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Three Reminders for the Essentials of Life

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There are many things that are essential to life, we are beautiful in both our complexity and our simplicity; our body serves us the fundamentals to live physically well, and our internal self-serves us the capability for the mental and emotional well-being – yet, they still all connect. We often overcomplicate things through over thinking and stressful times that are all a part of our existence, when we would do well to just remember our internal simplicity too! So what are the essentials of life? Health and happiness! Our body needs clean air, food, water, exercise, and rest. Our inner being needs love, relationships, time to play and to connect with the essence of life - in tune with our own beat and what makes us happy! 

So, here are three awesome and wholesome reminders for the essentials of life!

1.    Look after your body - it’s the only one you have.

The human body is a very strong and amazing creation but doesn't take it for granted! Look after yourself well, and this is even more important during busy or challenging periods in your life when you need that extra sustenance to keep you moving. Work with your body and not against it! Listen for the times when you need to take rest so that you can make the most out of the times of higher energy for productivity in all aspects - work, study, exercise, family, friends, and leisure pursuits. Love your body, and it will love you back, keep striving but stay humble too and listen to your body!

2.    Keep creating and don’t be afraid to release the old!

We thrive on connection and productivity, when this area of our life becomes stagnant it affects us deeply on all levels. We sometimes get stuck in the old ways of doing things and resisting change, but change and progression are intrinsic to human nature. Everything is about growth; seeds need water and warmth to sprout beautiful flowers and to flourish. Think of your thoughts and ideas as those same seeds - plant and nurture them lovingly, create new things, move forward, and don’t be afraid of change. Keep your heart open to the full wonder and potential of who you are! 

3.    Clarify and simplify! 

Life can be messy sometimes with so much to fit into your day, but the real beauty of life lays in simplicity so don’t be afraid to strip things back when needed. If you are generally very busy try to plan your day better so it’s not as overwhelming - don’t get sucked into life’s calls on your time; take a step back and re-arrange in order to refresh and gain some more life balance. Balance makes us both healthy and happy humans!   

Here is a lovely quote to help sum up these little life reminders by the English author Joseph Addison “Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for”. Remember that there is always a solution, pay attention to the essentials and don’t let anything compromise your health and your happiness! 

Here we look at Sabre Sciences - a research facility that was established in 1999 and it has pioneered some of the today's most progressive and natural solutions. It is the mission of Sabre Sciences to provide a cutting edge approach to health care. They apply a careful selection of materials and products; Sabre Sciences is committed to offering the best quality and effective supplements to help balance your metabolism resulting in a healthy lifestyle! Metabolism is a twofold process, production, and elimination. 

A balanced metabolism is one that produces what you need (called a substrate), when you need it (adrenalin for instance) and can break down and eliminate a metabolic bi-product. This is known as bringing a metabolic process to completion. This is systemic detoxification.

Here are just three of their products from their catalog for you to check out! 

B vitamins are necessary for life. They are essential co-enzymes that play important roles in cellular metabolism, methylation and brain chemistry. Certain B vitamins are necessary co-factors for P450 enzyme production. The p450 enzymes are responsible for over 40% of the drug, lipid and other steroid metabolisms. However, not all forms of B vitamins are easy for the body to utilize. In fact, taking the wrong form or excessive amounts of certain B vitamins may actually do more harm than good, especially if the individual has genetic predispositions that can negatively impact B vitamin utilization.

This targeted formula will improve energy without side effects.

•    Targeted B Complex™ is unique in that it is formulated and processed incorporating Sabre Sciences’ powerful liposomal delivery system – improving absorption and utilization. Additionally, they incorporate a carbohydrate derived the pure form of fulvic acid (CHD-FA) known to have powerful anti-microbial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

Toxins exist everywhere and if absorbed, can be a primary contributor to metabolic imbalance. Toxins tend to concentrate in the liver and gastrointestinal tract, the very organs responsible for eliminating toxins from the body.  Detoxification Specialists call this build up of toxins, bio-accumulation.  

In order for a detox program to be effective, it must cleanse the entire body. Neglecting any avenue of the detoxification pathway results in the accumulation of toxic substances and allows them to circulate freely in the body.  Eventually, toxins are stored in fatty body tissue, including the brain and central nervous system. 

This detoxification method by Sabre Sciences was developed specifically to detoxify the whole body; this external, as well as the internal protocol, is a one,  of a kind approach to resolving bio-accumulation.   

This program utilizes two supplements that synergistically affect the detoxification pathways: Trans GSH™ and UltraD™.  

•    Once the Trans GSH™ TRANSDERMAL crème is applied, reduced l-glutathione penetrates into the body.  

•    UltraD™, an orally ingested supplement, is formulated to bind and eliminate the toxins unloaded in the intestines by the Trans GSH Crème.

Oxidative Stress occurs when there is an increase in oxidant production or free radicals which exceed the GSH’s available stores and capability. Oxidative stress, as we know, is destructive to human tissue and has also been implicated in over 250 diseases.

GSH is one of the most important elements within the body’s system that fights oxidative stress. The Majority of GSH is produced in our liver and is the body’s master antioxidant and detoxifying agent. Potentially 80% of people with chronic ailments are GSH deficient. 

•    TransGSH™ (Reduced L-Glutathione) is an effective detoxification product. GSH is a supplement that is typically extremely difficult to absorb. Sabre Sciences has sophistically developed a transdermal GSH that is applied topically, bi-passing the digestive tract, and can easily restore and maintain intracellular GSH concentration in all areas of the body, this product is available in a 57g tube.

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