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Sugar’s effect on your health

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Studies indicate that a high-carbohydrate diet (sugar) increases our chances of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and other diseases.
Too much sugar raises your levels to unhealthy blood fats knows as triglycerides – which your liver repackages as fat and dumps into your bloodstream, where it clogs up your arteries.




Doctors believe that frequent, large doses of sugar are toxic to your cells and cause the damage that can lead to cancer.
You can’t avoid sugar, but you can limit your daily total to 30 grams – or about 8 teaspoons.


You can wean yourself from your sugar fix by gradually reducing the amount of sugar you add to coffee, tea, cereal, and others foods.

Watch what you drink. Learn to read the labels before you buy. You may be surprised what you find.

Choose sweets that contain some needed nutrients.

Cook creatively, experiment with ingredients as cinnamon or ginger, which add natural sweetness and flavor. 




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