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Keeping Your Summer Glow

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Having a great glow over summer boosts your confidence in many ways. When you look healthy and radiant, that naturally translates to how you feel within. In the summertime, everything opens up, and what was buried and in need of rest and repair is sparked to life again. Summer awakens us. From dark, cold nights, we move to warm, summer evenings spent out with friends or family- summertime is a social time of year, so make the most of it!


How can you feel more confident and find your glow over summer?

Confidence is something that you build upon, layer by layer. As confidence grows, so does your natural essence and vitality. Confidence is something that needs the effort to improve; a good way to begin is to start nourishing yourself rather than depleting yourself. It’s easy to burnout and exhausts ourselves when everything moves so fast around us, but taking the time to work on you is always time well spent!


Here are some ideas for you!

  • However busy you may be, make a point of scheduling some “check-in” time with yourself. If you can combine this with some gentle activity like a walk through the park then that can be even more valuable to you. Think of it as an active meditation. Use this time to observe and absorb nice surroundings. Spending time in nature helps to cleanse and clarify. If the mind is cluttered then this strips away at your confidence; calmness supports and emboldens your confidence to deal with life’s little hiccups, twists and turns more effectively.

  • Stay hydrated. Making sure you are drinking enough water is the best way to nourish your skin and feel like you are glowing from the inside out. A lack of hydration not only depletes your body of what it needs to function at its best, but it’s also quite damaging to the skin. Dehydration drains you hydration heals you.

  • Find ways to feel more confident in your skin. The condition of your skin is one of the first things that you notice upon waking. If you are having a “bad skin day” then this can automatically knock your confidence and level of self-esteem. To ensure you have great skin over summer (and beyond), ensure you invest in skincare products that match your skin type and bring out the best in your complexion- go for the glow!

We tend to keep covering up blemished skin beneath layers of cosmetics, but all this does is add to the problem by clogging pores. Try to keep make-up fairly light, ensuring you remove it before bedtime, and follow a good cleanse, tone, moisturize technique that suits your skin.

Remember, your skin is uniquely you. Natural products that work well with your body naturally inspire you with greater confidence. They remove the prospect of having a harsh reaction that could be more common with chemical-based products- particularly if you have sensitive or aging skin that needs more tender care.

That's why at Petunia Skincare, they create natural, vegan, and organic products without any harsh preservatives. They source ingredients like aloe and green tea straight from the earth to maintain your skin holistically.

Petunia Skincare is women-owned and operated, so they know firsthand that treating your skin well shouldn't have to be a luxury or extravagance. They collaborate closely with their supplier, which in turn keeps their prices affordable. They will not compromise on quality- this means you can feel good about using their cruelty-free products to stay healthy-looking and beautiful.

“At Petunia Skincare, we believe luxury is a natural indulgence. We work in service of our customers, community, and planet. Our suppliers don't test on animals or use animal byproducts, and our biodegradable products and sustainable practices keep us paying tribute to the world that houses us. That's because when it comes to natural, non-surgical ways to stay beautiful, we believe luxury is a natural indulgence” - Petunia Skincare


The Anti-Aging and Acne Fighting Kit is perfect for anyone looking to transform their skin.

This kit works to fighting acne breakouts to help you on the path to clear skin, while also attaining an evener tone, and suppler and firmer-looking skin.

Derma rolling is a skincare technique that works to create micro pathways in the skin to allow for serums and treatments to be better soaked up by the skin. Petunia Skincare offers three sizes of derma rollers (sold individually and as a kit): 0.5 mm derma roller, 1.0mm roller, and a 1.5 mm derma roller. Each of these rollers has a specific use and offers different benefits- the 1.0mm roller is included in this kit.

  • This kit includes a blackhead extractor kit, 1.0mm derma roller, anti-aging clearing serum, and vitamin c serum. (The clearing serum is discussed later in this piece, so read on for that!) Vitamin c serum is another "holy grail" item for everyone's skincare regime.

  • The Vitamin C serum has been proved to help fade acne scarring, reversing the effects of sun damage on the skin, and stimulate the production of collagen! And this couldn't be easier to use: once in the morning, and once at night, and you are good to go!

Petunia Skincare wants to help women recapture their youth and reclaim strength that has been inside all along by assisting them to achieve their skin goals. Two products that can be essential to that process are the Anti-Aging Clearing Serum and the Revitalize Eye Serum. Both are made in the USA in an FDA approved lab to provide the best quality products.


The Anti-Aging Clearing Serum is the holy grail of both anti-aging ingredients and blemish prevention treatment.

It is difficult these days to find a product that helps you recapture your youth as well as working to repair blemished skin. This product can potentially replace two or three products you are currently using to just one!  

Try it Now and get it here!

This clearing serum will:

  • calm soothe, balance and smooth, inflamed, blemish-prone skin.

At the same time, your skin will receive a hydrating, “turn back the clock” treatment that will not only plump up your skin, but it won't negatively interact with any imperfections on the surface. The ingredients include superior retinol and salicylic acid. This formula works to unclog pores and speed cellular turnover to counteract the signs of aging skin.


The Revitalize Eye Serum has been formulated over the past three decades to deliver superb eye therapy.

Dark circles, wrinkles, puffing, loss of plumpness, sagging, loss of tone and other effects of aging can be taken care of with this light formula.

It is essential that this formula is so delicate as not to irritate the skin, as when we age, the skin around the eyes becomes considerably thinner than on other areas of the face.

Try it Now and get it here!


For those worried about it being sticky or hardening like many other eye creams, fear not! This serum has a silky, almost plush texture that refreshes the skin around your eyes to help you be ready to strut into your day with confidence.

“When taking care of your body, frequently taking care of your insides seems far more straightforward than taking care of your outsides. But now, with the help of these products, it doesn't have to be. So help your body be healthy again, and rejuvenate your youth to forge into the world with restored confidence and strength!”- Petunia Skincare


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