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Bath bombs – what’s all the fizz about?

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If you have never taken a bath using a bath fizzy, you have no idea what you're missing out on. I speak from personal experience when I say I’m a natural born lover of showers, but this is nothing like when you wash your body with soap.  When you use a bath bomb, it just engulfs every single one of your senses and leaves your skin feeling smooth for a couple of days.  With a larger bath bombs, the hot water together with the Shea Butter (and other healthy natural oils), leave your skin moisturized for longer than applying a cream or lotion.  In fact, there is no body lotion in the world that good.  Even my husband (a recent convert) emerges with skin as soft as a baby and it makes me giggle every time he secretly touches his silky smooth (hairy) legs in disbelief and just in case you’re wondering, he’s as butch as any alpha male!

Bath Bombs don’t just nourish the body, but they feed the soul.  In this helter-skelter world we live in, where else can you sit back and just “be at one with yourself”, enveloped in soothing aromas and warm water that will force the calm and comfort your spirit?  Every one of life’s warriors and gladiators as we women are, needs a moment’s rest. In creating Bombe la la la, the first in a range of bath care products, we were inspired by the stylish elegance of Parisian women, their effortless chic and undone beauty.  Combining this with natural products, free of chemicals or synthetic ingredients was surprisingly exciting and fun. 

Bombe la la is followed by Love Bomb and La Bomba, new sets with exciting new aromas and new bomb designs.  Love Bomb brings girly pink Spring back into our lives, with fresh floral fragrances and assorted bomb designs (but look out for those gorgeous pink hearts!).  La Bomba is the perfect accessory to your boudoir, each bomb is white with a red heart, and they come dressed in a fancy black and red box .  The aromas here are deeper and all about our passion for living.

As a girl with a powerful sense of smell, I enjoy picking essential oil mixes that delivered pleasing aromas to delicate noses and we feel truly blessed and overwhelmed by the high praise we continuously receive from our customers:

Shewa says:  “I've tried a few brands of bath bombs including Lush, but none have been up to par as Bombe la la la. The bath bombs come packaged exquisitely, in a beautiful black and white themed box. Each bath bomb is individually wrapped in black and white tissue paper surrounded by white confetti. There is also a guide explaining each scent and what they're comprised of. Each one smells absolutely amazing and I can't choose a favorite!”

Amara says “These are downright DIVINE smelling.  The packaging is stunning (very boutique chic!), and would make a wonderful gift for anyone...being free of phthalates and sulfates, these score big for those of us with sensitive skin and there isn't a scent in the box I don't like which I have to admit, is rare for me. For their size, lasting power (45 minutes in some very hot bathwater!!) and the luxurious scents and ingredients, I'd put these on the same level of quality as my beloved Lush bombs!”

Alyssa says:  “Perfection in a Ball! I am absolutely in love with these bath bombs from Bombe la la la Bath Bombs (really love saying the name too)!!”

K says:  “Ok, so I've never heard the term "bath bakery" and I giggled when I read it. Makes for an awesome visual. I love the fact that this company is American, that they have an all female crew, that there are no animal derivatives, and animal cruelty free. I have a strong or appreciation for that kind of love put into a product. That's a 10 star for me... It's not even just the love that's put into this, it's that each one of these bath fizzies are absolutely perfect, smell delightful”

98% of customers LOVED our first product and these fans will be delighted to hear that Bombe la la la will soon be followed by two new products.  With a smaller pack size, we aim to make them even more affordable for everyday use, but no less adorable.  And with our new signature scents, we will turn America into a nation of bath lovers!- said Jennifer 

Our Supplements

We use science for the good to make sure that all of our products are healthy and wholesome.  We work with talented scientists to pull together recipes and blends based on the latest developments.  We only source domestically (from America), so that our products can be inspected by the FDA and we guarantee quality by choosing facilities where things are done well, places where our products are lovingly concocted according to high industry standards.


Phytoceramides were initially popularized on the Dr. Oz show, but in truth, dermatologists have been recommending that we use Phytoceramides as an effective way to combat the signs of aging for some time. Our formula works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the structural integrity of the skin.  Phytoceramides have been used in the Far East for hundreds of years.  This is the plant-derived equivalent of ceramides, a lipid that keeps skin hydrated, healthy and full. Over time, as we age, we lose ceramides.  This causes our skin to appear rough and wrinkles become more noticeable. Pure Sanctum’s exclusive blend with added Vitamins A, C, D, & E works to hydrate the skin from the inside out and should be part of every girl’s daily beauty regimen.  With a vegetable capsule, Uplift is Gluten and GMO free

Skinny Me

Although most New Year resolutions may now be safely stored in your desk drawer, attacking the weight loss challenge is a constant theme in life I find.  Why?  Well, because diets stress your body, require discipline and don’t work for long, but being overweight is unpleasant and just plain unhealthy. The science shows losing the flab is good.  The challenge that we set our scientists was to create the ultimate weight loss super blend, to take the best proven weight loss ingredients and put them into 1 superpill, saving time and money over other options. The result was Skinny-Me designed to suppress over-eating, boost metabolism, help fat cells shrink, reduce the effect of Carbs, the all in one answer based on the latest thinking.

Pure Sanctum’s Skinny me contains:

Garcinia Cambogia, a well known ingredient said to curb over-eating, Green Coffee Bean to enable reduced carb absorption, boost metabolism and improve the function of the fat burning hormone adiponectin. Studies show Glucomannan helps with or without a diet as it curbs appetite and fills the stomach.  Green tea extract, rich in polyphenols, inhibits fat digestion and increases energy release.  Raspberry Ketones, which give raspberries their enticing aroma, combined with Vitamin C, support appetite suppression. African Mango is a newer addition to the weight loss crowd, but early studies show it works in combination with other herbs. When we created Skinny me, we were voting for all the help you can get in the weight loss battle; multivitamins for total nutrition, a wholesome diet you enjoy and a workout plan, even if it’s bedroom yoga for the busy people.  Like Uplift, Skinny-Me is both Gluten free and GMO free

We would love to be able to call you a customer and friend and to welcome you into our growing community. If you are already a fan we would love to hear from you, your feedback is what gives us the motivation and inspiration to continue to develop exciting and relevant new products and to improve what we do. Whether you buy one of our products or not, do feel free to contact us with any questions. We provide a no quibble happiness guarantee because we want all of our customers to love us, as much as we love you!  Keep safe and well.

"We are here to make it easy for people to do themselves some good. Our quest is to produce fun, world class natural products that are classy, desirable and just fabulous.  Much has improved in the world of natural, organic and healthy products over recent times, but we still feel they lack the elegance and sheer decadence you find with iconic beauty brands. 

We’re here for the smart, gorgeous, lovely, amazing, multi-tasking super women, the ones who juggle the kids with “being all things to all people” at work or among friends, the ones who manage a healthy home, while planning their next makeover and of course the ones who can care for the planet as well as their busy lives. 

We set the bar high, seek out the highest grade, natural ingredients, delivered in gorgeous packaging, allowing every girl to feel like a princess.  We provide awesome personal care and attention, to us every customer is a named individual and we believe that while being healthy matters, it should not be at the expense of products you love, or enjoy the fun out of!  All Pure Sanctum products are made in USA. 

Our passion for wholesome living extends to every last detail.  With our supplements, this means veggie caps where we can, absolutely no harmful fillers and optimum dosages.  With our bath products, we focus on providing bath bombs that are as moisturizing and as natural as they come" - said Jennifer from Pure Sanctum beauty company.

Photo courtesy of Pure Sanctum 


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