetoric in the natural treatment industry, claiming that synthetic vitamin C is only the “empty shell” of a “real” vitamin C molecule, which, according to them, needs to be complemented with flavonoids and other naturally occurring co-factors found in food-sourced vitamin C to be the “complete” vitamin C molecule.

However, whether extracted from the fruit, or made from sugar, the final molecule of vitamin C is identical, and that molecule is ascorbic acid, period! Mineral combinations are sometimes made with ascorbic acid in order to reduce acidity, as in the case of sodium ascorbate, and/or to deliver other complimentary minerals such as calcium or magnesium.

“Whether it is from a natural or synthetic origin, vitamin C is nothing more (nor less) than a molecule of ascorbic acid- identical from either source The important difference in vitamin C products is purity, as well as avoiding counter-productive other ingredients”- GMO Free Vitamins

The thousands of studies on the benefits of vitamin C, have all been done on ascorbic acid exclusively, and in large doses. This is because ascorbic acid has two donor electrons, compared to a single one for the other mineral forms. This makes ascorbic acid twice as effective as an anti-oxidant. No studies have been done on the effects of large doses of the mineral forms, and care must be taken as to what effect each mineral may have if taken in large doses. Although a minority of people, with weak stomachs or ulcers, may need to use the pH neutral mineral form of sodium ascorbate, the extra antioxidant benefits of ascorbic acid, are what make it the choice for the majority!

The issue with some vitamin C supplements is that they can cause digestive/intestinal upsets; these issues arise due to the supplement additives rather than the ascorbic acid itself.

Many supplements also contain other ingredients, such as aspartame and sorbitol (artificial sweeteners /sugar substitutes). These added ingredients may cause further adverse digestive issues or have a laxative effect (depending on dosage) which inhibits vitamin C absorption. It is important to seek out the best and most natural supplements, and that’s why GMO Free Vitamins do what they do!

GMO Free Vitamins was opened in 2013. Here is what the owners of GMO Free Vitamins had to say on the beginnings of their company “I struggled for most of my life with asthma, severe allergies, and chronic fatigue, even though I had been taking (without noticeable effect) 500mg of vitamin C daily (over 5 times the RDA) for years. My life changed overnight when I learned how to determine the proper dosage of vitamin C. This led me, 8 years before opening this company, to go and interview Dr. Cathcart and several other prominent pioneers of Orthomolecular Medicine. Their interview videos and transcripts are freely available to the public on omarchives.org. Many of their papers have been re-published there as well."




GMO Free Vitamins Ultra Fine Vitamin C originates from a UK source that is truly China and GMO-Free!

90% of the vitamin C on the market is Chinese, which is a concern in terms of quality control and exposure to pollution. Most people don’t realize that labeling laws dictate that you label "Made in the USA" (or other countries) just because the ingredients are packaged there!

Many vitamin C products sold in pharmacies now also have sorbitol added to them; sorbitol is counter-productive. It is essentially a laxative that inhibits the body’s ability to absorb vitamin C!

GMO Free Vitamins market a Vitamin C supplement that is sourced in the UK and contains no other ingredients; it is manufactured by DSM, the only major manufacturer that is not using Chinese or GMO ingredients. DSM uses corn grown exclusively in Great-Britain and manufacture ascorbic acid from it in their plant in Dalry, Scotland. They produce Quali-C which is the purest and highest quality ascorbic acid powder available right now. GMO Free Vitamins only sells DSM's highest grade of Quali-C; the Ultra Fine!



Here are some highlights of the main benefits of GMO Free Vitamins “Quali-C” vitamin supplement:


The final product sold is exclusively ascorbic acid with no other ingredients which is what you're looking for, to mega-dose without the issue of your body’s needs to process excessive fillers.

We opened this company because the best vitamin C in the world was not being sold to the public. DSM is the only manufacturer of high quality Vitamin C, made in the UK, exclusively from non-GMO corn grown in Great-Britain. Not all their trademarked Quali-C products are made equally. They include a range of vitamin C powder going from standard to their “Ultra-fine Vitamin Cpowder. We only sell the highest grade of DSM’s Quali-C Vitamin C at the lowest possible markup!” - GMO Free Vitamins LLC


* In partnership with our friends at GMO Free Vitamins   Photo courtesy of Pixabay and GMO Free Vitamins

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