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Even the least discriminating consumers are certain they need to take supplements. The biggest question always seems to be exactly which supplements and healthy snacks to use… Start with gluten-free and include organic. Fewer ingredients are also better.

Tosi has found the proper way to address cravings in a way that actually makes sense. A food craving is the bodies’ way to let you know what it needs. If you try to hold your breath for two minutes, your body obviously will let you know what it needs. Nutritionally speaking, your body runs on nutrients. Give your body the proper nutrients and the cravings will go away. A body that is nutrient rich generally does not crave food. We have found this time and time again with our customers… (Pregnant female hormone pickles and ice cream cravings are exempt from this example)  

Let’s boil it down. No expert would debate the fact that all of our bodies need massive amounts of natural anti-oxidants and vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. These micro and phyto nutrients keep our energy levels up and our blood sugar levels stable.

The benefit of low-glycemic anti-oxidants and snacks is that they play a key role in the removal of ‘internal body rust’ aka…free-radicals. These molecular bandits of destruction, if left unchecked, multiply as a result of cell duplication, stress and the rest of the process of being alive, including just breathing…

Fruits and vegetables in our diet provide these anti-oxidants. The USRDA for fruits and vegetables is 5-9 servings per day… The needed serving amounts vary, based on the body size of the person and the added levels of activity and stress.

The harsh reality is that the CDC reports that 86% of American adults DON’T get their 5-9 servings of fruits or vegetables per day… AND just so you know… French Fries or Ketchup, don’t count as fruits or vegetables.

The interesting part is that nearly every fruit and vegetable has been measured for its anti-oxidant value or capacity, just as every engine is measured by its horsepower. Some fruits and veggies are way more ‘powerful’, just as some engines have little or lots of horsepower.

A single serving of fruits or vegetables is considered 500 ORAC… What exactly is ORAC? As an example, a can of V-8 juice has 2 full servings of fruits and vegetables, an ORAC value of 1,000. Two naval oranges have a total ORAC value of 500. That is just one serving of the recommended 5-9 servings per day.


The anti-oxidant measurement is measured in a specific term referred to as ORAC value, which translates into Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity. This equates to the amount of free-radicals a serving of this particular fruit or vegetable will offset, absorb or negate. The trouble is that we don’t want to eat a pound of any fruits or vegetables.

We know that as an example, the Acai berry and Blueberries are great sources of anti-oxidants and we agree. A pound of broccoli is also high in ORAC, but who wants to eat a pound of broccoli? The downside of fruits, especially berries are that they are high in sugar. Sugar is your enemy. Stay clear of sugar, whenever possible, even diet sugars.

There are many products that talk about anti-oxidants, but most of them fall way short in the ORAC measurement or they taste nasty or they aren’t convenient or a good value.

The Tosi Complete Greens measure up. They are organic, gluten-free, vegan and allergy free. One single scoop delivers 10,000 ORAC or 20 Servings of fruits and vegetables, far exceeding the USRDA daily recommendations.

Tosi SuperBites (available in Almond and Cashew) as a healthy snack are organic, vegan, gluten-free, crunchy, filling and satisfying. They provide the healthy omegas and they are a delicious way to keep your energy levels up and your blood sugar levels stable. High in fiber and protein.

Both products are convenient, portable and delicious. They have proven to be very popular.

About Tosi: The Tosi Health System is the result of 12 years of research, development and perfecting, by Doctors, Industry Experts, Athletes, Fussy Eaters and Skeptics. The reward for all of this effort is a system that helps to provide a nutrient and anti-oxidant rich combination that helps to eliminate cravings and balance your body. Not only that, it’s delicious, it’s faster than ‘Fast Food’, very affordable, convenient and portable.For more information visit http://www.tosihealth.com


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