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Stay Inspired for Softer, Radiant Skin

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Sometimes, what we are actually missing in vamping up our health and beauty routines is the inspiration. We get drawn into habitual behaviors and this extends to the same products that we use day in day out, and sometimes they may not be offering us the best of what we could be having!

Products are meant to provide you with some kind of remedy or noticeable result...whether it is smoother skin, healthier looking hair, or just adding a fresher glow to your skin tone. If after a period of time the results become less evident for you, then perhaps it is time to switch things up a little!

Change is the essence of life and we need to flow with it. Adapting our health and beauty practices and products enables us to keep investing in looking and feeling better. Natural products are ever on the increase and we can utilize them to keep up forward momentum. In fact, we can even mix up some natural remedies from home- things like hair and skin masks can be whipped up at home in next to no time!



Here we look at a few all-natural home remedy treatments that you may like to try!

  • For an all-natural hair mask: eggs are protein-rich and can provide your hair with some added body and can even promote hair growth. A simple treatment is to beat 1 egg with a little milk and massage through dampened/unwashed hair. Leave on for 10 minutes and then wash out with warm (not hot!) water and wash/condition as normal. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make- try this conditioning treatment once a week!

  • Go bananas... Bananas are great for your skin; they are rich in potassium and can add moisture to soften your skin. In fact, even the banana peel is loaded with many vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, B, C, E, zinc, and iron. A simple face mask involves one medium banana- mashed! Add a tablespoon of honey and around ¼ cup of plain yogurt. Apply this to your face and leave on for 10-15 minutes then simply rinse away with lukewarm water. This simple face/neck mask will hydrate and soften your skin.

These are just a couple of ideas for you! Let us know if you give them a try and how they work out for you... and of course, if home remedies and treatments aren’t your things, or you just need something new and natural to inspire you, take a look at  JUICEIKA Organic!

Juceika Organic specializes in all-natural products for you that can make all the difference to your health, hair, and skin. Here we take a glimpse at the inspiration behind Juceika Organic and how they can help you!

“Both my mother and grandmother always used pure oils from fruit and vegetables in their own garden to create creams and masks for their own use. My grandmother and mother truly believed in the curative powers of these healing juices, incredibly rich vitamins and minerals have been used for thousands of years to make your skin more elastic and firm. I learned a lot from them and I made it my priority to use only pure ingredients. I always mixed fresh fruits and vegetables with oils, clays, and honey to create my own facial mask. Those masks always had an immediate impact, which boosted my confidence and left me with excellent skin. I always spent time learning about the science of skin care and the power of nutrition to transform the mind and body. When I was young I traveled and lived in different countries. I learned the culture of different countries and how they produce essential oils from fruits and vegetables”- Juiceika Organic

Here is how JUICEIKA Organic got their start in the skincare industry!

“About 18 years ago, I came to Florida and I opened a cosmetics store which I owned for 15 years. I met real customers from which I learned what kind of the skin and body care products people are looking for. I learned the different types of products people use during various seasons. It's been a real adventure from which I gained huge experience. I started doing more and more research and I learned how to produce cosmetics and makeup using new and natural ingredients for skin care.

When looking for any skincare product, anywhere in the world, I realized that a minimum of 60 -70 percent of the product is comprised of water that has zero benefits. I decided to change the water for pure fruit and vegetable juices to get the benefits to the skin, they full of antioxidants, amino acids magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamins A, C. E, D, K and some nutrients that you cannot find anywhere else” - Juiceika Organic

Stay Beautiful with JUICEIKA ORGANIC and try these amazing products!

Fresh and pure organic juices from fruits and vegetables contain undiluted nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and large compounds. (They're in fact too large to be absorbed into the skin) However, minerals and vitamins from pure organic juices can penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and make it more bioavailable.



Organic Pure Japanese Camellia Oil

  • Has a high content of vitamin A, C, and E and retains excellent antioxidant properties and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3 & 6 and 9

  • Increases Skin Hydration, Effectively Moisturizes And Improves Skin Elasticity

  • Effectively reduces wrinkles and skin lines

  • Is an amazing PRIMER before Make-up

  • Has a high penetrating ability, it absorbs quickly without a greasy shine and can perfectly restore skin texture- baby-smooth skin texture!

  • Has a favorable effect on the hair: it is especially recommended for dry scalp, brittle hair, and split ends, restoring hairs natural shine and luster

  • 100% Fresh Oil, NON-GREASY and UNSCENTED

Organic Japanese Camellia Oil 100% Pure & Refined- Cold Pressed Skin & Hair Supplement. Organic Pure Japanese Camellia Oil is for all skin types, it is made from natural sources to moisturize, nourish, smooth and soften your skin and provide a healthy, radiant glow.



Organic Palm Fruit Oil

  • Extra Virgin Unrefined Cold Pressed

  • Made from a natural source – organic palm fruit

  • 100% Pure Moisture for Face, Body, Hands, Feet, Nails & Hair And Lip Care

  • Skin & Hair Supplement

  • 100% Fresh Oil, NON-GREASY, NON-GMO

  • Restores baby-smooth skin texture. For all skin types

  • Increases Skin Hydration, Effectively Moisturizes And Improves Skin Elasticity

  • It effectively reduces wrinkles and skin lines

  • Is an amazing PRIMER before Make-up

  • Has a favorable effect on the hair: it is especially recommended for dry scalp, brittle hair, split ends and restoring hairs natural shine and luster

100% Pure Organic Fruit Palm Oil – Brazilian Is A Pure Organic Fruit Palm Oil That Is To Be Used Topically Only! Not For Internal Use!

I take a targeted approach to ingredients. My point and my experience of view are that I want to deliver the most effective and organic purest native essential ingredients to skin products. I am a very passionate person. That is why beauty and skin products are a driving principle for me and my business”-  JUICEIKA ORGANIC


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