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This is How Matcha Can Improve Your Health!

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There are many ways to start the morning in the right way. Naturally, having a good and nutritious breakfast is one of the best ways you can begin your day, for some, this may be your favorite bowl of cereal, for others it may be a fully cooked breakfast. But one thing normally accompanies a great breakfast, and that is your morning cup of tea or coffee.

What if you made that morning cup with your breakfast super-healthy and just as tasty? It can be done when you make it a Matcha morning!



Matcha is a finely ground powder made from specially grown green tea leaves. Matcha powder is most commonly whisked in hot water, rather than steeped, to form a frothy, delightful tea. Matcha can also be enjoyed in various latte recipes and used as a healthy ingredient in smoothies and shakes.

Matcha has been an integral part of Japanese culture for centuries and it’s quickly become a worldwide staple too. It’s not just a new health trend for the fitness-savvy either; Matcha is considered one of the world’s healthiest superfoods with numerous benefits for many of us. It is a simple, natural, and tasty way to improve and nurture your health and wellbeing.


Matcha - The Whole Leaf

When you drink matcha you’re consuming the whole leaf, which means you're taking in an abundance of beneficial nutrients — and there’s many! Importantly, it is extremely high in antioxidants and you don’t need large amounts to reap the rewards, just one cup or serving per day can be powerful enough to make a difference. One cup of matcha tea can be 10x more potent than one cup of green tea.

Antioxidants are your body’s natural defenders against ailments, illnesses, and disease (even aging!) so it makes sense to increase your antioxidant intake to improve and protect your health.



Here are some Matcha health benefits!

  • Matcha boosts metabolism and may assist in weight loss/weight maintenance

  • It is a natural and effective way to detox your body.

  • Helps to enhance your mood and improve concentration.

  • Provides an array of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, and magnesium. It is also a rich source of fiber.

  • May help to prevent certain diseases (such as heart disease), help to lower cholesterol and blood sugar.


Matcha can help bring our body and mind back into balance in the following ways: 

Antioxidant Booster

Matcha is packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg. It contains a special group of antioxidants called catechins. These antioxidants have shown to effectively reduce cellular damage and improve the immune system. One particular catechin called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) makes up over half of the catechins in matcha.

Studies have shown that EGCG acts as a natural metabolism booster and can also reduce unwanted low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels.


Increased Mental Clarity & Reduced Stress

Matcha is naturally rich in the amino acid L-theanine. L-theanine is best known for improving cognitive function and relieving stress. The combination of L-theanine and caffeine found in matcha work together to enhance focus and mental clarity (and without the dreaded crash that is commonly associated with coffee!). This is due to L-theanine’s ability to block excitatory signals at glutamate receptors while stimulating the production of GABA — the calming neurotransmitter.


Natural Detox

Many weeks before harvest, the tea plants are carefully shaded from direct sunlight to enhance their chlorophyll levels. This is what gives Matcha its beautiful vibrant green color! Chlorophyll has shown to help improve liver function and works as a natural detoxifier by helping to flush out chemicals, heavy metals, and other harmful toxins from the body.


Soar Organics Uji Ceremonial Matcha

HOW TO Soar Organics offers a full line of organic matcha teas sourced from the historic Uji, Kyoto, and Kagoshima regions of Japan. Soar Organics was established in early 2017 by co-founders Megan and Chris. They set out to offer certified organic matcha that is sourced with care and handled with love.

Soar Organics takes pride in sourcing certified organic matcha directly from the most renowned regions of Japan. As a company, they appreciate the rich cultural history that surrounds matcha and the cultivation and work that goes into creating this powerful tea.


“All of our matcha products are independently lab tested for quality and are certified radiation-, heavy-metal- and mycotoxin-free. Giving back is also at the core of who we are, and that's why we donate 1% of all sales to environmental and social nonprofit organizations that are committed to creating positive change within the world”- Soar Organics

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of matcha, but what about Hojicha? Hojicha originated in Japan nearly 100 years ago and is growing in worldwide popularity as a low-caffeine alternative with its unique taste.


What is Hojicha Powder?

Hojicha is a traditional Japanese tea made from roasted green tea leaves. It is distinctive from other green teas because of this unique roasting process.

Hojicha is fired at high temperatures that alter its color from green to reddish-brown and create a flavor profile with caramel, nutty and smoky notes. Similar to matcha, the tea leaves are carefully ground into a superfine powder that can be used for lattes or as an antioxidant booster in your smoothies or other blended beverages. Hojicha is also used widely in Japan to promote digestive health, especially after meals.

Not only is Hojicha delicious, but it's also low in caffeine! Hojicha’s meticulous roasting process contributes to the reduction in caffeine than green tea is known for. Further, Hojicha is made with leaves harvested later in the year that have far lower caffeine content.


All of this means you can enjoy a healthy and relaxing Hojicha tea in the evening without causing any pre-bedtime jitters or overstimulation.

Here’s a recipe to get you started! 


 Hojicha Latte Recipe

1.    Sift ½ tsp. Soar Organics Hojicha Powder into a bowl or cup.

2.    Pour 60ml (2oz) hot water onto the powder. For best results use water just under a boil.

3.    Whisk vigorously with “M” motions until your Hojicha tea forms a frothy layer.

4.    Heat or steam 1 cup of your favorite milk over medium heat and add to Hojicha.

5.    Add a sweetener of your choice. Try healthy alternatives such as coconut sugar or maple syrup!


“We believe that healthy and organic foods packed with nutrients should be easily attainable and enjoyed by everyone. Soar Organics is about sharing our love and passion for foods that are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients. To us, organic farming means we can trust that our food is as nutritious as it should be. Our promise to you is to only offer high quality certified organic products”- Soar Organics


* In partnership with our friends at Soar Organics Photo courtesy of Soar Organics

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