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The Beauty of Better Skin

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Your skin is as unique as you are, for that purpose you must treat it just as uniquely. You need to feel comfortable and happy in it! Creating better-looking skin builds your confidence as it's the first thing that anyone notices when they look at you. 



With so many factors that can affect the appearance and feel of your skin, looking after it requires just as much focus and effort as your daily nutrition, exercise, and recovery regimen. The term “health” applies to the whole package that is you! 


Factors Affecting Your Skin

Think about it, our skin deals with some intense daily conditions. It's subjected to changes in climate, environment, age, stress, and food… the list goes on and on! By looking after your skin, you can make it better prepared and better protected so it maintains balance, moisture, elasticity, and softness. 

As we age, the elasticity of our skin is impacted as collagen levels naturally decline, however, steps can be taken to fortify the skin to preserve its youthful appearance and feel - and the sooner we start to do so, the better! 


Better Skin Beauty 

Treating your skin well may involve many different components:

  • Good daily nutrition is a high priority and should not be underestimated. Eating well will naturally provide your skin with the right vitamins and minerals to strengthen and support it. Foods and vitamins that are great for your skin include vitamin A found in fruits and vegetables that are yellow/orange in colors such as carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers, and apricots as well as foods high in Vitamin E such as avocados and nuts and seeds! Good to know even better to live it!

  • Adequate rest is paramount for better-looking skin. Lack of sleep is difficult to hide, it shows in the complexion of skin and of course around the eyes. Prolonged issues with rest leave you at risk of infections, diseases, and a myriad of potential skin conditions or flare-ups. Make sure you make time for rest and recuperation, as we sleep the body regenerates and hormone levels become more balanced.

  • Exercise! Exercise improves circulation, this enables your body to transport nutrients around the body far more effectively, it heightens levels of collagen and helps to balance hormone levels (among many other benefits!). 



Along with all of the above methods to maintain healthy skin, using topical treatments like salves, assist in moisture balance and helps to heal and nourish your skin. Remember, your skin is the largest organ in your body. By using natural treatments, you can work with your body rather than against it and create better skin beauty! A skin line that is worth your attention is Auntee B Naturals. A brand that is passionate about skin, and so should you be!  Their range reinforces the importance of nature in all their products. 

Auntee B Naturals is manufactured and distributed in Glendale, WI. The company is multicultural and diverse as represented by its leadership team that is made up of minorities and women. The company was created by Rebecca Utecht. 

For generations, Rebecca Utecht's, family passed down an all-natural herbal recipe that was used to remove the sting and itch from mosquito bites. However, there was one problem… it contained lard. So while effective, it wasn’t a very palatable ingredient for the masses! After hundreds of hours of crafting a formula that had the same effect, Auntee B’s Wax was born. It was an herbal ointment for life's boo-boos! The success of Auntee B’s Wax was virtually overnight and customers come back to report all of the various uses they used Auntee B’s Wax for.

“A large majority of our customers were asking if there was a product specific for Eczema. And while Auntee B’s Wax was able to solve that problem, it wasn’t made specifically for that purpose”- Auntee B Naturals

So back in the lab and hundreds of hours later, Rebecca returned with what is now called the Natural Skin Treatment System. This is a combination of two salves that when used in concert with each other assist in restoring the skin to its optimal natural health.

Auntee B Natural’s products are backed by science as some of the key ingredients used in their salves have been clinically proven to alleviate the symptoms their customers' experience and endure. 

Auntee B Natural’s products enable you to treat your skin - naturally! Here’s a peek at two of their all-natural skin treatments, their range includes a variety of soothing salves, balms, and body butter designed for better looking (and feeling) skin! 


Eczema and Psoriasis Moisturizing Skin Salve

Feel the healing powers of nature on your skin! Auntee B Naturals uses only the highest quality of all-natural ingredients to create a gentle and effective formula. Each refreshing swipe protects your skin from itchiness, cracking, redness, and swelling to keep it soft and smooth. 


The Eczema and Psoriasis Moisturizing Skin Salve - was specifically created to protect skin from itchiness, cracking, redness, and swelling caused by eczema and similar skin ailments. 


All Natural Skin Repair Body Salve

The Skin Repair Body Salve is infused with a blend of herbs and extracts that aid the skin against burns, cuts, scrapes, and can reduce the appearance of scars. This is particularly of good use for people that experience a lot of cracking and bleeding from their skin ailments. 





The Skin Repair Body Salve includes all of the great ingredients that the Eczema and Psoriasis Moisturizing Skin Salve contains, but adds a couple of new key ingredients: Calendula Flowers and Comfrey Leaf.


Treat yourself and your skin to nature's best ingredients; Auntee B Naturals is the reward your skin needs!

“We are confident that customers will come back for more that we back all of our products with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If our customers are not happy for any reason whatsoever, we will issue a complete refund, and they can keep the product for free!”- Auntee B Naturals


* In partnership with our friends at Auntee B Natural's  Photo courtesy of Auntee B Natural's

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