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 Recovery is a big part of health and wellness. The world and all its woes can impact our health greatly and so focusing on getting back to a state of wellbeing are frequently at the forefront of our minds. 



And wellbeing means everything. From your physical state to your mental wellbeing and all in between! Wholeness is health, and health is wholeness! Looking at health more broadly enables us to make the most out of what we eat, what we do, and how we do it. 


Healthy Behaviors

We all have behaviors that can be termed “unhealthy”. These behaviors can become unhealthy addictions if they remain unchecked. We are human beings and sometimes when things are tough we may seek out ways to escape the reality of everyday living and perhaps drink too much, eat too much, or smoke too much- whichever the case may be. 

The important thing is to recognize unhealthy behaviors and take steps to rectify them. We can all change the trajectory of our life with the right focus, commitment, and support. 

Unhealthy behaviors are easy to fall into but harder to break and so the right kind of support can really help to move you forward. 



If you have noticed some unhealthy behaviors, here are just a few ways you can step back and recover your wellness! 

  • Often the most difficult thing to do is to admit your unhealthy behavior. None of us are immune to depending on things for comfort so it is important to appreciate your humanness and understand yourself better through recognizing what may be holding you back.

  • Do some research and seek out support from personal or professional networks that can assist you to move forward. We can often feel very alone but it is pretty much guaranteed that someone else has experienced the same or similar experiences. You just need to find your people! 

  • Don’t underestimate the power of great nutrition, regular exercise, and rest as a tool for recovery and feeling better about yourself. Certain nutrients are vital to protect and support the body at the cellular level. Exercise has been proven to lift your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as improve your physical state, and sleep is crucial for regeneration, hormonal balance, and numerous other bodily functions. Through great nutrition, staying active, and getting adequate sleep, your body repairs itself. 

Life is essentially a balancing act. Sometimes that balance will feel harder to maintain, when this occurs, it is important to take a step back and review or assess your current situation and think about where you would actually like to be. We don’t need to be slaves to stress, or victims of our modern lifestyles; we can raise self-awareness and find ways to move forward step by step, and recover wellness! 

BioRebalance Nutrient Support was formulated by orthomolecular experts to fight free radical damage and nutrient deficiencies associated with the modern lifestyle, stress, and alcohol use. 

It contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, probiotics, and herbs that have been clinically shown to support optimal physical and mental health. It is 100% liposomal, meaning that these nutrients are rapidly and efficiently absorbed by our bodies.

 Alcohol, smoking, sugar, fried foods, stress, and aging take a toll on every cell in our bodies. Emerging research shows that a healthy body is integrally connected to a healthy mood, motivation, and stress relief. 


BioRebalance is the first ultra-premium supplement that includes high dosages of nutrients that synergistically support the brain, liver, gut, immune system, and nervous system health all at once! 

In particular, studies have shown that supplementation with amino acid precursors for serotonin, endorphins, and GABA have positive effects for many people who are deficient in these “feel-good” chemicals. 

BioRebalance contains all of these natural precursors. They work synergistically with its other ingredients, including “cofactor” vitamins and minerals, fatty acids such as omega-3s, probiotics, and herbs like Ashwagandha.

  • BioRebalance is a powder that is flavored only with natural fruit and stevia. It can be mixed with water or added to a smoothie. Many people report that it tastes best mixed with 3 parts filtered water and 1 part unsweetened cranberry juice. 

  • Each bottle contains a one-month supply, involving a scoop in the morning and a scoop in the evening. However, many people only need 1/2 scoop per day due to its potency, meaning that a bottle can last for up to 4 months. 

  • BioRebalance is designed to restore balance rather than be taken forever; most people achieve optimal benefits from taking it for 1-3 months.



While it is definitely a premium supplement, it costs approximately half of the amount of buying all of its ingredients separately on Amazon. (A bottle of BioRebalance retails for $172.49, but a 5% coupon code can be found at BioRebalance.com)

 The vast majority of people enjoy BioRebalance due to its positive effects, however, those with an aversion to fish oil may find it difficult to consume. Soon, new naturally flavored versions will be available that replace fish oil with other evidence-based nutrients. Watch this space! 

 Dr. Rebeca Eriksen, a scientist with a Ph.D. in Nutritional Genomics from The Imperial College of London and clinician at Executive Health Clinic in Marbella, Spain, remarked:

"BioRebalance is the first premium product I've seen that comprehensively supports the brain-body system, with ingredients backed by research and dosages that are highly effective.” Due to its potency and unique ingredient profile, people who take antidepressants should consult their doctor before taking BioRebalance.


Fitness Recovery

Originally devised to support the resolution of nutrient deficiencies for people in recovery, BioRebalance is now used by people from all walks of life who wish to maximize their health holistically. BioRebalance is the brainchild of Chris Scott, the founder of Fit-Recovery.com and co-host of the Elevation Recovery Podcast. 

Fit Recovery offers free articles and email support, an online course called Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0, and private coaching for individuals struggling with alcohol dependence. Chris knew from his own intense experience with alcohol addiction that nutrition is paramount to building a sustainable recovery. The dramatic transformations Chris witnessed among his private coaching clients and online course members also attested to the importance of “nutrient repair” for addiction recovery and mental health.

For anyone interested in addiction recovery, extensive information about nutrient repair and Chris Scott’s “Hierarchy of Recovery” method can be found at Fit-Recovery.com.


BioRebalance has Great Reviews!

 Here is an enlightening review on BioRebalance by a consumer named Miko:

 "…Here’s something that I can’t really quantify as a direct result of taking BioRebalance, because it may be more of a mental shift from other stimuli as well, but I’m no longer surrendering my free time to alcohol. Yeah, I still have an occasional drink, even when I’m alone, but one drink late in the evening is NOTHING like the way I was hitting it before. I’m much more interested in spending my evenings and weekends doing constructive projects, whether music or whatever, than escaping into a cocoon of repetitious uselessness. I will try BioRebalance again. It’s a bit pricey, but I’m of the school of thought that high-quality life choices sometimes necessarily are, and oftentimes they’re worth it."




BioRebalance contains No Allergens, Sugar, or Artificial Flavors. This supplement is Non-GMO and Made in the U.S.A in a GMP-Certified Facility. 

“We believe in producing supplements that are backed by science. Unlike supplements that hash together trendy "superfoods," our supplements only contain nutrients that have been demonstrated in scientifically rigorous studies to support physical and cognitive balance. Rebalance your body and mind naturally!”- Biore Balance 


* In partnership with our friends at BioRebalance * Photos courtesy of BioRebalance 
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