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Turn Toward What is Good for You

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Good for You foods are highly prevalent, they just don’t get as much media time as the “not so good for you” foods that are frequently streamed for our attention. 

Natural foods offer an oasis of benefits- whatever your health goals may be. We often think that these foods come with less taste and satisfaction but they provide a lot more. Ok, junk food may taste good initially, but think about how you feel afterward? Heavily processed foods, junk foods, and foods that are high in salt, fat, and sugar rarely satisfy your hunger and will leave you feeling sluggish as the sugar rush levels out. 



The list of ingredients in these foods also offers very little in the form of transparency. Essentially, they aren’t true food! That’s not to say they don’t have a place in our daily diet, they just should not be relied upon for nutritional balance and eaten less frequently than purer, better for you foods! 


Turn Toward What is Good for You

By turning our heads and our stomachs to what is good for us, we create better habits down the line. And not just for ourselves but for our family too. Food is important, family is important…blend the two together with what enhances health as often as possible! Here are some tips to cut back on what harms you so you can turn toward what is good for you, and your family! 

  • Shop with a shopping list! Too often we lose ourselves down supermarket aisles and fill our trolley with foods that are convenient and heavily processed because our stomach is leading the way rather than our brain. Let your brain lead by putting some forethought and planning into your food shopping trips. Create a balance in what you buy! 

  • Always seek out natural foods. Often they are on the lower shelves and units (below the trained eye!). Natural foods can be hidden from sight so take a bit of time to look at what is on your supermarket shelf. Check out alternative suppliers of natural foods that have a real passion for what is real! 

  • Pre-plan your family meals. We cook in a rush when we are pressed for time and we don’t always make the best choices when we do this! Take time with your food. Look for foods that can offer you the sustenance and nutrients your body craves for health and wellness! 


It pays to be a bit choosy with your health and what you put into your body and your loved ones too! Prasada is a trusted natural foods company based in the Pacific Northwest. It offers smart choices for choosy food enthusiasts. 

From fine kitchen oils and 100% organic coconut products to premium dried fruits and uncommon snacks, they’re passionately building a family of foods that they love — and you will, too! 

“At Prasada, human relationships are at the core of everything we do. That means we continually invest in our partners to ensure the products we’re buying are responsibly grown, picked, and shipped. It means we listen carefully to our customers’ needs and feedback. And it means we know the folks we do business with on a first-name basis”- Prasada Foods 

The result of these efforts is a growing, thriving family of tasty, nutritious, and innovative foods that fit today’s healthy lifestyle. Prasada is proud of the fact that they never compromise on quality. Because when it comes to family, nothing else will ever be as important! 


Natural Is Always In Season® Natural Foods Inspired By Our Customers! 

Prasada Foods has a hand-picked portfolio of coconut products to fit your healthy, food-smart lifestyle. With partners in six countries, Prasada Foods sources efficiently and sustainably. They’re committed to using the entire fresh coconut and providing the best value to their customers. Their Coconut Products are also Keto and Paleo-friendly! 

Their products selection includes:

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil made from the meat of fresh, mature brown coconuts, Prasada Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined and cold-pressed with a rich coconut flavor and mild coconut smell.  

  • Organic Coconut Flour made from ground, defatted coconut meat, Gluten & grain-free, and high in fiber.

  • Organic Pure Coconut Sugar manufactured from coconut nectar harvested from coconut tree blossoms, Prasada Organic Pure Coconut Sugar has a rich caramel, nutty flavor.

  • Organic Pure Coconut Water which is naturally refreshing! Prasada Organic Pure Coconut Water is a clear liquid hand-harvested from the center of organic coconuts without chemicals or preservatives. It is slightly sweet with a subtle, nutty flavor that is low in carbohydrates and contains essential nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and calcium.


There is far more food loveliness to be had at Prasada! Check out these two highly versatile coconut oils! 



Organic Pure Coconut MCT OIL

Creating Prasada Organic Coconut MCT Oil requires extracting Medium Chain Triglycerides from the pulp of sustainably grown organic coconuts. The steam fractionated process separates the lower-melting point triglycerides from the higher ones.  



  • Steam only fractionation, no chemicals

  • 98% MCTs – 6-12 carbon atoms

  • Clear in color due to manufacture from pure white meat

  • Colorless and flavorless with a slight aroma, it can be easily added to nearly any meal or snack

  • Gluten-free

  • Keto & Paleo friendly

  • Recyclable #1 PET bottle

  • 100% BPA free, no phthalates, no Bisphenol-A




Organic RBD Coconut Oil

Made from dried coconut (also called copra), Prasada Organic Refined, Bleached and Deodorized (RBD) Coconut Oil has no coconut flavor and is odorless. 




You could try swapping it for butter in baking, or by glazing a tablespoon over vegetables for roasting or heated in a skillet for your favorite fried chicken. Want to add a little something different to your pancakes, waffles, or scrambled eggs? Just use Prasada Organic Virgin Coconut Oil instead! 

  • Try coconut oil for hair grooming, moisturizing, or to season your wood cutting boards or cast-iron skillet.

  • Pairs nicely with Prasada Coconut Sugar for a homemade body scrub.

  • A delicious option for baking and savory recipes. It can be used as a 1:1 replacement for granulated cane sugars and also pairs nicely with Prasada Coconut Oil for a homemade body scrub.

  • Not processed with additives, chemicals, or preservatives

  • Naturally, gluten-free

  • Paleo-friendly



Prasada’s Commitments! 

  • Fair Prices provide excellent economic value for their customers! 

  • Responsible, holistic global sourcing

  • Commitment to quality

  • Greatness from fewer ingredients! Their products contain less than seven GMO-free ingredients. Their products have clean labels, that is, ingredients that you can pronounce and are not artificial.


Human relationships the core of everything we do.  We spend time with our farmers and people who help bring products to you. We work directly with them on issues we’re all concerned about: sustainable farming and fair trade practices, social responsibility, and providing high-quality food. Whether you’re new to the Prasada family or a returning customer, we invite you to explore the full range of our tasty and innovative food choices. Working together with the planet and we’re committed to connecting you with the best nature has to offer”- Prasada Foods

* In partnership with our friends at Prasada Foods  Photo courtesy of Prasada Foods

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